All Our Yesterday’s book review

I have not long put this book down…


It was amazing and confusing all at once and it makes you think… really makes you think.

It starts off in a prison cell with Em and her fixation with the drain in her room and the boy in the cell next door called Finn.
Em, after so many beatings from the Director, finally manages to get the drain open and in it she finds a note sayin “You must kill him”

So then you start thinking who the hell is him?!

Then they get saved and all of sudden Em and Finn are running for ‘Cassandra’

They get to the room in which Cassandra resides and you learn that Em and Finn have lived fourteen/fifteen times and they keep having to time travel back to a certain date to kill the Doctor (who in that time is 17 years old)

Then you get the POV of Marina (the beginning POV is Em) and you think “who the hell is Marina?”

But after a while you realise that Em and Marina are the same… and Em has travelled back in time to save her former self from the future fate she has to endure (confused yet?!)

The POV’s switch between Em and Marina… while Em has finally managed to fall in love with Finn, Marina is still in love with her best friend James.

Clearly there is a story there so the intrigue starts!

It was really hard to put down and, even though Em and Marina are the same person, you like them for the two separate people they are.

Marina loves James, Finn loves Marina, Em loves Finn, Finn loves Em… its like a love… ummm… well I don’t really know what but its interesting!

Oh and as a warning… Look out for James!

And also… Love Finn! He’s just adorable and funny and loyal and amazing and HOT! Haha and to be honest out of all of the characters he’s probably the only one who hasn’t really changed… (okay so he’s a bit harder than the younger Finn but everything else is the same)

This book will keep you glued from beginning to end and I so cannot wait for the second book…

This book has everything… Set in a dystopian world with a time machine. Future and past selves colliding, fights, intrigue and love and a sense of right from wrong… It really gets your mind thinking… If you made a time machine what would you do? Would it make you power happy? Would it make you mad? Or would it just make you a better person? Going back to see history… Your mind constantly works and thinks throughout this book which is why its so good!

And the ending… well… talk about cliffhanger!

5 out of 5 stars


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