Doctor Who

Introducing the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Doctor

Welcome to Doctor Who week! That’s right on Saturday 23rd November we will be celebrating 50 YEARS OF DOCTOR WHO!
That’s right 50 YEARS!

So what better way to celebrate 50 years than by getting to know the previous Doctor’s.

              THE FIRST DOCTOR
              WILLIAM HARTNELL
            23rd November 1963
              29th October 1966


First Appearance: An Unearthly Child
Last Appearance: The Tenth Planet
Guest starred in The Three Doctors
Number of series: 4
Appearances: 29 stories (134 episodes)
Companions: Susan Foreman, Barbara Wright, Ian Chesterton, Vicki, Steven Taylor, Katarina, Sara Kingdom, Dodo Chaplet, Polly, Ben Jackson


An Early Writers Guide by script editor David Whitaker describes “Doctor Who” as a “frail looking but wiry and tough as an old turkey.”
  William set the premise for the Doctor now with his tremendous knowledge of scientific matters.
  The first Doctor was unable to Pilot the TARDIS as we find that its actually made for 6 pilots!
  The First Doctor was abrasive, patronising and cantankerous towards his human travelling companions yet he shared a deep emotional bond with his Granddaughter Susan.
  He had a streak of ruthlessness too as we see he is willing to lie to get his way and in one case attempt to kill to achieve his goals.
  His first two human companions Ian and Barbara was, well, basically forced upon him and at first he was weary of them but after while he formed a family bond with all his companions and began to enjoy his travels and was always sad to see his companions go.


Clothes: Edwardian Ensemble with a wooden walking cane with a twisted handle.

             29th October 1966
                21st June 1969


First Appearance: The Tenth Planet
Last Appearance: The War Games
Guest starred in The Three Doctors
Series: 3
Appearances: 21 stories (119 episodes)
Companions: Polly, Ben Jackson, Jamie McCrimmon, Victoria Waterfield, Zoe Heriot


The Second Doctor was nicknamed the “Cosmic Hobo” due to his scruffy and more childlike nature.
  This Doctor was mecurial, clever and always a few steps ahead of his enemies. He was also a calculating schemer and manipulater. He always acted heroically and morally in his desire to help the oppressed.

Catchphrases: “Oh my giddy aunt!”
“When I say run, run!”
He also played the recorder.

The Second Doctors tenure was characterised by a faster pace and a preference towards ‘monster of the week’ style horror stories.
While Troughton’s Doctor would still visit earths past he would always encounter an alien whether in the form of Daleks or Ice Warriors etc.
  During this time Doctor Who began to come under fire for its purportedly violent and frightening content.
  Many episodes featuring the Second Doctor were junked by the BBC. 2 stories from Troughton’s 1st two series- The Tomb of the Cybermen and The Enemy of the World- still exist in their entirety.
10 stories only partially exist (most with 1 or 2 episodes out of 4 or 6)
4 episodes have been lost in their entirety; The Power of the Daleks; Jamie’s first adventure The Highlanders; The Macra Terror and Victoria’s last adventure Fury from the Deep.


              THE THIRD DOCTOR
                 JON PERTWEE
               3rd January 1970
                  8 June 1974


First Appearance: Spearhead from Space
Last Appearance: Planet of the Spiders
Guest starred in The 5 Doctors
Series: 5
Appearances: 24 stories (128 episodes)
Companions: Liz Shaw, Jo Grant, Sarah Jane Smith


The third Doctor was suave, dapper, technologically oriented and a authoritative man of action who practised Venusian Aikido (karate)
  This Doctor was a scientist who maintained a lab ay UNIT where he enjoyed working on gadgets in his TARDIS.
In his spare times he’s found motoring and his favourite car was a canary yellow vintage roadster that he nicknamed “Bessie”, a construct which featured such modifications as a remote control, dramatically increased speed capabilities and inertial dampers (he also had a hover craft called the Whomobile!)
  This incarnation of the Doctor spent most of his time exiled on Earth, where he grudgingly worked as UNIT’s scientific advisor, he was occasionally sent on covert missions by the Timelords where he would often react as a reluctant mediator.
  Despite occasional arrogance the 3rd Doctor genuinely cared for his companions in a paternal fashion.
  Pertwee was the first Doctor to confront an enemy of physically cornered.

Catchphrase: “Reverse the popularity of the neutron flow”

Appearance: Frilled shirts, velvet smoking jackets on various colours aswell as matching trousers, formal boots, riding boots and dress shoes. Inverness cloaks for his regular appearance. Also was partial to bow ties, cravats and leather gloves.
Quite rightly he was nicknamed “The Dandy Doctor”






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