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Sentinel Book Review

Okay so I’ve been AWOL for a while but in my defense I’ve been extremely busy!
So now I’ve got some time to myself I can catch up on my blog 🙂 and do all the book reviews I haven’t got around to doing.

So the first one is:

SENTINEL by Jennifer L Armentrout



I got hooked on this book series… seriously hooked and I couldn’t wait to get this book in my hand. This is the final book in the Covenant series and oh my god it was everything you hoped it would be.
I’ve taken these characters to heart and I couldn’t wait to see how it ended. The fourth book ended on a cliffhanger and this book started right where the last one finished.
Alex is back but she’s not the same. She’s scarred physically after her battle with Ares and really in bad shape but to Aidan she’s the most beautiful thing in the world.
Alex has to get back to normal and Aidan is there to help her along with her other friends and family.
There is a bit of a “Oh my god” moment (I was like this:)


when they think… well… and then it turns out to be… that… (haha I’m not spoiling ANYTHING for you! Read it if you want to know!)
And then Seth comes back and everything goes awry. With Seth back there’s a bit of tension between Alex, Aidan and him but then they find a way to defeat Ares so they take a trip to….
And then to….
And of course there’s the sex scene between Aidan and Alex and WOW! I honestly didn’t think JLA could write a more loving scene.
And then comes the big fight and the declaration of love and then…. OH MY GOD!
I won’t ruin the end but to be honest I thought it was the perfect ending.
Throughout this series I’ve laughed, cried, had my heartbroken and fallen in love all over again and that’s down to JLA’s fantastic writing skills.
The ending of this book. I cried. It was sad tears and then happy tears when I found out that… well as I’ve said… read it!

This is an amazing series to read and they are completely unputdownable. They are addictive and fast paced and just so…. god brilliant.

No wonder JLA is the number 1 New York times and USA Today bestselling author.

I hope one day that my books are as amazing as hers are.

The whole series deserves a 10 out of 10… even 100 out of 100. I loved them.

Read them read them read them read them READ THEM! You will not be disappointed!


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