Crush of the Week

Crush of the Week

Of course this weeks crush is going to another Hunger Games guy, this time in the form of…..



He was born Joshua Ryan Hutcherson on October 12th 1992 in Union, Kentucky, US.

Josh’s passion for entertaining began to show around the age of three and his parents admit that they ignored his requests to act for 6 years before realising that it may be something worth pursuing and it wasn’t just a phase. (Yay for us!)
  He attended New Haven Elementary School in his hometown of Union until he began his career at the age of 9. After that he was homeschooled by his mother.


Josh has a younger brother Connor and two dogs called Nixon and Diesel.
He has English, Scottish, German and Irish ancestry.
When he was younger his hobbies and interests were: cars, bowling, soccer, competing in triathlons, playing guitar, song writing, basketball and rock climbing.
At a young age he was very confident that he would never turn to drugs and alcohol like many young stars do.
Josh is a huge fan of Justin Timberlake and admits to even dying the tips of his hair to match Justin Timberlake’s looks.
He also dated Journey 2 co star Vanessa Hudgens but has admitted that now they are just good friends.


Josh recorded a video for the “Straight But Not Narrow” campaign, which is designed to encourage young straight men to come out in support of their gay peers. In 2011 he received the Vanguard Award from GLAAD.
In October 2013 he told Out that while he is straight he does not believe in labels and wouldn’t rule out dating men.

List of Josh’s acting Credentials can be found here:

So why is he crush of the week?


So Josh is pretty handsome, strong jaw line, hazel eyes, nice lips. And as we all know he can act.
He has brown hair but dyed it blonde for THG as he plays Peeta Mellark.
The one thing that annoys me is how people bitch about his height (he’s 5’7″). Okay so does it really matter how tall he is?! Josh is handsome and charming and funny and he has lots of charisma. He’s actually adorable and who cares about his height when he’s all those things!
I didn’t know much about Josh, only that he’s Peeta Mellark in THG, but when I found out he supports LGBT he leaped up in my estimations. I have gay/lesbian friends and I know how things can be a struggle for them especially with today’s society and seeing that Josh supports them and is encouraging straight men to support their gay peers in marvellous. Doing charity work and spreading awareness about important issues makes someone even more attractive in my eyes. They are standing up for what they believe in and to me that is the essence of a beautiful person.
And well… Josh is brilliant as Peeta. He is how I imagined Peeta in the books and I can’t imagine anyone else playing him. He really shows the forlorn, heartbroken, in love, stand up for what you believe in, guy in the books 🙂



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