Meeting Sara’s Character

This interview is with my main character, Katy Valentine, of my untitled zombie novel.
Sara: Tell us about yourself.
Katy: Well, my name is Katy Valentine. I’m eighteen years old, and I’m from Brooklyn, NY. I would be a senior in high school, until they blew up my high school.
Sara: Why did they blow up your high school?
Katy: Uh, have you looked out a window lately? There’s kind of been a lot of zombies wandering around.
Sara: How do you feel about the zombies?
Katy: Well, at least all those gun lessons my dad made me take to ward off, I don’t know, potential rapists and murderers is finally paying off. I mean, I still can’t quite shoot them in the head, but I guess I’m getting closer.
Sara: What’s the plan?
Katy: Survive? I don’t have a plan. I think my dad did but he never exactly told me anything so its kind of hard to figure out. I guess a part of plan is to NOT kill Nate Adams.
Sara: Who is Nate Adams?
Katy: Nate is my next door neighbor. Well, he was my next door neighbor until the whole bomb dropping on New York thing. We got stuck together, when we escaped from New York. For some reason, my dad insisted on saving his life.
Sara: Do you like Nate Adams?
Katy: Nate is a complicated person. The guy is ridiculously good looking, and he makes me laugh. My best friend Madison would say that I’m in love with him, but the guy is infuriating. Cocky, can’t take anything seriously, and has been driving me insane since we were five years old.
Sara: So you’re in love with Nate Adams?
Katy: Seriously, why does everyone say that? Look, I’m not in love with Nate. I recognize that Nate is hot, like really hot. Like, stupid hot. I get that. But he’s annoying, he can’t shoot a gun at all, and he eats all the food that I’ve tried to ration out, and he likes to beat the crap out of me during hand to hand combat practice just because he can…
Sara: I’m sensing some denial here.
Katy: Can we maybe talk about something else?
Sara: What do you miss most about life before the zombies?
Katy: My best friend Madison. Watching the Mets play baseball on TV with my dad. Running, and running for fun, not, like, away from zombies.
Sara: What was your dad like?
Katy: He was chief of police in Brooklyn, and he took his job seriously. He wanted to save everyone, solve every crime. He spent a lot of time at work, but I never really resented it. When he wasn’t working, we would always go out to dinner, go to Mets games, have barbecues with all my cousins. He was a great guy. SUPER overprotective though, hence the whole “you’re going to college, so here’s some pepper spray and gun lessons, daughter” thing.
Sara: What do you think your greatest strength is in these times?
Katy: I’m determined, I guess. My dad risked everything to get the three of us out of New York before the bomb dropped. We weren’t supposed to leave. We were supposed to be dead, but my dad got us out. He knew we didn’t carry the virus and he wanted out. He sacrificed a lot for that, and I’m not letting that go to waste. Even if it DID leave with Nate Adams.
Sara: Who are you with now, and where?
Katy: Nebraska, with my mom and Nate. Nebraska…its like nothing has even happened. We just keep moving on, living life, like there aren’t zombies coming for us. But no body in Nebraska has seen a zombie, so they just pretend it doesn’t exist.
Sara: What has been the hardest part so far?
Katy: I had to kill someone I cared about.


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