Doctor Who

Introducing the 6th, 7th and 8th Doctor

Yep its time for the 6th, 7th and 8th Doctor 🙂

             THE SIXTH DOCTOR
                    Colin Baker
              16th March 1984
            6th December 1986


First Appearance: The Caves of Androzani
Last Appearance: The Trial of a Time Lord: The Ultimate Foe
Series: 2
Appearances: 8 stories (31 episodes)
Companions: Peri Brown and Mel

The sixth Doctor was unpredictable and a petulant egoist who wore garish multicoloured attire which was reflected in his volatile personality.
  His unpredictability was made even wilder by his mood swings, manic behaviour, his bombastic outbursts and unflappable wit.
  The sixth Doctor was supremely confident on his abilities and did not suffer fools gladly.
  His melodramatic wit however eventually subsided as it hid the fact that this incarnation retains the the song moral senses and empathy. (In the Revelation of the Daleks he showed great empathy for a dying mutant)
Underneath his blustering exterior he was actually more determined than ever in his universal battles against evil.
  His use of violence against his foes and his abrasive relationship with his companion Peri were both criticised by fans. The violence however was largely in self defense and his relationship with Peri followed significantly when the TV programme returned from hiatus for Series 23 The Trial of a Time Lord.
  This Doctor was well known for his love of cats and he always wore a number of cat shaped pins.

This Doctor wore a multiple of colours. A red frock coat with green patchwork. Yellow and pink lapels. A white shirt with question marks on each collar. He wore many different variations of waistcoats and cravats. His most famous was a knitted brown waistcoat with a turquoise polka dot cravat.

              Sylvester McCoy
            7th September 1987
            6th December 1989

First Appearance: Time and the Rani
Last Appearance: Survival
Series: 3
Appearances: 12 stories (42 episodes)
Companions: Mel and Ace

The seventh doctor displayed an affable, curious, knowledgeable, easy going, excitable and charming air.
  As he began to choose his battles and keep a tighter grip on his secrets he also presented a more serious, wistful and a manipulative side to his character. He was prepared to play the fool in order to trick his foes, just like the second Doctor. He was also an adept physical performer and deployed a repertoire of magic tricks.
  His more whimsical tendencies however disappeared over time but he still maintained his fondness for idiosyncratic speeches.
  The seventh doctor was opposed to violence and always managed to talk his enemies into submission.
With his off white safari style jacket, red paisley scarf, matching handkerchief, plain white shirt, red paisley tie, yellow fair isle inspired pullover with red question marks, tweed sand coloured plaid trousers, white/brown brogued shoes, panama hat and umbrella with a res question mark handle he was still as “stylish” as the other doctors. Although not quite as colourful as the sixth!

                Paul McGann
              27th May 1996

First Appearance: Doctor Who
Last Appearance: The Night of the Doctor
Appearance: 2 stories (2 episodes)
Companions: Grace Holloway

The Eight Doctor encouraged those around him to seize life instead of withdrawing from it.
His youthful, wide eyed enthusiasm hid a very old soul with a darker side.
  The eighth doctor starred in the TV movie version of the series and attracted controversy by breaking the long standing taboo against romantic involvement with his companions by kissing Grace Holloway.
  The movie however failed to spark a new TV series of the show but he did continue the eighth doctors adventures in various spin off medias. Although he was the shortest Doctor in terms of the others he was also the longest due to the other medias he was in.

Overview of the movie:

Transporting the remains of his long serving nemesis, the Master, the 7th Doctor is caught in crossfire by gang war fare. He was taken to hospital and efforts to revive him manages to “kill” the Doctor. He’s taken to the morgue where, after several hours, he regenerates into the 8th incarnation.
The Master has cheated death and his spirit takes over the body of a paramedic called Bruce. The Master attempts to steal the Doctor’s remaining lives by opening the Eye of Harmony inside the TARDIS, nearly destroying the earth in the process.
The Doctor and his companion, Grace Holloway, are able to prevent the earths destruction and the Master is sucked into the Eye of Harmony

The Sixth Doctor:

The Seventh Doctor:

The Eighth Doctor:


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