Meeting Me and interviews with my book characters

In my creative writing course we were talking about ways we can get to know our characters and I said you can ‘Interview them’ so I asked a few friends to help with this post….

They’ve questioned their book characters so we can gleam a better insight into what they are like. And I’m going to do mine too!

So first of all a little about me 🙂

Hayley is a self confessed geek. Not science and maths wise but she’s a geek when it comes to books, vampires, angels, fairies, Doctor Who, fantasy and all things King Arthur and medieval-ness
She has an ever growing collection of books that her poor wages get spent on on an almost daily basis.
She’s always been into writing. She can remember getting together pieces of paper, folding them in half, sellotaping them together and writing in them 🙂
She is also a self confessed fangirl… seriously she’s a little crazy when it comes to her favourite things.
She’s an only child who lives with her mom in her town of Droitwich Spa.
Hayley’s biggest dream is to see her books on display in bookshops worldwide.

So there’s me!

About the book (this is currently off the top of my head!)

Flora wanted nothing more than to be a normal girl in a normal-ish world. She has her close friends, she knows what she’s comfortable with and what she’s not.
She’s also a bit of a geek.
Her life is ordinary, going to college everyday, spending her weekends either reading or watching fantasy movies with her geek herd.
But the first day back at college is when everything changes for Flora. A new guy is in her college and the girls are hanging on to his every word… and he’s hot! And for some bizarre reason his gaze and attention is to focused soley on her…
Drake never wanted to come to this college. But his father told him he had to. Him and the whole bunch of counselors his father has. He’s on a mission: make sure that the human girl is not a threat to his world.
He knows her name and he’s seen a picture of her but he never bargained on falling for her…
Torn between duty to his people and his surprising love for this “human” Drake finds himself falling into a trap… One that’s either going to break his heart… or hers…

              Meeting Flora

Hi Flora. So tell us a little about yourself.

Hi back. Well there’s not much to tell. Ha. I’m 18 and currently at college studying English and History.

English and History? Wow

Yeah I know. I’m probably one of a few girls at my college whose doing something academic… wow that sounds really horrible doesn’t it?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. So tell me… Any boys in your life?

Well theres my best friend Ryan, my dad and my brothers….

How about someone who has the name of Drake?


(At this point Flora blushes profusely)

So are you going to comment on him?

What’s there to say? Drake is Drake. He’s annoying and cocky and so irritating. He knows just how to wind me up. And he’s so full of himself.. Like he knows the girls all want a piece of him at college and he loves it. Strutting around college like he owns the place… Man he’s annoying.

So would you say that you liked him?

Like him… No way! If anything I want to punch him in the face. No… no I definitely do NOT like him.

You seemed to deny that pretty quickly…

(Flora looks at the floor)

So what would you say is your most redeeming quality?

I don’t have any…

Come on you must have…

I’m just an ordinary looking girl… nothing redeeming about me.

Okay so describe yourself in five words…

Normal. Geeky. Books. Curvy… ummm knowledgeable

I’d have put pretty in there…

No. I’m not pretty.

Yes you are… Anyway back to the subject of Drake…

(Flora rolls her eyes but we do see that she tries to hide a small smile)

How would you describe Drake? Other than him being annoying…

Well… okay maybe I was a little harsh… Drake is… Handsome. With green eyes and short sort of light/dark brown hair… I can’t really describe the colour… its sort of inbetween the two.
Oh and he has full lips and a cocky smile that lifts his mouth up on one side…

(Flora quickly shuts up and goes bright red. Clearly she likes Drake more than she lets on)

Hmmm… So if you could be any mythological creature what would you be?

Well.. ermm… I don’t feel comfortable with that question…

But I thought you liked all things mythological?

I do… but can we change the subject please?

Of course… Okay last question… What’s your biggest fear?

Falling in love

Thank you for your time Flora.

Thank you for having me.

               Meeting Drake

Hi Drake so tell us a little about yourself…

You can see what I’m like without me having to describe myself…

Okay. Attitude. Flora said you were cocky….

You spoke to Flora?

Of course we did…

What did she say?

We’re the ones asking the questions here…

Just tell me what she said…

Just that you were cocky and arrogant and you knew how to wind her up… but she also said some nice things about you too….

(Drake nods his head and runs a hand over his face)

So back to the questions… What are you studying at college?

History and English

The same as Flora?

Yes the same as Flora…

(A small smile forms on his lips when he says her name)

Any girls in your life?

I always have girls in my life… Looking like this I end up fighting them off daily.

We meant is there anyone special? Someone with the name Flora…

Next question

Don’t you want to talk about her?

No comment.

Are you going to participate and be serious in this interview?

Fine what do you want to know?

What you think of Flora…

Flora is… special. She doesn’t realise how beautiful she is and how amazing she is. She thinks she’s living an ordinary life but she’s not. She’s in danger… she’s… god I was meant to keep my distance from here.. I was only meant to see if she would cause us any trouble….

(Drake stops talking suddenly. Realising he’s said too much)

What do you mean she’s in danger?

Next question

Drake is Flora in danger?

I said next question…

What are you not telling us?

Its nothing… I’m keeping her safe. She’s fine.

(Drake seems to get a little agitated at this point so we quickly change the subject)

We asked this question to Flora… If you could be any mythological creature what would you be?

(Drake just smiles at us and shakes his head)

Ummm okay… What’s your biggest fear?

You asking me these questions…

Ha ha… seriously Drake…

Honestly? My biggest fear is Flora…..

Before we can ask Drake what he means by that he leaves the room quickly, practically running from us.

So what do you think of these characters? Why do you think Drake’s biggest fear is Flora? And why is Flora’s love? And who else thinks they are totally mad for each other?!


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