Crush of the Week

Drumroll please…. This weeks crush is….

            Santiago Cabrera


He was born the 5th May 1978 on Caracas, Venezuela.
Santiago is a Venezuelan born Chilean British actor.
He is the middle child of a Chilean diplomat father and a homemaker mother.
Santiago grew up mainly in England but also in Romania, Toronto and Madrid.


His family returned to Chile when he was 15 years old. Captain of the football team in High School, Santiago focused on athletics before switching gears.
He headed towards acting when his high school drama teacher encouraged him to try it. Santiago spent three years of training at the Drama Centre London.
While there he honed his acting skills in productions of The Madras House, A Month in the Country, Napoli Milionaria, Britannicus, The Dutch Courtesan, The Strangeness of Others, A Field, Three Birds Alighting On and played the title character in The Last Days of Don Juan.


In addition to his fluency in Spanish, English, French and Italian, Santiago is also skilled in tennis, hockey and scuba diving.
He revealed in an interview that C.D. Universidad Catolica of Santiago as his favourite football team.
Although he considers Santiago, Chile his hometown, he splits his time between London and L.A.
On the 7th September 2008 he played for Soccer Aid, a British charity event to support UNICEF.
Santiago is married to Anna Marcea, a theatre director.


Acting Credentials

*Spooks- Camilo Henriquez
*Judge John Deed- Carlos Fedar
*As If- The Postman
*Haven- Gene
*Empire (TV mini series)- Octavius
*ShakespeaRe-Told – Lucentio
*Love and Other Disasters- Paolo Sarmiento
*Goal II: Living the Dream- Diego Rivera.
*Che: Part 1- Camilo Cienfueges
*Heroes- Isaac Mendez
*La Vida de Los Peces- Andres
*Covert Affairs- Xabier Etxarte
*Alcatraz- Jimmy Dickens
*For Greater Glory: The True Story of Crishada- Father Vega
*Hemingway and Gellhorn- Robert Capa
*Dexter- Sal Price
*Anna Karenina (TV movie)- Vronsky
*The Musketeers- Aramis


Why is he Crush of the Week?

Errrr have you seen him?! Tall, Dark and very handsome. Santiago is the epitome of male sexiness! He just oozes charm and hotness and he is so lovely! Seeing him in interviews he is down to earth and charming.
He has a swoonworthy smile and them lips… Hot Damn!
Yeah he’s married… but girls we have our dreams to keep us warm at night.
I first saw Santiago when he played Sir Lancelot in Merlin and god I was in love from that money. He was Lancelot and I’m gutted that he wasn’t in it for long! Lancelot is one of the main characters in the legend and yet he was hardly in it. But while he was there he was amazing.
Santiago has the looks for medieval fighting tv/movies. His looks and suave attitude makes him the perfect knight, fighter, prince etc.
Hot Damn Santiago is HOT! And so worthy of Crush of the Week 🙂



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