Doctor Who

Introducing the 11th Doctor

Today’s the Day people and of course the end of Doctor Who week 😦 (although I’ll post something tomorrow… probably just pictures and videos)

So today its the 11th Doctors turn 🙂

                  Matt Smith
            1st January 2010


First Appearance: The End of Time
Last Appearance: He’s leaving this Christmas so the title has yet to been confirmed.
Series: 4
Appearances: 37 stories (42 episodes)
Companions: Amy Pond, Rory Williams, River Song, Craig Owens Clara Oswald


The 11th Doctor is a brash and lively man but often shows that he is also lonely.
He is aware of his reputation as a fierce enemy to his adversaries. (In the Pandorica Opens he is seen talking to his enemies in the skies above and you can tell that his reputation stalls them… “One who has the Pandorica? Me. Two. Whose coming to take it from me?”)
He has a great deal of affection for his companions especially to Rory and Amy who are his closest friends in the universe.
  The 11th Doctor is often childlike and acts childish at times but there are those moments when he acts his age. (He retired to Victorian London and became grumpy and solitary master he lost Amy and Rory)
  He’s ignorant of human popular culture and does many embarrassing attempts at trying to be cool. (The wedding dance… Hilarious!)
  He is also ignorant of adult activities, especially when he provided bunk beds when the newly married Amy and Rory instead of one big bed. He also takes a sip of wine when he becomes Craig’s new roommate and spits it back into his glass as he doesn’t like the taste.
  His inept at responding to romantic advances, acting really awkwardly when River and Amy try and seduce him, although he does become a bit more mature to the advances, often seen flirting with River Song and later in the series he marries her!
He’s very manipulative and secretive. In “Rebel Flesh” he reveals that he’s known for quite some time that Amy is a flesh avatar when he gets her down in front of Rory. And in “The Girl Who Waited” he is seen manipulating an older version of Amy in order to save the real Amy and locks older Amy out of the TARDIS.
  Although he puts on a show of cheerful arrogance he does secretly believe himself to be a bad person and often displays motions of self loathing for the things he’s had to do in his past.


Matt is the youngest person to play the Doctor (he was 26 when cast) with Peter Davison being the second youngest Doctor (he was 29 when cast)

This Doctors clothes are the best! In his first proper episode, The Eleventh Hour, he is seen in the tattered remnants of 10’s clothes (which is what prompted Amy to call him “The Raggedy Doctor” as a young girl.) His first outfit was chosen from an array of clothes found in a hospital changing room and consisted of a shirt, brown tweed jacket with elbow patches, bow tie, braces, black trousers and short ankle boots.


He does briefly don a fez stating; “I wear a fez now… Fezzes are cool”
And briefly in America he dons a Stetson (which River shoots of his head!) Also stating “I wear a Stetson now… Stetson’s are cool”
  In “The Snowmen” when he’s in Victorian London he is seen in a new outfit consisting of a purple-brown cashmere frock coat and a variety of waistcoats, shirt and bow tie (because “Bow ties are cool”)
He also briefly wears Amy’s glasses


Okay so I really really really really really really really really really really LOVE Matt Smith. I honestly do. He’s a brilliant Doctor and shows so many versatile sides to his character. I like how his darker side comes through in the series and his relationships with his companions are one of total love. I honestly don’t want Matt to leave at Christmas, he is by far my favourite Doctor (Tennant a very close second) and it really hasn’t sunk in that he’s leaving. I Love everything about this Doctor.
  But of course everything comes to an end and its Matt’s time to go (PLEASE DON’T GO!)
  With the 50th special being shown tonight we will see his dark secret come to life and I am so so so excited for this episode!!


And of course I can’t forget…
Tonight we find out all about the other doctor… the one that he’s tried so very hard to forget….


And of course Christmas time we will see the new 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi take over from Matt



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