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The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa book review

So continuing with the reviews I’ve missed here’s the review for this book:



Allison Sekemoto died so that she might live.

As a vampire, she faces the rise of a deadly new plague to her kind.

Allison thought that immortality was forever.

Now eternity itself hangs in the balance.

The virus must be stopped.
No matter what the cost
No matter what the sacrifice
Mankind’s survival depends on us.

So then this book picked up a few months after the first one ended and Allison is on a mission to find her lost sire and to save him from Vampire Crazy Pants that is Sarren. Sarren is seriously psychotic and is out for revenge for what Kanin did to him all those years ago.

Throughout Allie’s journey you see her inner turmoil at leaving Zeke in Eden. Although she doesn’t admit it, you know she loves him. Along the way Allie teams up with her vampire brother Jackel in the hunt to find Kanin.

Queue a horde of hungry, crazy Rabids after them and some kick and fight scenes, the pair finally make it to the place where Kanin is being kept.
And its in the place that she never thought she would return: her old home.

Of course along the way she finds Zeke, whose left Eden to come search for her. At first he’s hard and cold towards her but its all this big front that he’s put on and you can see, deep down inside that he’s fallen madly in love with her.

They embark on a mission to rescue Kanin and they end up in the Vampire Palace where things go just that bit wrong.

Psycho vamp Sarren has released a more potent version of the virus from the first book and the humans and vampires are dying. Aswell as that Sarren is torturing Kanin underneath the King’s roof.

When Allie, Zeke and Jackel arrive at the palace they tell the King what Sarren has done and there starts a bloodbath and crazy Vamp goes on a killing spree. Queue more badass fighting scenes from the guys and one pissed off King.

Sarren escapes and Allie is allowed to go see Kanin who has also gone crazy from Sarrens torture. He comes out of It as Allie manages to get through to him.

While at the palace Zeke and Allie give in to their feelings for each other and its obvious that Allie is never going to let Zeke go again.

Meanwhile the King had given Kanin infected blood to heal himself and he’s therefore dying and they have two days tops to find Sarren and get the cure from him.

Of course then you get the fighting, Kanin’s waning strength, Zeke and Allie kissing and Jackel’s supposed betrayal.

Zeke is bitten by a rapid human and has the virus coursing through him which leads to some heartbreaking scenes between him and Allie.

Then this is where I have to stop before I ruin the book… because a revelation is found and it seems as though everything is going to be okay.

And then something happens and well that’s when my heartbroke. Seriously my feels went through the roof and how it ended… oh my god..  I need the last book now.

I do like these books as they are a new take on the vampire world. Its deffo one to read if you are fans of vampire, love and dystopian worlds

4 out of 5


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