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Half Blood, Pure, Deity and Apollyon Book Reviews

Oh my god!

Whenever I read a Jennifer L Armentrout book I’m instantly sucked in and I instantly love the characters. The Lux series… well lets just say I LOVE THEM (and Daemon of course) and well I honestly thought “How can these books be topped? They are amazing!”

But they were!


The first book in the series is:
                    Half Blood



           (A photo of the blurb)

It follows Alexandria, a half blood, (Alex for short) whose run away from the Covenant with her mother. And well that’s where it all starts. Sentinels from the Covenant find Alex and bring her back. Her mother has been killed so she’s all alone. Then of course there’s Aiden St Delphi, a pure blood Sentinel, who offers to train Alex on all she’s missed… Of course you know exactly what going to happen there!!
There’s an instant attraction between them and you can see that their relationship isn’t going to be easy… Especially seeing as Pure Blood’s and Half Blood’s can’t be together….
Of course they fight the attraction but there’s a moment when well… they don’t… (okay two occasions when they don’t!)
And then a bomb shell drops… (you’ll have to read to see what it is!) And that’s when everything goes wrong. Cue an epic fight scene and one sexy Aiden…

The second book in the series is:



         (A photo of the blurb)

So the second book practically follows where the first left off except this time there’s a new guy on the scene…
Aiden is trying to keep his distance from Alex but it doesn’t really work, seeing as they are still training together! And then oh my god the zoo scene….
Alex and the guards are summond to the Catskills to answer for what happened in the first book
And then comes Seth, the Apollyon, and Alex feels a strong connection to him…
While at the Catskills, Alex grows closer to Seth while her relationship with Aiden slowly disappears in a way.
While at the Catskills there are people out to get her… One of course is Minister Telly (I wanted to kill him!)
There’s a ball and ohhhh the way Aiden and Alex look at each other…
Seth tells Alex that she should give him a try and she does… but he’s not Aiden
And of course the Gods have unleashed the Furies and well when the covenant breached they are unleashed…
Cue another epic fight scene and another revelation of course 🙂

The third book in the series is:



           (Picture of the blurb)

After everything went down at the Catskills both Aiden and Alex are desperate to keep the secret of what actually happened that night… (no they didn’t sleep together!)
Of course Alex has just found out that she’s the second Apollyon… something that hasn’t happened in at least a hundred years or so.
When Alex turns 18 she’ll awaken and then be connected with Seth… something she’s not really looking forward too.
With her training now involving Seth too… well lets just say there isn’t alot of training going on… especially as Seth constantly wants to get down and dirty all the time… and seeing as everytime they touch Alex gets a new mark of the Apollyon…
And well… Alex is also in danger… An Order wants to kill Alex so she doesn’t connect with Seth…
Seth ends up going back to the Catskills and with Alex alone… well the order does get to her…
And that’s when Aiden reveals his true feelings for Alex… (cue some lovey dovey scenes which are amazing)
Keeping their relationship secret for now is hard.. especially as all they want to do is rip each others clothes off!
Oh and also a God is among them!
But then comes the day of Alex’s 18th Birthday…
And that’s when everything changes….

The Fourth book in the series is:




            (Picture of the blurb)

Before you read Apollyon you do need to read the short Novella Elixir which is from Aiden’s POV…
I was told by my amazing friends to read it and seeing as I couldn’t wait for it to be ordered and shipped over here I read it on my phone… And it made sense to read it.
Because without reading it the beginning of Apollyon won’t make sense…
So it begins where Elixir is left…
Alex is connected with the First and she’s lost herself completely to him.
Aiden however won’t give up. He believed their love is stronger than anything and after an epic show down between the two Alex manages to break the connection.
Then theres a shower scene between her and Aiden… mmmmm
This book is all about the ways in how they can defeat the First (Seth) and how they have to find the God whose responsible.
Alex and Aiden travel to the Underworld to get answers, a few sex scenea between the two of them and then of course comes another fight scene.
Accept this time there’s a God involved and he… well Alex is in a pretty bad shape by the time he’s finished with her.
It ends on a cliffhanger and I for one cannot wait for Sentinel.

I really do love Jennifer L Armentrout’s writing style and how she makes you fall in love with the characters… especially the boys!
Alex is feisty and sarcastic but deep down she loves and she hurts.. just like a normal teenage girl. Alex suffers through two loses throughout the series and then her biggest fear is losing Aiden.
And Aiden well he’s just HOT! Haha and loyal and he can fight and of course he’s devoted to Alex, even when he did try and push her away in Pure.

This book has everything: love, action, heartstopping moments and above all a sense of friendship and loyalty.

Jennifer has fast become my favourite author and I can’t wait to see what else she has in store.
I can’t get enough of her books!
She sucks you right in from the first sentence and they are always full of love and problematic situations and so so so addictive! When you read her books you get so drawn into them that before you know it a day has passed and your halfway through the book….

Her YA and NA books are incredible and I would definitely recommend these books to anyone

God I could spend an entire blog post gushing about Jennifer. Man she’s just an amazing author and if my books that I’m writing are even half as good as hers then I’d be one happy bunny.

I seriously love Jennifer L Armentrout and all her books of hers that I have read so far

This whole series…?

A definite 10 out of 10

Ah hell 100 out of 100!


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