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The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa book review

I finished this a while ago and like I said in the last post I was busy but I have free time right now so here’s the review!


Here’s the blurb:

In a future world vampires reign.

Humans are blood cattle.

And one girl will search for the key to save humanity.

She must decide what – and who – are worth dying for.

“My vampire creator told me this:
‘Sometime in your life, Allison Sekemoto, you will kill a human being. The question is not if it will happen, but when.
Do you understand?’

I didn’t then, not really


Okay so this is why I really liked this book;
Not only is it Vampire book but Julie managed to bring in a dystopian element to it.
Its in the future where humanity is ruled by vampires. You have the humans who have sold themselves to live in luxury within the vampire towers as blood cattle and then there’s the Fringers. The ones who don’t want to be blood cattle and they live a poor life.

Allison is one of these fringers and she lives in an abandoned school with some friends. They scavenge around for food and come across Mole Men in the sewers and Radids. The mole men basically eat people who enter their tunnels and the rabids… well they are vampires gone crazy. And sometimes humans.

In this dystopian world there’s been the Red Lung Virus which later on in the book we find out exactly what it is bad how it started (not spoiling it for you!)

So Allison and her friends are out scavenging one night when they are attacked by rabids on their way back to the abandoned school. Two die and its down to Allie and her friend Stick to make it back. When the rabids corner Stick she sacrifices herself for him and they attack her. She’s near to death when Kanin, a master vampire, finds her and offers her a choice; die a human or become a vampire.
She chooses the latter. Not because she wants to live forever and feed off blood but because she wants to live full stop.

Of course all of this ensues trouble and mayhem and betrayal.
Eventually she goes alone when her maker is kidnapped and she finds a group of humans who take her in, believing she is human herself.
She falls in love with the preachers son, Ezekiel Crosse, and well you can tell its reciprocated.
When they find out she’s a vampire, Zeke is horrified at first but he soon comes around and then there is this sweet kissing scene in the dark when they are finding the other humans of the group who’ve been kidnapped by a rogue vampire king and his subjects.

They finally rescue the humans and then they are one their way to safety. And its a place where Allie cannot stay.

Queue heartbreak and a tender goodbye.

The ending is a cliffhanger like most books and its a good one.

I love Julie’s writing style and how she combined dystopian and vampires together and she’s taken a whole new take on the vampire genre.

Oh and I love Zeke… like seriously LOVE him!

5 out of 5 for this book. You should read it. It challenges you and its so so so different from any other vampire book.

Read it. You won’t be disappointed 🙂


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