Doctor Who

Introducing the 9th Doctor

This Blog is dedicated to the 9th Doctor! (Two more days til the 50th! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!)

            THE NINTH DOCTOR
          Christopher Eccleston
             26th March 2005
              18th June 2005


First Appearance: Rose
Last Appearance: The Parting of the Ways
Series: 1
Appearances: 10 stories (13 episodes)
Companions: Rose Tyler, Adam Mitchell, Jack Harkness


Christopher Eccleston revived the hit TV show in 2005.
  This doctor was a little bit different to the other doctor’s incarnations as he wasn’t as ‘eccentric’ as the others.
  Christopher wanted to play the role differently choosing to be a stripped down version of the previous doctors. He showed a slightly more darker side to the character and his rough and ready attitude was not to be messed with. He did also show a lighter side especially when joking around with companion Rose.


The 9th Doctor avoided thinking about his past, focusing solely on the present as his past was painful to think about at times.
  The 9th Doctor could be brutal and confrontational at times. He showed his darker, brutal nature in an episode with a Dalek. Chained and the last of his race the Dalek angered the 9th Doctor so much that we saw a glimpse into his past, showing that he hurt and his past was traumatic.


But apart from his dark nature this Doctor was brave, wise, brilliant and down to earth. He clearly loves his companion Rose who, on some levels, is a female version of himself (independent, courageous and down to earth)
  Even though Rose was only 19 in some ways she seemed older than her years, showing a mature side at times. The 9th Doctor and Rose made a brilliant team.


It was however to be short lived as the BBC revealed that Eccleston would not be staying on as the Doctor and so the team had to find someone quick. (You’ll see who it is tomorrow!)
2005 was when I started watching Doctor Who and not knowing much about the show I was fascinated by the character and was hooked from the first episodes. He modernized the Doctor, bringing him smack bang into the 21st Century. Even his outfit was trendy and up to date, showing that the Doctor didn’t need to be flamboyant in his clothes to do his duty. (Chris wore Black trousers, black boots with a black leather jacket) Christopher was an amazing Doctor and frankly I wish he’d have stayed on a little longer because I’d like to see how he would have developed the character further.
  I liked his fun sides just as much as his darker side. Showing that the past can still effect people, even when you are a 900 year old Time Lord.



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