Crush of the Week

Crush of the Week

Its that time again 🙂

So this weeks crush is:



Hey was born Steven Chadwick McQueen on July 13th 1988 in Los Angeles, California.
He is the son of Stacey Toten (Stacia Robitaille) and Actor/producer Chad McQueen.
His paternal grandparents were actor Steve McQueen and Filipina actress Neile Adams (this definitely explain his good looks!)
His grandmothers niece is Enrique Iglesias’ mother, which makes him and Enrique second cousins… (imagine that family gathering!)
His step father is Luc Robitaille who is a retired NHL hall of famer.

He had two half siblings: Chase and Madison McQueen (his father’s remarriage) and half brother Jessarae Robitaille.

The ‘R’ in his name refers to his mothers surname Robitaille



In 2005 Steven made his acting debut in the short lived Sci-Fi TV series Threshold.
He has also made numerous guest appearances in Without a Trace, CSI:Miami and Numb3rs.

His most notable role was on the final season of the WB tv series Everwood.

In January 2008 Steven got all villainous by playing Derek Beauguard on the Disney Channel Original Movie Minutemen.


Of course we all know what Steven’s most famous role is… Of course he is the one and only Jeremy Gilbert in the hit TV show The Vampire Diaries… and bloody hell has he gone through some stuff in that show! This was Steven’s breakout role.

He also played the protagonist in 3D horror comedy film Piranha as Jack Forester.


Steven has been nominated for three awards in which he won one of them in 2006 for Best Male Performance at the Beverly Hills Film Festival for his role in Club Soda.

Twitter: @McQueeninchains


Three words. TALL. DARK. HANDSOME.
God Steven is HOT!
Well you can’t really blame him… his grandfather was of course Steven McQueen who was pretty handsome himself.
Steven is just… *DROOL*
His role as Jeremy in TVD is brilliant and I love how he’s gone through so much stuff in his life and still manages to come back fighting. Jeremy isn’t in the books (Elena has a sister in the book series) but the character fits in to the story well.
And he can do brooding good… If he can do an English accent then he’d be perfect as Mr Darcy… or better yet… movie producers listen up! PLEASE CAST HIM AS PATCH IN THE (soon to be) BOOK TO MOVIE HIT HUSH HUSH! He’d be a perfect Patch (although if he doesn’t get chosen I will still love the actor who plays Patch… Its in my nature to fall in love with fictional/actor men!)
I can’t wait to see Steven in action in TVD 🙂


Oh and girls… bad news… he has a girlfriend (like I even had a chance with him! Haha)

But we have our dreams right?



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