October Writing Challenge

Over at whatanerdgirlsays.wordpress.com The lovely and amazing Sara set us all a Writing Challenge… she gave us the starting sentence we did what we wanted… I gotta admit though.. I really want to see what happens between them haha. ENJOY 😀

*This is part of a forum I’m on from a good friend of mines blog. We’ve been given a start sentence… The rest is up to us!*


Most days when I walked down my front porch and across my lawn, I saw things like a big yellow bus or neighbours watering their lawn, occasionally a kid on a bicycle. Today, I spotted a zombie…..

And the god damned thing was looking straight at.

You see here’s the deal… Our world has changed now. Zombies frequent the streets and usually they don’t bother us… except when they need to eat… or if their zombie numbers are getting low to make some more of them.
This one however looked hungry…

And the way it was looking at me… I was definitely food.

I scrambled in my bag, desperately trying to fish out my front door keys. The god damned thing moved fast… and I mean fast. By the time I shoved the key in the front door the thing was nearly upon me. I slammed the door shut as soon as it opened and flicked the switch just infront of the light switch.
I heard the zombie howl in pain.
I know we were their food source but they were once human and I felt bad for hurting them.

“Liza… Liza. Why are you slamming the door?”

I rolled my eyes. My mother. Always terrified of the neighbours thinking we’re rowdy and ‘lower class’
God I hated this house.
It was too big. Dad was a big time thing in America. We moved from London 6 years ago because dad made this zombie device that fitted infront of your house. So if a zombie was after you, flick the switch and hey presto! Zombie attacked. I didn’t know what was in it exactly but all I know is that it hurt them.

“I was nearly attached by a zombie mother but seeing as you’re more concerned about what the neighbours might think… Next time I’ll softly close the door shut when a zombie wants me as its food source!”

“There is no need to get sarcastic young lady. I was only asking. Did you flick the switch?”


“Has it gone?” mother asked

“I’m not exactly going to stick my head out of the front door and check am I… It could attack me”

“I’ll check”

I turned to glare at my brother. Kingsley was 15 going on 21. He acted like he was the big I am and sometimes it did my head in… Okay it always did my head in.

“Actually yeah go check. Hopefully it’ll still be alive and I won’t have to worry about having an annoying little shit as a brother”

“Liza! Language!”

I rolled my eyes. Kingsley went to the door and I didn’t hear him scream or anything so I guessed the coast was clear. I walked to the door to see Kingsley just stood there… looking down at the ground.

“Kings… What are you doing?”

“Look at it” he whispered

I had never heard my brother whisper.
Looking down at the front porch I saw the zombie that I had zapped a few minutes earlier.
Except something wasn’t quite right with the zombie on the floor…
It was kind of fluctuating between zombie and well… human…
And from what I could see it was a boy…
A very handsome boy…
With bright blue eyes that were looking up at me in an accusing way.

Oh hell….

Those eyes. They drew me in. Like I wasn’t just looking at him anymore, it was like I was looking into his soul, seeing the things he loved and hated. And at this moment in time, he hated me.

And for some unknown reason… It made my heart break.

“Daniel! Daniel get down here. There’s something you need to see”

I didn’t realise my mother had cone out aswell and I knew that my dad would shoot the boy instead of trying to help him.
Before I knew it my legs were kneeling down and I was face to face with him. I could see his eyes better now. The deep blue of his pupils made it seem like I was drowning in him. Then I glanced at his lips… Full. Kissable.

“Where are you hurt?” I whispered

“Like… you… care” he groaned.

He rolled onto his back, clutching at his head. I saw those beautifully shaped hands of his begin to rot, his eyes lost their blue, turning milky white, his hair… I didn’t even look to see what colour it was was slowly disappearing, turning lank and falling out in places.
I wanted to reach out to him…

“Liza step back” I heard my father roar at me.

But I couldn’t move. I was fixed to the spot. Watching as this boy slowly turned back into a zombie. Why was he doing that? Why was he a zombie one minute, then a boy the next?
Just as quickly as he turned into a zombie, he was human again and I became fully aware that my father was standing infront of me, a gun poised at the boys head.

“Dad don’t shoot” I whispered, but he didn’t hear me. I heard the gun click, the bullet ready and waiting to be shot out of the barrel.
The boy looked at me. His eyes seeking mine and in that minute I knew I had to help him. Save him from this life.

So I did the first thing I thought of…

I stepped infront of my father… Just as the gun was about to go off…

I expected to feel pain. Lots and lots of pain but instead I felt nothing. No pain. No blood forming around me. No ringing in my ears from the gun shot…
Instead I felt arms around me. Strong supple arms. Arms that belonged to that beautiful boy zombie. I opened my eyes to see his beautiful blue eyes staring into mine, his lips inches from my own…

“Are you okay?” he whispered

“You… you saved…”

He was yanked from my body, held up to the side of our house by his throat. My father’s hand wrapped firmly around it.

“Dad… Dad. Let him go…”

“Stay out of it Liza”

“He saved me dad. Let him go”

“If you hadn’t of stood infront of the god damn gun you wouldn’t have needed saving… Why they help did you do that for anyway?”

“I… I… he”

“That’s not a he. That’s a thing Liza. A zombie. The very thing we are trying to save the world from, to stop ourselves from becoming”

“But dad… Look at him. He’s not a zombie right now. He’s a boy” I replied softly. An extremely drop dead gorgeous boy I added in my head.

We all looked to the boy zombie. I was right. He was a boy right now. But how?

I walked over to my dad, prying his hands from around the boys throat. I pushed my father away and stood in front of the boy. He looked down at me wearily but he didn’t back away from me, which I took as a good thing.

“Who are you?” I asked him

“My name is Jax” he replied

“Why… Why did you… Change?”

“I don’t know whats happening to me. One minute I was hungry and then I saw you… And I changed.”

“Me? You changed because you saw me? Why?”

“I don’t know… but I’m eager for the truth myself. I feel… I feel as though I know you from somewhere… I can… Sense emotions about you…”

His hand reached out to touch my cheek and instead of flinching away like I should of done, I let him stroke my cheek, his touch sending shivers throughout my body. My breath hitched in my throat, a deep flush forming across my cheeks as I looked into his amazing blue eyes. The world stopped moving, my family ceased to be here. All I knew was that I wanted to kiss him. Now. I wanted to be with him. Zombie and all.

Then I was pulled back by my Dad and I felt cold and empty without Jax’s hand on my cheek.

“I’ll go call Doctor Lamas… He needs to see this…” my father told us all.


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