I love Vampire Academy… but why does the UK and other places have to wait so long?

As the title says… I love Vampire Academy. Seriously love it so so much and when I found out it was going to be a movie I was like this:



Literally I was so so excited! And then I found out it was coming out for Valentine’s Day… well I was going to sit amongst the loved up couples and sit on my lonesome to watch it.


And then it happened… the release dates were put out!

And what’s brothers me is the fact that the UK and other places have to wait til April (UK is the 23rd April) while the USA gets it the 7th February. So my question is this; why do we have to wait longer than the USA?
I was gutted that we had to wait longer than the US… seriously I was like this:



I couldn’t understand. I mean the USA is getting the chance to meet and greet the cast, as well as go to a concert, they get first screenings and they get a premiere. You can guarantee the UK will have none of that! We didn’t get anything like that for City of Bones either.

I LOVE America and I’m not slating it. I mean they are bigger than the UK so that’s why they get this stuff but you gotta understand: Vampire Academy fans are all over the world and we’re wondering why? Why won’t we get any of that? There are loads of VA fans who will want to meet the cast and go to signings but we won’t have a chance. And even if there was a meet and greet in the UK, where I live its hard to get to places and to actually find out about these things. And I know my Best Friend Stephanie who live in Michigan has these problems too.

I’m not going off on a random rant. I’ve been thinking about this for ages. I mean I would have loved to have met the City of Bones cast and I know Stephanie would have too but they seem to focus on just certain states in the US and it’s not fair. We would all love a chance to meet our idols and see the movie along with everyone else but we don’t.

And the cast is so so so perfect! Zoey Duetch, Lucy Fry, Danila Kozlovsky, Dominic Sherwood and all the other cast are just brilliant and I would love to tell them that in person but I won’t get a chance.

VA… I love you… I really really love you and I’m so so excited for the movie I could pee! I’m just annoyed that the places probably won’t get a meet and greet or premiere or any sort of publicity.

Like City of Bones… it was only publicized in America and if it had have been publicized in other countries they would have had a higher amount of views. And I’m a big big fan of TMI and it should have gone to other places so more people were aware.

I mean the Twilight movies were everywhere and that why it had a high rate and was popular. Likewise Harry Potter! (I love HP)

I want Vampire Academy to do really really really well so we get a second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth movie! And we get to see Adrian and Sydney and Eddie and Jill and all of the other characters that feature in the book.

So just don’t focus on one place… bring the meet and greets and premiere’s and all the other stuff to other places and make it the next big, amazing thing! VA fans are all over the place and I know they probably feel my frustration too!







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