Crush of the Week

Crush of the Week

I can’t believe I’m a day late for this weeks Crush again haha.

Well anyway its here….

So I was going to do Danila Kozlovsky and then I realised that I’d already had him as crush but well… he may have to be re done soon…
And then I thought hmmm… who else is lush in the VA movie?

Well it was obvious!

So this weeks Crush is:



Dominic was born 6th February 1990 in Kent South East England, UK.
Dom is both an actor and a model.
He went to Oakwood Park Grammar in Maidstone. After studying Drama and Theatre Studies as schools in Maidstone, he left to work abroad, starting in Kenya and moving for 6 months before returning to London.
He began working in several plays before signing with an agency and getting work on TV and Film.


In 2010 he got his first recurring role in the third season of the series The Cut as Jack Simmons.
In 2011 he appeared in an episode of Sadie J titled “Cherylistic” as Walter
In 2012 he appeared in the movie Not Fade Away as young Mick Jagger
In 2013 Dom got his first notable role as Christian Ozera in the movie Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters based on the popular novels by Richelle Mead! (YAAAAAAAAAAY!)

He’s also had small movie roles in Stoned, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Stormbreaker.

2012 modelled for Hollister Co.


He’s also on twitter peeps! DomSherwood1

So why is he Crush of the Week?

Dominic is without a doubt beautifully handsome. Strong jaw line and very kissable lips (which was described by my friend Stephanie)
Dominic has confirmed he has Heterochromia, which is two different eye colours which to be honest makes he look even more handsome. And his voice… mmmmmm… I know I’m from England myself but his voice is just amazing and sexy haha (I love Jamie Campbell Bowers voice too)

I was looking at videos of him on YouTube so I could put on my blog and everyone has commented on how lovely and funny and down to earth he is and how he gets along with the other VA cast members 🙂

People are moaning about the cast of VA but they are a perfect cast and Dominic is going to be a perfect Christian. He is just how I pictured him in the books and I cannot wait to see him portray Christian in VA 🙂


Here’s an Interview of Dominic:

Here’s the VA trailer:



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