Crush of the Week

Crush of the Week

To be completely honest I’m surprised at myself for not having him in waaaaay before this but anyway… Here’s Crush of the Week… and it goes to *drumroll*

            BRADLEY JAMES


Yes yes yes!

Anyway the internet has given me some facts about him so here it is:

Bradley was born 11th October 1983 in Exeter, Devon, UK.
He is an English actor.
When he was 9, Bradley and his family moved to the Beaches, Jacksonville in Florida. There they stayed for four years.

Bradley attended Crown Point Elementary School and Fletcher Middle School.
In England he attended Madeley High School.


When Bradley was younger he knew he either wanted to be a footballer or an actor. He chose acting and trained at Drama Centre on London where he graduated in 2007.
Bradley still loves football (his favourite team is Arsenal) and he participates annually in sporting charity events.


Acting Roles

*Inspector Lewis (2007)- Jack Roth
*Dis/Connected (2008)- Ben
*Portobello 196 (2009)- Jude
*Fast Girls (2012)- Carl


Twitter: @BradleyJames

So why is he Crush of the Week?

Like I said at the start… I couldn’t believe I didn’t put him first when I started it but anyway he’s here now…
Well apart from the obvious good looks; Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes and Tall (6″) he is an amazing actor and quite frankly crush worthy in whatever role he does. (I have a weakness for blonde haired males… and Bradley…. ooooof!) 😉
As you all know I’m a massive King Arthur nut so when I saw that a TV show had been made and when I saw who was playing Arthur… well… my heart sky rocketed!
From the interviews he did and watching the bloopers from the DVD’s Bradley is down to earth and loves to joke around. And that quite frankly makes him even more lovable.
In Merlin, Arthur was arrogant, cocky and self assured and Bradley got that message across perfectly and we got to see him grow into this wonderful King. I just wished the series hadn’t ended when it did… I miss watching that show (which became my favourite alongside Doctor Who) and I miss seeing Bradley portray Arthur.

Anyway I’m glad I chose him as Crush this week. He is just so beautiful and handsome and has the most perfectly chisled jaw line ever (I’m going to stop gushing now… Starting to sound a little freaky!) Haha



(My signed photo… didn’t meet him… I sent away for it… geek I know!)


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