Crush of the Week

Crush of the Week

Eeep I’m late again!

This weeks Crush is….

            DAVID GUINTOLI


David Guintoli was born June 18th 1980. He was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but was raised in Huntleigh, a suburb of St Louis, Missouri.
He graduated from St Louis University High School in 1998, he then attended Indiana University Bloomington, earning a bachelor’s degree in International Business and Finance in 2002.


When he returned to St Louis after college he realised he wanted a career in entertainment instead of a career in finance.
There he reconnected with his high School theatre teacher and began taking lessons.

His first career break was in 2003 where he was discovered by MTV talent scouts and was cast in the networks reality series Road Rules: South Pacific. He did a three month adventure in the South Pacific and an appearance on the seventh season of Real World/Road Rules Challenge provided the resources for him to pay off his college debt and further cemented his decision to peruse acting as a full time career


In 2007 he moved to LA and studies under director and acting teacher Chris Fields before joining Echo Theatre Company. He has had guest appearances on various TV Series/ TV Movies

(Full list here:

He was considered for the title role of the re make of the Superman movie but was beaten by English actor Henry Cavill.
Currently he lives and works in Portland Oregon where Grimm is produced (he plays the title character Nick Berkhardt in the hit TV show) he often rides his bicycle to the set.
During a 2012 break in Grimm he visited an elephant orphanage in Kenya where he adopted one of the animals.

Why is he Crush of the Week?

Apart from being hot! He is also a brilliant actor. I love him in Grimm and the stories are so gripping! When I first saw him in Grimm I was like HELLO! And as the series got on he has got more and more hotter. And being tall, dark and handsome helps too! And the kissable lips… 😉 And what’s even more perfect is that he adopted an elephant. They are one of my favourite animals (Orangutans being the first) and its just heartwarming to know that he’s adopted one!
He’s a perfect Crush of the Week and I’m off to watch him in Grimm now!



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