The beginning of my YA book :)

So this is what I showed in my Creative Writing class and apart from two little alterations she picked up on, she said it was a great opening.
I wrote a part earlier on scrap pieces of paper, so I’ll post that in a minute… but first here’s the opening

The girl’s hips rocked against his and he felt her gasp against his lips. They were still both fully clothed but he knew that in a few minutes they would be gone.
  This was how he liked to un-wind after a hard day; losing himself in someone else.
  He felt her hands in his hair, pulling his mouth closer to hers.
  His hands snaked up her top, heading for her bra clasp…
  His bedroom door pounded and then opened.
  “For goodness sake Drake… You have to stop behaving this was. Nixie, leave my sons room” his father’s booming voice ehoed around the room.
  Drake rolled off Nixie, resting his hands under his head, watching as Nixie ran from the room.
  She was beautiful he supposed. Wavy blonde hair, pale skin, red lips and sea blue eyes, but she wasn’t his type of beautiful. He knew what he liked.
  “Drake we need you in the Council Hall. Something has happened”
  Drake got up from the bed, pausing to pull his shirt back on and his jeans up, and followed his father out of the room and down into the glass corridor. The walls were tiled with small multi coloured pieces of glass that reflected and made the glass floor look like a rainbow.
  They entered the Council Hall and seated around the crystal table were all the councilors. And they were arguing.
  “Calm down. My son is here now; we can start to discuss this rationally…” his father told the room.
  “Rationally? A war is about to break out in the kingdom…”.
  “And we all know why…”.
  “It shouldn’t have happened…”.
  “It’s an abomination…”.
  The councilors all began talking over each other again and Drake could see his father boiling with anger.
  “QUIET!”, his father bellowed, “Arguing is not going to solve the situation”.
  “What situation?” Drake asked.
  “It seems as though Kalen wants to start a war. Only this time it’s over a human…”.
  “A human? We haven’t been around humans for years” Drake responded.
  “You’re right. But this human is… different. Many want her dead, some want her alive.”
  “Her?” Drake asked, summoning up an image of a human woman in his mind; creamy soft skin, full lips, curves…
  “Drake focus. This is serious. Kalen wants her dead whereas Breena wants her alive…”
  “And what do we want? Us who are stuck in the middle” Drake asked a small grin on his face.
  “This is where you come in Drake” One of the councilors responded.
  “You’re the only one near her age. We need you to watch her, see if she offers any threat to us, if she’s that powerful as they say…”.
  “Powerful? How powerful can a human be? Who is she?”.
  “You’ll have a name when you leave” His father told him.
  “What if I don’t want to leave? My darling fiancée, Kaliste, is here after all…”.
  “You’re going. And you leave tonight. It’s not for discussion Drake”.
  Drake stared his father down, but in the end Drake lost.
  “Fine I’ll leave for the human world tonight”.
  His father handed over an envelope and Drake raised his eyebrow at him.
  “Her name and a photograph are in there. Just remember Drake… This is an undercover mission. Do not get involved with her. Do not become her friend or even her lover. You find out what you can and leave… Got it?”
  “Understood father”
  “Then you better get packed. The council is dismissed”.
Chapter One- Flora
Looking in the mirror I realized two things…
  One my hair was seriously in need of being tamed… It literally was wild.
  And two… I can’t see anything attractive about me at all.
  And I mean at all.
  Ryan saw something in me… Then again Ryan was also my best friend, having also been my boyfriend. It was weird, going from friends to a relationship and then back again. He was comfortable. I knew he was. But me? I couldn’t get my head and heart into our relationship. I didn’t see him as anything other than my best friend. So I broke it off and we went back to being friends and now was the day I was going back to college…
  Boyfriend-less and with wild, unruly hair.
  “Flora. Are you ready? Poppy and Ryan are here”
  “I’m coming. Just getting my boots on”
   I pulled on my beautiful deep green pixie boots and, straightening up, I looked in the mirror one last time. Okay so I didn’t look that bad. And so what if I didn’t go with the fashion? I liked my dress style. Even if it was a little “out there” at times.
  My purple and green floral hippy dress didn’t hug my figure like the dresses most girls wore at college but unlike them, I wasn’t comfortable showing off my body. I was curvy. And I had a not so flat washboard ab stomach… I had a tiny “Buddha belly” as Ryan liked to call it when we were… Well you get where I’m going with this.
  I picked up my bag from the floor, slung it over my shoulder and headed down the stairs. I grinned at my friends and tried not to notice the way Ryan’s eyes lit up a little when he saw me. To be honest I didn’t understand what on earth he saw in me.
  Ryan was cute in a surfer kind of way. Hair that was in between brown and blonde and hung around his face, his lips not quite thin but not quite full either… Sort of in between and his body… Well after 5 years of surfing Penzance’s waves, it had hardened him a little… That and I suppose the boxing helped. He could have been with any girl he wanted, hung around in the popular crowd at college but he chose me. Me and my geek herd as I refer to them
  We liked things a little different… The girls at college liked high heels and designer handbags… We wore converses and were happy with our satchel bags. They texted and spoke on their phones pretty much all of the time. We were discussing what would happen if one of us got bit by a vampire… You know… Normal stuff that 18 year old girls and their friends spoke about.
  I went to scratch my wrist but managed to stop myself in time. Over the short break I got a tattoo… Just a tattoo of an Orchid. I don’t even know why I chose that particular flower, I just instantly seemed drawn to it.
  “Flo… You’re looking beautiful as usual”
  “And like usual Ryan you are talking rubbish”
  “It’s the truth”
  “Shut up… See you mom” I shouted
  “See you Flora… Ryan, Poppy. Flora when you get back we need to talk”
  We all traipsed out of the house and Poppy and Ryan soon fell into a discussion about what would happen if a zombie attacked our town. I zoned out, thinking about my mom… Well she wasn’t my real mom. I was adopted and I’d known since I was 6 years old. No one else knows. Not even Ryan and the geek herd. I suppose I’m scared as to how they’ll react and I’m scared of telling them. To my friends they are my true family and that’s all they need to know. They don’t need to know that my true parents abandoned me to strangers. I have no desire to find them. And if they wanted anything to do with me they would have been in touch.
  “Flora? You okay back there?” Poppy asked
  “I’m fine… Sorry just floated away to a world of my own then”
  “So zombies attack… What would you do?”
  “Make sure I was bitten or attacked and survive… Failing that I’d get a gun or something sharp and decapitate them…”
  Poppy and Ryan nodded at each other, seeming to be pretty satisfied with my response. I told you our conversations were weird!
  “Hey guys”
  We looked to see Minnie running towards us, a spread of red overcoming her cheeks. Not just from the running but clearly due to embarrassment.
  That’s the thing with our crew… We got embarrassed easily… And we really didn’t do Physical Education. Any form of that and we’d break out into hives or something.
  “What’s up Min?”
  “There’s a new guy at college and he’s HOT! With a capitol h, o and a t” she replied
  “I need to get a look” Poppy replied, following Minnie to the large crowd surrounding the new guy.
  “Not going over?” Ryan asked
  “No. It’s not something that I want to do…”
  “He’s drawing quite a crowd”
  “You mean he’s drawing in the popular girls, Samii, Claire and Kate”
  I turned to face them. They were practically draped over him. I wasn’t jealous of them but I could subtly envy them in a way. Flawless skin, toned bodies, dead straight hair… Yeah they were definitely the ugly ones!

Copyright: geekandbooknerd


2 thoughts on “The beginning of my YA book :)”

  1. Wow Hayley this is freaking amazing I am so drawn in I need more!!!!!!! Can we do our book tours together <333 you're going to be huge I know it!!

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