My Writing

Drake’s POV

I started to think about how Drake would feel in my story. Seeing as its from Flora’s POV I thought I’d flip the story around and write it as Drake….

This scene just came to me and I haven’t really figured out why they are arguing yet but somewhere I want to get this into my story… from Flora’s POV obviously but this will be an extra scene in the book if it ever gets published… (that’s a dream that probably won’t happen but its still a nice dream)

So here it is:

Drake’s POV

Looking at her now I noticed two things… One her eyes flashed a dark brown when she was angry and two…
  I could feel the energy inside her just waiting to be released.
  I’ve been yelled at many, many times before and never once did it bother me but now… Something had changed. Flora yelling at me was different. I didn’t want her to yell at ne ever again.
  Her hands were closed tightly at her sides, balled into fists, shaking like they wanted nothing more than to smack into my face. I’d never seen her angry. It suited her though. She looked like some fierce warrior queen. I smirked and that was when she lost it.
  “Are you even listening to me Drake?” She shouted
  “Of course I’m listening but I gotta tell you flower its boring me”
I replied
  Her eyes of course flashed even angrier and she looked like she was on the verge of tears… And that hurt me. Cut me deep. The last time she had cried she had been hurt and watching her tears fall down her cheeks had near enough killed me.
  “You don’t care do you? You’ve never cared about me. Perhaps Samii is right, maybe all you want to do is get into my pants. I was right about you from the start Drake. You’re arrogant, self centered and there isn’t a caring bone in your body… Answer me Drake… Tell me I’m wrong.”
  I took a deep breath but said nothing. So many emotions were rolling around me at this moment. Anger at her for questioning my feelings and intentions towards her, annoyed that she still saw me as a self centered dick but most of all the passion inside me was telling me to kiss her, to hold her tight to me but I couldn’t.
  The silence stretched between us and suddenly her hand came up and slapped me hard against the cheek.
  I’d been on the receiving end of slaps before too but like before this was something new. It hurt me down to my soul and I had never felt so hollow.
  “I hate you Drake. Don’t ever come near me again, don’t ever touch me or speak to me again. You should have just let those… Those men kill me.”
  Tears fell down her face and that, that was what broke me. The way her eyes filled with tears, splashing down her cheeks, the way her lip trembled as she tried to hold in a sob and the way the energy, that power inside her was ready to snap and break loose.
  And what did I do? I stood there as she walked away from me, walked out of my house and into the night.
  “Shit.” I whispered.
  I grabbed the nearest thing I could, throwing it at the wall, watching it shatter and fly everywhere. The chair was next, throwing it against the furthest wall I could find until it splintered and broke. The anger inside me was bubbling. But it wasn’t because of her; it was because of me, because I couldn’t be with her, because of those stupid, stupid rules that are in place. I was meant to watch her, to see what she was like, to get to see the strength of her power. But instead all I saw was her eyes, her lips, the way she smiled at me and the way she bit her bottom lip when she was concentrating…
  God I was in too deep. I needed to leave, needed to get out of this place but the anger inside of me was still bubbling, still ready to burst free. My hands were sweating, the fire waiting to erupt and I clenched them tightly into fists. I wouldn’t burn down this house, I wouldn’t do it…
  I spun around, seeing Flora stood in the doorway, her eyes fresh out of tears but still looking red and blood shot. God she was beautiful. And that was when I knew… I’d do anything for this girl.


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