Revealed: A House of Night Novel by P.C. and Kristen Cast

Sipping the last of my tea with Casualty in the background, I became enthralled with the ending of this book:


I mean WOW! I do really love the House of Night series and I honestly think this was the best one so far! I mean what an ending!

So far Zoey’s power has been growing and she’s really come into her High Priestess ways… except for this book. She’s angry and snappy and her aura is changing colour. She’s more susceptible to getting into arguments, mainly with Stark, and she has a raging bitch fit with Aphrodite and manages, not only to blast power at Shaylin and knock her on her arse but she also manages to use that power to blast some humans to death!

Oh and Neferet is back! Bearing in mind she’d been gorged by Aurox in bull form and thrown from a roof and ‘died’ Although being Tsi Sigili means she’s immortal she can’t actually die and the tendrils of darkness still cling to her and while she’s recovering we learn her background.

Zoey is still having the normal boy troubles that we’ve all come to love but I do honestly think that she should be with Stark. Because he is perfect for her.

There is a new love interest in the book (totally didn’t see it coming!)

And what was revealed… Well I honestly didn’t think it was that that was causing Zoey’s crazy and angry behaviour!

I love these books because they continue exactly where the last book ended so you don’t have to pick up the last book to try and remember what happened.

You are thrown into this world and I love how you can imagine every detail and how you can see the magic and the rituals and everything else. Its amazing and I love every single moment of it.

I want the next book now!!!

And to be honest, I’m fed up of people slating the series. Especially when they admit they don’t like it but yet carry on reading it! I don’t understand! You don’t like it… then stop reading it and let the people who do love the series enjoy it instead of listening to the negative comments. And what you have to understand, is that this is a world a Goddesses, not just Vampires, and people will die around them, especially those who follow the path well. They will protect their Goddess from treats and as for the haters going on about how  everyone was dying and it put them off… Okay it’s a fact of life. People do die and being Fledglings and facing darkness they will die, they will reject the change and it was awesome to have them come back as Red Fledglings. And everyone slating Zoey for having all these many men… guys she’s a teenager, high Priestesses and vampire fledgling all in one and she has hot guys practically surrounding her… wouldn’t you have a hard time choosing? (I’d chose Stark and only Stark but still I can see where she’s coming from!)

P.C. and Kristen Cast have created a new world of Vampires, where High Priestesses rule and magic inhabits the earth and that’s brilliant!
So stop reading it if you don’t like the books and if you do then carry on! I’ve been dedicated to the series from the start and I can’t wait to see how it ends.

5 out of 5 for this book. It was so intense front start to finish! Loved it!


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