Crush of the Week

Crush of the Week

Whoops… I’m a little late again… sorry.

So Crush of the Week is:

               Colin Morgan


Colin was born on the 1st January 1986 in Armagh Northern Ireland.
He attended Integrated College Dungannon where he won the ‘Denis Rooney Associates Cup’ for best overall student in the 3rd Year.

Colin gained a National Diploma in Performing Arts from Belfast Institute of Further and Higher Education in 2004.

Colin also studied at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow where he graduated in 2007.

In November 2010 the Belfast Metropolitan College honoured Colin with an award of Distinction for his Contribution to the Arts.
(Basically he’s one kick and actor!)


Colin is more notable for his stage shows and has wowed many audiences with his stunning acting work.


*2007- Colin debuted as Vernon Little in the stage adaptation of Vernon God Little.
*Also in 2007 he starred as Esteban in Todo Sobre Mi Madre
*2008- Jimmy Rosario in the production of A Prayer for My Daughter
*2011- Carlos in Our Private Life.
*9th December 2010 he starred in Step in Time which was a 24 hour musical celebrity gala in aid of the Old Vic Trust.
*2013- He starred as Ariel at the globe theatre in an production of Shakespeares The Tempest.
*He also played Skinny in Mojo. The production received good reviews and the show was extended for two weeks finishing on 8th February 2014



Colin has also starred in two films. He played Calum in Island, a book adaptation by the author Jane Rogers.
Colin also starred as Cathal in the award winning film Parked.


Colin had two minor TV roles as John Leary in the Catherine Tate Show (yes he was the “he’s a gay man now” bloke!) And he starred as Jethro Cane in an episode of Doctor Who in 2008 titled Midnight (that was when I actually fell in love with him! Haha!)


And of course Colin played the title role in the hit BBC TV Series Merlin from 2008-2012. For his role as Merlin, Colin won a National Television Award.
To be honest Merlin shouldn’t have been stopped. There was so much more that they could have done with the show. I laughed, cried, got angry and fell in love with them all. It should never have ended!!


Why is he Crush of the Week?

Apart from his piercing blue eyes, black brown hair, high cheekbones and totally kissable lips… Well he’s tall (6ft), handsome and has an Irish accent to die for!
When I found out Colin was playing Merlin… god I was so over the moon. I love the Arthurian legend and to see that they were doing a TV show on it my heart pounded…
  And then I saw Colin as the young Merlin and god I fell in love. I never knee he was Irish until he was on the Paul O Grady TV show and my god I think I fell in love with him more!
  Throughout the show we saw him grow and develop his magic and become the greatest sorcerer we all know and love.
  Also by watching the behind the scenes stuff on the DVD’s and watching the bloopers, Colin is hilarious and down to earth and he has a totally warped sense of humour which I love haha. And his off screen bro-mance with Bradley James was perfect. He has such a lovable personality and I can see why all his cast mates love him and are all close friends.
  To me, like all the other Crushes there have been, Colin is perfect and would make a perfect boyfriend even friend.
  Colin is a worthy Crush!



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