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Prologue and First Chapter of YA book.. still untitled

Here it is guys… The prologue and First Chapter of my YA book… Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Let me know what you think

The girl’s hips rocked against his and he felt her gasp against his lips. They were still both fully clothed but he knew that in a few minutes they would be gone.
  This was how he liked to un-wind after a hard day; losing himself in someone else.
  He felt her hands in his hair, pulling his mouth closer to hers.
  His hands snaked up her top, heading for her bra clasp…
  His bedroom door pounded and then opened.
  “For goodness sake Drake… You have to stop behaving this was. Nixie, leave my sons room now.” His father’s booming voice echoed across the room
  Drake rolled off Nixie, resting his hands under his head, watching as Nixie ran from the room.
  She was beautiful he supposed. Wavy blonde hair, pale skin, red lips and sea blue eyes, but she wasn’t his type of beautiful. He knew what he liked.
  “Drake we need you in the Council Hall. Something has happened.”
  Drake got up from the bed, doing up his jeans and pulling his t-shirt on before following his father out of the room and down into the glass corridor. The walls were tiled with small multi coloured pieces of glass that reflected against it, making everything look like a rainbow.  They entered the Council Hall and seated around the crystal table were all the councilors. And they were arguing.
  “Calm down. My son is here now; we can start to discuss this rationally…”
  “Rationally? A war is about to break out in the kingdom…”
  “And we all know why…”
  “It shouldn’t have happened…”
  “It’s an abomination…”
  The councilors all began talking over each other again and Drake could see his father boiling with anger.
  “QUIET!” his father bellowed “Arguing is not going to solve the situation.”
  “What situation?.” Drake asked
  “It seems as though Kalen wants to start a war. Only this time it’s over a human…”
  “A human? We haven’t been around humans for years.” Drake responded.
  “You’re right. But this human is… different. Many want her dead, some want her alive.”
  “Her?” Drake asked, summoning up an image of a human woman in his mind; creamy soft skin, full lips, curves…
  “Drake focus. This is serious. Kalen wants her dead whereas Breena wants her alive…”
  “And what do we want? Us who are stuck in the middle.” Drake asked a small grin on his face.
  “This is where you come in Drake.” One of the councilors responded.
  “You’re the only one near her age. We need you to watch her, see if she offers any threat to us, if she’s that powerful as they say…”
  “Powerful? How powerful can a human be? Who is she?”
  “You’ll have a name when you leave.” His father told him
  “What if I don’t want to leave? My darling fiancée, Kaliste, is here after all…”
  “You’re going. And you leave tonight. It’s not for discussion Drake.”
  Drake stared his father down, but in the end Drake lost.
  “Fine I’ll leave for the human world tonight.”
  His father handed over an envelope and Drake raised his eyebrow at him.
  “Her name and a photograph are in there. Just remember Drake… This is an undercover mission. Do not get involved with her. Do not become her friend or even her lover. You find out what you can and leave… Got it?”
  “Understood father.”
  “Then you better get packed. The council is dismissed.”
Chapter One- Flora
Looking in the mirror I realized two things…
  One my hair was seriously in need of being tamed… It literally was wild.
  And two…
  Well okay maybe it was just the hair situation that was getting on my nerves right now. First day back at college and it looked like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards.
  I sighed, backing away from the mirror. It would have to do.
  I was already behind schedule a little bit and I did not want to become one of those girls who constantly obsessed over their hair.
  I pulled the lip salve from my makeup bag and swept it over my lips. Every girl at college seemed to have bright red lips at the moment. It was the new thing that was happening in some sort of fashion magazine right now but I didn’t care.
  I didn’t read fashion magazines, or gossip magazines or whatever… Give me Sci-Fi Now and SFX and I was happy. Also my monthly copy of Soul and Spirit magazine and that was it.
  My source of reading was books. I loved books. I was an avid reader of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Paranormal and YA.
  Glancing around my room I saw the pile of books that I had yet to read. 25 in total and I was getting more from Amazon tomorrow.
  I picked up the book I was currently reading at the moment and put it straight into my bag. I carried my books around with me everywhere and I was definitely going to be reading this in my free I had later. I needed a fix of Aiden St Delphi on a daily basis. If only he was real…
  “Flora! Ryan and Poppy are here!” My mother’s voice floated from downstairs.
  This was going to be awkward. During the summer holiday’s Ryan and I decided to date. He’d been my best friend and next door neighbour since I was a baby and we were always stuck to the hip.
  I knew Ryan liked me more than a friend by the way he grabbed my hand when we were walking down the beach with the others or by the way he would hold onto me just that little bit longer when we hugged goodbye…
  I’m not being big headed, I just sort of knew.
  The first time we had kissed it was weird for me. I loved Ryan with my whole heart but it wasn’t that kind of love and I knew his was. We’d… Well we had had sex and that was awkward too… I think that was the moment when I knew I just wanted to stay friends with him, but I hadn’t had the nerve to tell him that.
  I hadn’t seen him for the last month and a half of the summer holidays as he and his family went to visit relatives down in Australia. We spoke as much as we could and then Ryan told me… He said the words; I Love You.
  I said it back but his words meant something different than mine did. Ryan was mine, my own little piece of happiness but he wasn’t the love of my life and I was terrified of losing him if I told him the truth.
  I grabbed my scarf from the back of the door and made my way down stairs… And stopped dead.
  Ryan… Well Ryan was HOT! He’d grown during the time he’d been away. His muscles had filled out more, his hair had that sun kissed look and his skin was golden from the Australian sun. His grin widened when he saw me and before I knew it I was in his big strong arms and he was hugging me close.
  “I missed you so much.” He said, before putting me back on my feet.
  “I missed you too Ryan”
  Over his shoulder I saw Poppy give me the look. Poppy knew, she knew my feelings for Ryan were different from his feelings for me and she had told me time and time again to tell him the truth but the words just wouldn’t leave my mouth.
  “Guys save the reunion for college; we’re going to be late.” Poppy told us, giving me a look.
  I untangled myself from Ryan and hugged Poppy. My dear friend poppy was beautiful. Raven coloured hair that was curled naturally, a curvy figure that was always emphasized when she wore skinny jeans and green eyes that were made even more eye popping with her dark rimmed glasses.
  “You have to tell him.” She whispered
  “I know I do but it’s so hard.” I whispered back.
  She gave me a little squeeze and then I let her go.
  “Bye mom.” I shouted. I could hear her in the kitchen, scrambling around in the draws looking for something knowing her. I heard her footsteps coming to the kitchen door and she gave me a small smile.
  “Have a good day. Flora when you get back can we have a talk?”
  “Of course we can. See you later.”
  I left the house last, shutting the door behind me. I wondered what she wanted to talk about…
  “Flora. Show Ryan what you got while he was away”
  I turned to Ryan and pulled back my cardigan sleeve, showing him the tattoo of an Orchid I had on my wrist.
  “A tattoo… Flora I didn’t know you wanted one of them”
  “I didn’t either but I was just drawn to it…”
  “And why an Orchid?” He asked
  I shrugged my shoulders, I had no idea why either. It just called to me when I was looking through the designs.
  “You should have been careful, Flo. Your anemic, what if something had happened?”
  I rolled my eyes. Yes I was anemic and yes I knew the risks… But something had compelled me to get that tattoo and I didn’t regret it.
  “You’re looking a little pale Flo…”
  “Ryan I’m fine”
  “I really think you should go back to the doctors. They can prescribe you Iron tablets…”
  “She’s allergic to Iron dumbass. Or has all the muscle you’ve developed hindered your brain?” Poppy responded.
   I tried not to laugh but catching Poppy’s eye I burst into laughter. Ryan gave us a sarcastic smile back and walked several steps in front of us.
  I wish I knew why I was allergic to iron and why I was anemic but the doctors didn’t have records of my real parents. My mom and dad had adopted me when I was only a few weeks old and I found out when I was six that I was adopted… Well I’d overheard them talking about it. That was around the time of my anemia and iron allergies and they were worried about me. When they mentioned my real mom and dad I was confused but as I grew older I realised what it had meant. This was why I was reluctant to tell Ryan that I wanted to go back to being friends. The people who brought me into this world were meant to love me but they didn’t, instead they abandoned me. And I could see my other parents were slowly becoming distant from me too. It could have been all in my head but… Something was going on there. If I lost Ryan too I wouldn’t cope.
  Poppy and I eventually caught up with Ryan and I linked my arm through his, smiling at him as he looked at me.
  When we got to college… Well everyone seemed to be gathered around the seating area, crowding someone.
  “What’s going on?” I asked Poppy
  “No idea… Hey Minnie!”
  Minnie turned around, grinning when she saw us. Minnie was more eccentric than the rest of us put together. Her blonde hair was cut into a pixie style and believe it or not, Minnie actually wore pixie ears. We’d found them when we’d done our monthly trip to Glastonbury town and since then she’s never taken them off. Today she is in a long green skirt, her converse trainers peaking up from under the hem and she had on her Vampire Diaries top on with Team Damon scrawled along the front. She’d made it herself.
  “There’s a new guy. And oh my days he is HOT! Like smoking hot… Hey Ryan when did you get all buff?”
  Minnie also had a short attention span.
  Ryan mumbled something back to her and looked relived when Jackson and George came our way. To be fair to them too, they had also buffed up. I turned my attention back to Minnie, who was talking about the latest episode of TVD.
  “And oh my god Damon was like even more super hot in this episode… I love him…”
  “Speaking of love… Flo has a new book husband.” Poppy told Minnie
  “Tell all!” She said, spinning around to face me.
  “Aiden from The Covenant series… I got them from America.”
  “You’ve never been to America.” Minnie said
  “Yes but thanks to my amazing blog I have American friends and they recommended them, I brought from Amazon and now… Now I’m in love”
  We all burst out laughing. This was us on a daily basis. We didn’t talk about normal things. Instead we spoke about fantasy worlds on TV and Film, our book husbands and what we would do if a zombie/vampire/ fallen angel took over our world… Yeah we were giant ass geeks… And to be honest I loved it.
  “Anyway back to the new guy…” I said, prompting Minnie to reveal some more.
  “Yeah so when I got here everyone was crowding around something, just like they were now and I thought there was a fight or something so I made my way over and there he stood… The God of Penzance. He’s hot guys… Like seriously hot and…”
  “And he’d never look at any of you nerds. So get those fantasies out of your heads”
  I turned around and there stood the bitch crew aka Samii, Kate and Claire. We had an ongoing rivalry between them for reasons that I didn’t really know and to be honest didn’t really care.
  “Oh my god guys it’s like Samii with two I’s instead of one… Did you know that makes her sound like sooo sophisticated?”
  Poppy and Minnie laughed behind me and I could see the glare in Samii’s eyes.
  “Why don’t you go crawl back into your gruffalo hole geek.”
  “Ahhh guys… Samii read a book… The gruffalo, how cute” Poppy piped up.
  “One of these days you girls will wish you never came to this college. I’m going to make your lives hell”
  “Welcome back to the first day of college! It’s the same threat we’ve gotten every year from you Samii since middle school… Isn’t it about time you got a new tag line?”
  “Just stay away from the new guy freak.”
  And off they walked, hitching their skirts higher up their legs. They practically threw themselves at the guy and by the look on his face he loved it.
  “He is welcome to them. Did you see the way they threw themselves at him?” Minnie said.
  I continued to look at the new guy, something was wrong with me. I couldn’t seem to stop staring at him and when his eyes met mine, well that was it. The world… It was like it stopped. His eyes widened before they looked away from me and the world started moving again.
  “Flo you okay? You’ve gone a little pale”
  “I’m fine Min. Let’s go inside. I’m fed up of watching them all throw themselves at him like its feeding time at the zoo”
  We turned away, finding Ryan, Jackson and George, sitting a distance away from the crowd. They smiled as we neared them and I sat down opposite Ryan.
  “So who’s the new guy?” Jackson asked
  “No idea and I don’t actually care.” I replied “By the small glimpse I caught of him he looks self centered and full of himself. Samii and the bitch herd are going to love having someone around like them”
  “So you have no desire in getting to know me?”
  We all turned around at the voice behind us. New guy was right there. He gave me a smirk.
  “And here I thought we had shared a moment back then. Clearly it was my mistake.”
  “Clearly” I turned back around but I felt his hand on my shoulder, turning me back to face him.
  “My name is Drake.”
  “And I care because?” I asked
  He didn’t answer. Instead Drake laughed at me and removed his hand from my shoulder. I caught a glimpse of his face. Up close I suppose he was handsome. Strong jaw, full lips, light brown hair and amber coloured eyes… Wait amber eyes? And did they just flash yellow?
  “I’ll see you around Flora.” He said before leaving us.
  “That was weird… Oh my gods look at Samii’s face… She looks like she’s going to explode…”
  I drowned the rest of them out. How had Drake known my name? Why was his eyes amber? Not that it was strange; I’d seen amber eyes before… Oh no wait… They were hazel eyes. And I swear they went yellow…  And above all why did I seem so comfortable in his presence?
I thought that by the time I got into English class the whole ‘Drake Phenomenon’ would be over but I was obviously wrong.
  He was in my god damned English class.
“Great. Just great.” I muttered to myself.
  I walked to my seat and sat down to see a view of Samii’s ass… God could she get her skirt any shorter?
  “Is that Samii’s ass?”
  I turned to see Minnie sit down beside me and I stifled a laugh. Samii must have heard because she turned around to glare at us and so did the rest of the group.
  “What? I’m stating the truth… Your ass is on show to the entire class.” Minnie told her.
  “Are you jealous or something?”
  “No. I’d just prefer not to bring up my breakfast that’s all.”
  I tried not to laugh but I couldn’t help it. I caught Drake’s eye when I laughed and I saw the smirk on his face. I glanced back to Minnie and saw she was in a death stare competition with Samii.
  “Maybe you should just pull your skirt down a bit. It does reek of desperation”
  Everyone turned to Drake. I thought he would be joking, making a dig at us but he was being serious. And Samii looked like he had smacked her in the face. That’s what she did to pick up guys… Make her skirt look shorter, show more cleavage than normal, flick her hair, pout. It was kind of sad how she did all that just to get attention.
  She was bright red and actually looked like she was on the verge of tears. I did feel a little bad for her and Drake…
  Well he ruined the moment.
  “I mean, that kind of stuff would be better in the bedroom. Not in a class room. If you want you could show me what’s under your skirt later tonight”
  And just like that, Drake became a sleezeball again.
  Samii pulled her skirt down slightly and then gave Drake one of her best smiles.
  “Why don’t you come and sit in the back of the class with me?”
  “Maybe some other time but right now I’m going to sit by Flora”
  My world died.
  If looks could kill, I would be dead from Samii’s glare right about now and from all the other females in the class. Why did he want to sit by me?
  He sat down in the seat on the other side of me stretched out his long legs, his arms rising above his head. Of course his shirt rose up at the bottom, revealing rock hard abs.
  He caught me staring and leaned forward, smiling at me. I tried to look away from him, but his eyes held me. Amber coloured eyes. Unusual yet they suited him. I couldn’t look away. And believe me when I say I tried my hardest to do so.
  “Are you going to introduce me to your friend?” he finally asked
  “Erm, this is Minnie. She’s one of my closest friends; we’ve known each other since preschool. I couldn’t imagine her not being in my life”
  Woah. Okay where did that spill out from? Everyone here knew about Minnie and I being close friends since preschool but for some reason that had just come spilling out of my mouth to Drake. Even I hadn’t admitted that to Minnie.
  Drake lent over me and shook Minnie’s hand. Oh god he was close and man did he smell lush. Mint, cologne and something else, something I couldn’t quite place, but man did I like it.
  He took his hand away from Minnie’s and slowly leaned back in his seat, making sure his arm brushed mine, his fingers lingering a little.
  Was I going red? I felt as though I was going red… This shouldn’t happen. I was with Ryan. Ryan, my best friend, Ryan who was my first time, my first kiss… Ryan, the guy who had grown hot over the summer and loved me… Ryan…
  Who was standing in the doorway, his eyes glaring at Drake. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god.
  “What does the tattoo mean?” Drake asked
  I looked down, not realising that he was touching my wrist, his fingers gracefully tracing the tattoo. I was so going to die a thousand deaths right now. I could already feel the death stares of the girls in my class and I knew that any minute now Ryan was going to explode of anger.
  Why was Drake doing this? He didn’t know me and I him yet he was acting like we were long lost friends or something.
   “I… I don’t actually know. I just chose it”
   “They’re believed to have various healing and protective properties… You chose an interesting flower to have tattooed on you.”
  “You know about flowers?”
  “A little. Who’s the guy throwing daggers at me in the doorway?”
  “That’s Ryan.”
  “He hasn’t taken his eyes off me yet…”
  “Maybe that’s because you’re getting a little too friendly with my girlfriend and the fact that maybe you’re in my seat”
  Oh crap Ryan was behind us.
  Drake didn’t seem that bothered and picked up his bag before getting out of his chair.
  “See you later Flower.” He bent down to say in my ear.
  “Do not call me flower” I replied
  “It stays. I like it”
  “Well I don’t” I retorted
  “Tough” he replied.
  I watched as he sat down in the back seat next to Samii but even his presence by her couldn’t shake off the mood.
  Speaking of moods I could feel it oozing from Ryan but before he had a chance to speak to me about it all, Mr. Parish walked into class, signaling that English would begin.
  “Pull out your copies of Romeo and Juliet please and turn to Act two, Scene 5 and I need two people to volunteer to read Romeo and Juliet. If no one volunteers I will pick… No one? Okay then Flora you be Juliet and you, new guy, what’s your name again?”
  “Drake read Romeo please”
  Oh god could this morning get any worse?

COPYRIGHT: geekandbooknerd
COPYRIGHT: hayley hemming


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