Crush of the Week

New Years Crush of the Week

Eeeek so this is the last Crush of 2013! And the honour goes too….

                Jeremy Irvine


He was born Jeremy Smith on Gamlingay, Cambridge, England in 1990 (I can’t find his actual D.O.B!)
He was brought up in Gamlingay by his mom, Bridget, whose a politician in local government and his dad Chris Smith whose an engineer.
Jeremy also has a little brother called Toby Irvine who is a child actor and portrayed the younger Pip in Great Expectations.
Jeremy’s stage name comes from his Grandfathers first name. He signed up for the way but was later turned away once they found out about his diabetes


Jeremy started acting at the age of 16 and played Romeowhilst attending Bedford Modern School in the Harpur area of Bedfordshire. He then went on to the National Youth Theatre and a one year foundation course at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA)
After completing the course, Irvine spent two year posting CVs through letter boxes in an effort to get acting work. He almost gave up on acting for good before he landed the role, and his big break, in the book adaptation War Horse.
Jeremy was also one of three candidates to play Tobias “Four” Eaton in the book to film adaptation Divergent.


Jeremy has had diabetes mellitus type 1 since the age of 6 and was involved in trials with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to test an artificial pancreas.
Jeremy met the Duchess of Cambridge at one of the hospitals and has since become a major part in Diabetes trials.

Off screen Jeremy is shy and avoids media spotlight and wants to protect his privacy from all aspects of the media.

Link to Jeremy’s acting roles and roles to come:


So why is he Crush of the Week?

I first fell in love with Jeremy’s good looks when I first saw him in Great Expectations and he was amazing in the role of Pip. Bringing him to life on screen and showing how Pip was madly in love with Estelle.
Jeremy is of course very handsome and his private, shy personality makes him that more perfect. I like it that he doesn’t want to be in the spotlight and that he wants to keep things private because of shows he’s humble and down to earth, choosing a private life rather than a media one.
And of course the greatest news came when I heard that Jeremy would be playing the role of Daniel Grigori on Lauren Kate’s amazing book series Fallen. I mean Jeremy is the perfect Daniel. I know people fancasted Alex Pettyfer as Daniel but Jeremy… god he’s going to bring Daniel to life and he look like Daniel. I can’t wait to see him portray one of my book husbands and as much ad I live Four in Divergent I can’t see Jeremy playing him. He’s beautiful and has that etheral otherworld look so playing fallen angel Daniel is going to be brilliant! (Can you tell I really like these books?!) I just wish I could play Luce in the movie because Jeremy…

Anyway enough!


So happy new year guys and enjoy your crush of the week 🙂

Oh and buy the Fallen books by Lauren Kate! They are amazing and I guarantee you will love them! I did and I still do 🙂


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