Snippet of my YA book

So here is the snippet I was working on earlier… sorry if it sounds rubbish and it doesn’t flow! I was literally just writing stuff down as fast as I could!

I was being followed. The town was quiet, eerie without the rush of people in it. I sensed rather than saw the person behind me.
  I hurried my steps, so did they, the faster I walked, the more they caught up with me.
  I stopped, turning around to see who it was…
  I wasn’t mistaken about being followed. I assumed it was just one man… not three.
  We stared at each other, daring the other to move first. I decided to to chance it, so I ran.
  I was never any good at sports or running but now was definitely time to become a world class athlete.
  I ran until I could no longer breathe, hiding myself in a shop doorway, hoping they hadn’t seen me. They ran straight past me and for once I was grateful for the darkness.
  I scrambled in my bag for my phone, pulling it out quickly. I scrolled through my contacts. I couldn’t call Ryan or the others, they’d just panic and call the FBI or something. Then I saw his name.
  I really didn’t want to call him but right now he was my only choice. I hit the call button…
  “This is Drake. Leave a message”
  “Drake, its Flora. I’m… I’m being followed. By three men. I need you to come and pick me up… You’re the only one I can be sure won’t panic. I’m at…”
  The phone was ripped out of my hand, while another grabbed my arm, pulling me out of my hiding place so forcefully I fell to the floor, my face skimming along the concrete. I screamed out of sheer pain.
  “That’s just the sound we wanted” one of the men told me, before ending my phone call and crushing it beneath his boot. I really hoped Drake got the message… If not I was dead.
  I tried to scramble away but they caught me by my hair, dragging me back to them.
  “The halfling hasn’t got much power…”
  “Maybe she’s the wrong one?”
  “No its definitely her”
  What the hell were they talking about? Halfling?
  “Maybe we should give her some incentive to wield that power of hers”
  I felt sick to my stomach. What were they going to do?
  I soon found out.
  The one hit me around the face so hard, it felt like my head had spun around. I could taste blood on my lip and I didn’t know whether it was from that hit or where my face had scraped across the concrete.
  Tears streamed down my face from the pain but they didn’t care.
  “Hold her down” the man said to the others. They held me down, pinning my arms and legs to the cold concrete beneath me.
  I heard the third man’s feet walk towards my head, two feet coming behind me.
  Then there was just one foot and my heart lurched into my throat. I saw the sole of his shoe poised above my head and I closed my eyes, waiting until I felt the crunch of my nose breaking…
  I heard and felt nothing. When I opened my eyes I saw the men holding me sprawled on the floor.
  I sat up straight, the world spinning around me.
  “I came as soon as I could”
  I saw Drake crouched in front of me, his face a mask of concern.
  The moment my eyes met his, the spinning stopped, his eyes grounding me. I knew he was handsome, even I could appreciate that, but in that moment he looked beautiful. Like some sort of otherworld beauty that I’ve read about in my books.
  Drake went to say something but a flash out of the corner of my eye caught my attention.
  “Drake” I whispered, the look of fear on my face causing him to turn around.
  And that’s when everything went weird.
  Drake grabbed the man’s wrist, fire blazing out of his fingers. The man screamed in pain as fire spread up his arm. Drake stood up to face him, both of them face to face.
  “You tell the others that if any of them attempt to hurt her again I won’t hesitate to kill them”
  Drake let the man go and watched as he grabbed the other two men’s arms and, in the blink of an eye, they were gone.
  “What was that? What happened? Where did they go?”
  Drake crouched down infront of me, his eyes scanning my face.
  “Your hurt” he told me, his voice betraying him.
  Clearly me being hurt was not something he liked.
  He brought his hand up to my face, but he stopped just near my cheek, giving me time to pull away if I wanted to. But I didn’t want to. I wanted him to touch me, despite all that I’d been through and seen.
  He touched my cheek gently and just like the girl does in the books, I turned my cheek into his palm, desperate to feel his warmth. His other hand stroked my bottom lip, despite the fact that it had blood from my cheek on it.
  He wiped it off carefully, then took off his outer shirt to gently wipe away the blood and grit from my cheek.
  Silent tears slid down my face and Drake wiped them away.
  Once I was more or less grit and blood free he pulled me into his arms, holding me tightly. The Drake I’d seen at college would never have done that to me but right now all I could think about was how safe his arms felt.
  He stroked my good cheek, his fingers slipping under my chin, tipping my head up to his. 
  Drake’s lips softly brushed mine before he kissed me gently. As soon as I responded, his lips became desperate, hungry. He pulled me closer until my legs were wrapped around his waist. My hands pushed up through his hair. He kissed me harder, his hands sliding up my top, pulling me as close to him as I could get.
  When his lips left mine, I gave a small sound of protest, but then I felt them on my neck, my throat, my collar bone before he buried his head in my shoulder.
  “I nearly lost you” he whispered onto my skin.
  “But you didn’t. I’m still here. You saved me”
  “Flora…” he whispered before his lips were on mine again, strong and needy, kissing me like he was dying of thirst.
  I slid my hands down his chest, stopping at the waist of his jeans. I found the hem of his shirt, sliding my hands up his top, brushing hard muscle as he moaned into my mouth.
  “I didn’t think you liked me”, I whispered against his lips.
  “I’m good at hiding my feelings” he replied.
  “You’ve got no problem showing them though”
  “Clearly” he responded, kissing me again until I was gasping for air….

And that peeps is all your getting 😉

Copyright: geekandbooknerd


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