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My Top 10 Books/Series of 2013

So I’ve been thinking about my top 10 books/series of 2013. I mean I love TMI and TID by Cassandra Clare. I mean I really love them but I thought that maybe this list should be of books that people probably aren’t aware of… Still it was so so so hard to narrow it down to just 10 books buuuuut here they are:

10. The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey



I adored this book. It was a great take on the dystopian world and had an element of paranormal in it too. You are practically hooked from the first page. It draws you in and makes you want to read it.
The dialogue is brilliant and the scenes all flow and each chapter ends in a way that makes you want to carry on reading.
The characters are believable and you get so attached to their stories that it makes it hard to put the book down. Cassie, Evan, Zombie and Cassie’s younger brother (I have totes forgotten his name!)
The 5th Wave makes you think “What would you do in Cassie’s situation?” Would you stay and fight or would you run?
I just loved this book. It had everything, action, adventure, exhilarating scenes, romance and above all it makes you question things, makes you see things in a different way, makes you realise that you never know who the hell you’re talking to or who your living next door to…

9. Weirdos Vs Quimboids by Natasha Desborough


             (YA/Comin of Age)

Oh god this book was so funny. I laughed from start to finish.
If you used to love reading the Georgia Nicholson books by Louise Rennison then this is definitely for you. Blossom Uxley-Michaels aka BUMface Petrina-Ola Olsen and Walter Edward Eccleston (yes P.O.O and W.E.E!)
Yeah okay so I’m 23 and this book is about a 15 year old girl trying to make her way through high school but still in some way I can relate.
This is a definite must read, laugh out loud book. If your feeling low and a little weird in a Quimboid filled society then read this book.
It makes you feel that its okay to be different and weird, that being cool in school isn’t a great thing and to most importantly to be yourself 🙂

8. The Dark Heroine: Dinner with a Vampire by Abigail Gibbs



The sticker on the book says its “The Sexiest Romance You’ll Read This Year” and holy hell they were right!
When I found out that the author is actually 18 years old I couldn’t believe it. Its written in the style of a successful and well established novelist… not an 18 year old.
She’s a perfect writer. The words flow, the dialogue flows, the descriptions of various parts of the mansion and of the characters themselves draw you in like you are actually there with them.
I like how right from the off Kasper is known as a Vampire. It sets the scene and the pace perfectly, thrusting you right into their world. And Violet. Well she’s amazing and I love how she always manages to evade Kaspers attempts to get her into bed… (although you can kind of guess what happens when they realise they have feelings for each other…)
The book is full of fast paced action, swoon worthy passion and realistic fight scenes
I would recommend this to anyone who loves vampire books

7. The Revenant series by Amy Plum (Die For Me, Until I Die, If I Should Die)



This series was just brilliant. I brought Die For Me in a 3 for 2 book offer because I doubt know what else to get but I’m really glad I did.
It sucked you in. Kate is a book worm who likes to be on her own and she moves to Paris with her sister after he parents die.
After that she meets the charismatic Vincent and his family. When you learn who they really are your sucked into a world of paranormal beings, of love and war and loyalty.
I first thought Vincent and his family were angels. But no. Vampires? Nope not them either. Werewolves? Nuh uh. They are revenants. People who have died sacrificing themselves for someone else and they are brought back to life. From then on they have an urge to save people and when they “die” they are in a coma like sleep for a week and then they are fine again.
Its hard on Kate but she manages to cope with her Revenant boyfriend. Of course you have the heartbreaking ending to the second book and the third book… Full of feels!
If you like fantasy YA books that are different from Vampires and everything else then you should definitely read these. They were brilliant!

6. Starcrossed Trilogy by Josephine Angelini (Starcrossed, Dreamless, Goddess)



Fan of Greek gods? Then this is a definite book series for you. It has everything. Romance, Greek gods, powerful beings, enemies and an all round kick ass bunch of characters.
Helen and Lucas are from two enemy houses and when Lucas and the Delos family move to where she lives… hell kind of breaks loose. Helen and Lucas instantly want to kill each other but when they end up saving each others lives… something else happens.
And of course there’s heartbreak at the end of the first book and I was practically in a state of feels. The second book has it all… the new love interest, heart break but above all Helen knows that she has to stay strong, even if she is dying!
The last book…AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! It was everything you wanted in a last book. The feels are through the roof and the war with the Gods… Epic!

If you love the fantasy element about the Gods and the way your feels are on a rollercoaster then this is a book series for you! Seriously its brilliant!

5. The Fault in our Stars by John Green



I could not put this book down. It took me two whole days to read and I got sucked into the world of Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters right from the start.
Its a beautiful, thought provoking, heart warming and heart breaking book that has you laughing and crying all in one. I laughed through Augustus’ and Grace’s conversations and Augustus in general. They were such lovable and believeable characters that it broke my heart when I read it all.
Towards the end of the book I couldn’t see the pages my tears were coming down that fast but its just such a beautiful book.
It makes you believe in love that comes quick and fast and the lesson I got from the book was to live your life as best as you can because you never know when something will happen. Love and laugh and cry and do stupid things. See the world, read the books you want and be as crazy and as outrageous as you can.because its your life and you only get one chance at it.
Its so beautiful and heartbreaking that I’m going to recommend it to anyone who will listen.
I can’t wait to see the movie and I know it’ll make me cry even more than the book did.

4. The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa



I love anything to do with fairies and this book series was a whole new take on the fairy culture.
You have the main fairy characters: Oberon, Titiana, Mabs, Puck etc and then you have Meghan a human girl who thinks the only thing she has to worry about is surviving high school and fitting in at home.
Meghan’s only friend at school is Robbie Goodfellow and you find out that he is the infamous Puck whose in the human world to protect Meghan and to stop her from seeing the glamour of the fairy world. But then her brother is kidnapped and now she must enter the Faery realm.
Okay so I did really enjoy this book and I was fed up of reading negative comments about it. Here’s something you haters should know… if you didn’t like the first book then why did you carry on with the series and also those people who are saying its unrealistic that ancient Fey’s like Ash and Puck would fall for a human well here’s something for you… Its meant to take us away from the normalities of life and make us believe that ancient Fey can fall for humans. This is why we fall in love with books. The whole fantasy and love aspect is what draws us and makes us want to live in that world for a while. For a lover of all things Fairy I really enjoyed this book and thought it was a brilliant take on the Fairy genre.
Julie Kagawa is a brilliant writer and she makes you believe in this characters and whisks you away to places where cats talk to you and Iron fey reside and there are trods to other worlds.
There’s love and loyalty and promises broken and humour and fighting and sooooo many feels!
The rest of the series you get to see Meghan grow and shape into a woman. She stands up for herself more and her friendship with Puck and the Love that she and Ash share are tested.
Of course the feels are there and the last book! God I thought my heart was going to burst!
Ignore the negative comments these books have been given, its an amazing series and you fall in love with the characters.

3. Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead



So anyone who knows me knows that I adore the Vampire Academy books that she wrote and I was so excited that Richelle wrote a series about Sydney, Adrian, Jill and Eddie.
It follows alchemist Sydney whose lived this sheltered life and has grown up with a strict family background. When you read VA you understand why Sydney is in trouble so to get herself back in the Alchemists good books she takes on an assignment.
At first you do want to slap Sydney but throughout the series you see her grow and shape into a lovable character. Jill, Eddie and Adrian were all in VA and you get to see them grow and become even more lovable than they were in VA.
And Adrian… god! I loved him in VA and in Bloodlines… that love grows.
This one isn’t just about Vampires, its about love and finding yourself and opening your eyes to new things whether you want to see them or not. There is plenty of fight scenes and love and politics and uncovering secrets but this is like a coming of age book too because the characters blossom into strong people and you watch them grow which is what I like in books.
If you lived the Vampire Academy books then definitely read these after. You will not be disappointed!

2. The Lux Series by Jennifer L Armentrout



Wow! Wow wow wow wow WOW!!
I first found out about these book series through some American friends of mine and I am so glad I made the decision to read them.
Daemon Black is ADDICTIVE!! At first you want to punch him in the face in the first book but that goes out the window in the first like 20 seconds because the more you want to punch him the more you love him!
And Katy Swartz… well Katy is a role model. Seriously she’s amazing! She blogs, she fights, she answers back to Daemon and doesn’t stand for any of his crap.
The first book is when Katy finds out Daemon’s secret and although they appear to have a hate/hate relationship you can so tell there is something brewing between them! Then there’s some ads kicking scenes and Katy almost dies until Daemon brings her back to life because he can’t live without her.
Then in book two we find out that Daemon mutated Katy by healing her and she is now basically a human alien hybrid.
Daemon tries to woo Katy but t first she puts up a fight and along the way meets Blake who she has a little snogging session with. Daemon and Katy have a massive fight and near the end of the book Katy tells Daemon her true feelings for him and they officially get together. At the end of the book Dawson (Daemon and Dee’s brother) returns
The third book is still full of adventure and action but its also full of lovey dovey moments between Katy and Daemon which to be perfectly honest makes your heart melt. Daemon is perfect and so so so addictive.
They plan to get Dawson’s love, Beth, back from Mount Weather where she’s being held. As a hybrid herself she’s a little unstable and during the recipe mission Katy gets trapped and let behind. Daemon goes bat crap crazy and tells Katy just how much he loves her.
And the fourth book… god too many feels to handle and its from.both Katy and Daemons POV so we get to see what goes on inside his head too and that was the best thing because we saw how strong he is, how he wants to protect everyone and we get to see that vulnerable side. The one that loves Katy with his whole heart. And the ending… well lets just say it was a cliffhanger!!!
I love Jennifer’s writing style because it feels like you are actually Katy. Going through everything with her. Its amazing and I love books like that, that manage to transport you to a different world and place and you can be anyone you want.
She’s so talented and I hope that one day I have a writing style like hers.

1. The Covenant Series by Jennifer L Armentrout



Oh my god!
These books were just as amazing as The Lux Series and it was so hard to choose between them for the top spot… but I did
The series follows Alexandria, a half blood, (Alex for short) and Aiden St Delphi, a pure blood Sentinel, who offers to train Alex on all she’s missed… Of course you know exactly what going to happen there!!
There’s an instant attraction between them and you can see that their relationship isn’t going to be easy… Especially seeing as Pure Blood’s and Half Blood’s can’t be together….
So the second book practically follows where the first left off except this time there’s a new guy on the scene… Seth, the Apollyon, and Alex feels a strong connection to him…
Cue another epic fight scene and another revelation of course 🙂
The third book sees Alex after she has just found out that she’s the second Apollyon… something that hasn’t happened in at least a hundred years or so.
And that’s when Aiden reveals his true feelings for Alex… (cue some lovey dovey scenes which are amazing)
Keeping their relationship secret for now is hard.. especially as all they want to do is rip each others clothes off!
Oh and also a God is among them!
But then comes the day of Alex’s 18th Birthday…
And that’s when everything changes…         
Before you read Apollyon you do need to read the short Novella Elixir which is from Aiden’s POV…
I was told by my amazing friends to read it and seeing as I couldn’t wait for it to be ordered and shipped over here I read it on my phone… And it made sense to read it.
Because without reading it the beginning of Apollyon won’t make sense…
So it begins where Elixir is left…
Alex is connected with the First and she’s lost herself completely to him.
Aiden however won’t give up. He believed their love is stronger than anything and after an epic show down between the two Alex manages to break the connection.
This book is all about the ways in how they can defeat the First (Seth) and how they have to find the God whose responsible.
The last book started right where the last one finished.
Alex is back but she’s not the same.
Alex has to get back to normal and Aidan is there to help her along with her other friends and family.
And then comes the big fight and the declaration of love and then…. OH MY GOD!
I won’t ruin the end but to be honest I thought it was the perfect ending.
Throughout this series I’ve laughed, cried, had my heartbroken and fallen in love all over again and that’s down to JLA’s fantastic writing skills.
The ending of this book. I cried. It was sad tears and then happy tears when I found out that… well as I’ve said… read it!
Read them read them read them read them READ THEM! You will not be disappointed!
This book series has everything: love, action, heartstopping moments and above all a sense of friendship and loyalty.
Jennifer has fast become my favourite author and I can’t wait to see what else she has in store.
I can’t get enough of her books!
She sucks you right in from the first sentence and they are always full of love and problematic situations and so so so addictive!

So there you go peeps! My top 10 books and book series of 2013…

But well I suppose you want to know what my worst book was?

I’d say these two…

Fracture by Megan Miranda…



It could have been so much better, especially with the concept she had going but there was nothing. Things were over too quickly and she coold have done so so much more with the book. I hate slating books but this one…
She could have really gone into so much detail and developed the characters more but unfortunately she didn’t…

And the other book…?

Allegiant by Veronica Roth.



I loved Divergent and Insurgent was a good follow up but Allegiant… for some reason I felt as if I was left with more answers and the ending… no that was not acceptable. Its a shame because I had such high hopes for this last book in the trilogy and in a way of disappointed me 😦 and it was such a shame because the first two books were great and I do love Veronica Roth as a writer… but I’m afraid this one was a let down.

And what books are making me go like this in 2014?


So far its these three:

City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

Silver Shadows by Richelle Mead

Opposition by Jennifer L Armentrout

So this is my book reviews of 2013! Role on 2014!


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