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The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa book review

So this is the last book about Meghan, Ash and Puck…..


Here’s the blurb:

My name – my True Name – is Ashallayn’darkmyr Tallyn.

I am the last remaining Winter Prince, son of the Queen of the Unseelie Court.

And I am dead to her.

My fall began, as many stories do, with a girl…

Love is a weakness for mortals and fools. And Ash, heir to the winter court, is no mere mortal. But when he swore to be Meghan Chase’s knight, his oath bound him to her irrevocably. Now the girl Ash loves is ruler of a realm where no Winter Prince can ever survive.
To be with her he must have a soul and a mortal body, yet the tests he must face to earn these things are impossible.

There is one thing stronger than his will to live: his vow to Meghan. As Ash battles he learns truths that challenge his darkest beliefs and show him that, sometimes, it takes more than courage to make the ultimate sacrifice.

This one is based around Ash’s POV and follows his journey as he goes to earn a human soul so he can be with Meghan in the Iron Realm.
Ash thought he would be doing this journey alone and so never thought that arch enemy Puck would help him.
Along the way they face challenges but there is one challenge in particular that Ash must overcome.
Ash thought his first love Ariella was dead, so imagine his surprise when he finds out that she’s not….
You can see the torment with Ash and how he’s torn between his first love and his current love. There are flashbacks to Ash’s previous life with Ariella and, then best friend, Puck and the bond between the three is strong.
Ash gets momentarily poisoned on his journey and falls into a deep sleep, in which he finds Meghan. They have a brief reunion but is interrupted by Ariella dreamwalking.
Meghan of course is heartbroken and thinks that Ash has gone back to Ariella. She says she’s happy that they’ve found each other and that she’s letting Ash go.
When he wakes, he’s angry for what Ariella did and heartbroken over Meghan. But he still goes on with his quest.
Ariella does kiss Ash but its short lived as he realises its Meghan who truly has his heart now.
When they all reach the End of the World they all face a series of challenges. In a way its not just Ash who has to face things. Its Puck and Ariella and The Wolf and Grimalkin who has to face things.
When he reaches the final hurdle Ash has to go through all the be things he did in his past and face the guilt. He does and then he’s ‘reunited’ with Meghan and he sees what his life would be like with a human soul. He eventually ages while Meghan stays the same and in the end he dies.
When he wakes Ash realises that he wouldn’t change a thing about it and decides that he wants his human soul.
There’s a few sacrifices and a moment where it looks like Puck and Ash have resolved their past.
They eventually leave and Ash goes to the Iron Realm where he can truly be with Meghan.

I really enjoyed this book became I got to see Ash’s side of things and how he truly is. I mean I loved him anyway but reading this book really showed how his last had tormented him and how he became the Ash we knew from the first books. Its full of feels! Literally full of them and even though you can see that a part of him will always love Ariella, you know that its Meghan he lives for now. That its Meghan who is the love of his life.

This one really drew me Ash and how when he loves its with his whole being and there were some scenes that made you cry.

I loved this book and was a brilliant end to Meghan and Ash’s story

5 out of 5 stars


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