Crush of the Week

Crush of the Week

A day late again I know but I got so caught up with reading I forgot! Hehe but its here now…

So this weeks crush goes to…

                GODFREY GAO


Godfrey’s Chinese name is Godfrey Tsao Chih-Hsiang whereas his family name is Godfrey Gao.
Godfrey was born September 22nd 1984 in Taipei, Taiwan. He was born to a Malaysian mother and a Taiwanese father.
Godfrey moved to Vancouver, Canada during his childhood. He later studied at Capilano University in North Vancouver.

Since returning to Taiwan to work as a model in 2004, Godfrey has starred in several TV Dramas and Films.
Godfrey is the first Asian male to model for Louis Vuitton. He is managed by JetStar Entertainment.



*All About Women – 2008 – X
*Toy Story 3 – 2010 – Ken (Madrian voiceover for Taiwan release)
*Say Yes – 2013 – Xu Zhuo
*The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones – 2013 – Magnus Bane.

TV shows:

*Magicians of Love – 2006 – Fan Xiaoling’s Boyfriend (guest star)
*The Kid from Heaven – 2006 – Luo Yixiang
*Chao Ji Pai Tang Super – 2006 – Big Mac (guest star)
*Love Queen – 2006 – Wang Zhixun
*Wo Yao Pien Cheng Ying Shih Tzu – 2007 – Tiger
*Bull Fighting – 2007 – Tank
*Momo Love – 2009 – Chen He
*Volleyball Lover – 2010 – Bai Qaniui
*Odd Perfect Match – 2010 – Ying Kaitai
*The Queen of SOP – 2012 – Gao Ziqi
*Hello Gorgeous – 2013 – Li Zhen


And that folks was all I could find about him :S I know! There’s usually so so so much but there isn’t a lot of information about him so you’re probably wondering why I chose him…


It was easy really. Godfrey is without a doubt handsome and so so so tall! (He’s 6’4″)
And even though we don’t know much about him what we’ve seen of him in interviews for CoB he’s so lovely and very shy. Which is so endearing. Despite the fact he is handsome he’s shy and nervous and God that makes him even hotter haha! And he’s caring. And of course the accent… well I’m kind of a sucker for accents and his Canadian accent… Drool!
And of course he plays the amazingly flamboyant Magnus Bane in CoB and he is just perfect for the role! He is actually Magnus. He is how I imagined him when I read the books and seeing him play him was just like… WOW!


I know its not a big Crush of the Week this week and I’m sorry but lets just appreciate how handsome he is, and caring, and shy, and endearing. And he makes your heart melt when he plays Magnus and his brief on screen acting with Kevin Zegers (Alec) is brilliant and all TMI fans know what happens with them two! I can’t wait to see that partnership on screen play out!


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