Crush of the Week

Christmas Crush of the Week!

I’m late again… I know but I was busy working, baking and wrapping presents and doing a while host of other things but I’m here and so is this weeks Christmas Crush 🙂

                   Eoin Macken


Eoin Christopher Macken was born February 21st 1983 in Dublin Ireland.
His modelling and acting career began in the University College Dublin fashion shoe in 2002-2003
He joined model agency Morgan the Agency and was selected to be the face of Abercrombie and Fitch 2003 campaign.
Eoin studied acting and began theatre work in the UCD drama society. He starred in stage show The Attic Studio along with Graham Cantwell and Rachel Rath.


Eoin got his big break in the 2005 movie Studs which also starred Brendan Gleeson and Emmett J Scanlan.
He went on to star in Indie films Triple Bill and Rise of the Bricks.
Eoin moved to LA to train with acting coach Vincent Chase, once he completed his honours degree in Psychology.

After the death of his dad in 2007, Eoin took a break from acting.
He returned to performing the following year in the role of drug dealer Gavin Cluxton in RTE’s flagship soap Fair City. He played the part for four months.

Eoin also wrote and edited his debut feature film Christian Blake which premiered at the Mid Ulster Film Festival 2008.


In 2008, while he was the face of Braun, Eoin directed, wrote, edited and acted in his second feature film Dreaming for You. The soundtrack for the movie was composed by Dublin band The Evora. The movie was selected for the 2008 LA Short Film Festival and for the 2009 Galway Film Fleadh.

In 2009 he starred in BBC drama Small Island. The movie Centurian alongside Michael Fassenbender. RTE series Raw season 2. Storyland. The film Through the Night and Siren in 2008.

Eoin directed an hour length documentary on the Irish Fashion Industry. The Fashion of Modelling was shown on TV on RTE 2 on May 24th 2009.

Eoin though is well known for his portrayal of Sir Gwaine in the TV Series Merlin. He played the role for 2 years (2010-2012) and was absolutely freaking amazing!!!


On October 2012, Eoin completed shooting for COLD. A feature film that was written and directed by him. He also stars in the movie alongside Merlin co star Tom Hopper (he played Sir Percival)

Cold Plot:

Two disconnected English brothers who are outcasts in a small village in the West of Ireland. Drawn back together by the unexpected death of their father, they are immediately at odds with each other until they find a girl dumped on the moors….

COLD was partially crowdfunded through Indiegogo Campaign.


Link to IMDB for Eoin’s credentials:

So why is he Christmas Crush?

Have you seen the sex bomb?! I leans seriously LOOK AT HIM! Apart from his amazingly sexy Irish accent (there will be a video!) Eoin is all kinds clever. He can act, direct, edit and write all his own work. That’s pretty amazing seeing as many people can’t actually do that!
And also he played My Gwaine. I love the Arthurian legend (as you know) and, apart from Arthur and Merlin, Sir Gawaine was my favourite knight. I honestly loved him and when I saw Eoin portray Gwaine in the TV show… well… I fell in love with the Knight even more! Eoin got the essence of Sir Gwaine. His cocky attitude, his drinking habits, the way he was loyal through and through… and from watching the Merlin bloopers… well… Eoin is accident prone too!
I could go on for ages about him but I know you all want to see more pictures and of course some videos of him!

I’m proud that Mr Macken is Christmas Crush 🙂 he totally deserves it!




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