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The Iron Legends by Julie Kagawa book review

This book was three novellas that should have been read inbetween the books but I didn’t do that!



Enter the dangerous world of the Iron Fey, dark fairies with immeasurable power.

Winter’s Passage

Having entered the faery world Meghan Chase must embark upon a terrible journey into the heart of enemy territory – and guarding her own heart could prove as hard as defeating a deadly foe.

Summer’s Crossing

Legendary prankster Puck and his arch-enemy faery Prince Ash must join together on a journey that may end in betrayal and will set them both on that irreversible path.

Iron’s Prophecy

Iron Queen Meghan Chase was warned that her firstborn child would bring nothing but grief. And now, as Meghan and Prince Ash celebrate their union, the prophecy begins to stir.

So Winter’s Passage is the novella between the end of the first book (The Iron King) and the start of the second book (The Iron Daughter)
At the end of TIK Meghan has promised Ash that she would return to Winter with him as he helped her rescue her brother. You see there journey to Tir Na Nog and the threat they face from an unknown enemy. There are moments between Ash and Meghan and from reading the Iron Knight I understood Ash more. Of course they defeat the threat and go to Tir Na Nog. It ends where Meghan meets Queen Mab and then sets you up for the second book. (You understand when Meghan reflects about the journey in the second book what she’s going on about)

Summer’s Crossing is from Puck’s POV and its about why he helped Ash on his soul journey. This was a good one because you got to see what Puck is like. Yes he’s a prankster but there are moments when you see this vulnerable, dark side of him. Ash has been summoned by the exile queen Leannsidhe to fetch something back from Titiana. Puck offers to help by sneaking him into Summer and you watch his inner turmoil. He does however love Meghan too and you can see how her choosing Ash has affected him. Of course they get the thing back from Titiana and they start their journey to help Ash get a soul.

In Iron’s Prophecy Meghan and Ash are happily married and they are on their way to Elysium at Tir Na Nog. Ash is more carefree in this book and more loving. He doesn’t hold back when it comes to his love for Meghan and some of the things he says to her… Feels central!
They arrive at Elysium. All is going well until the Oracle arrives and tells Meghan that the thing she should have agrees to give up is coming to pass
Meghan realises she’s pregnant and her and Ash leave to go back home. They get ready to leave, to see what the Oracle has to offer. They meet Puck along the way and the three of them set out to the Oracle.
She shoes Meghan what will happen if she keeps her son but Meghan won’t give him up. There’s a to do between them but eventually its kind of resolved.
Puck leaves them in peace and Ash and Meghan go back home where they come to terms with the pregnancy and what the child might do. But it doesn’t matter, because Ash tells her its only one part of their future and they cb change it. It ends with Ash saying he likes the name Kierran for their son (when you read The Iron Knight it all names sense!!!)

I enjoyed these Novellas and am glad I read them after the other books because I felt as though I knew the characters better.

5 out of 5


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