Favourite Book Authors

So at my Creative Writing course I had to say who my favorite author was and well I said Cassandra Clare. Then I got thinking… who is my favourite all time author? But before I can answer that all poignant question I asked it to you guys and here are some answers 🙂

Eilidh Mcleod: OKAY. My favourite author is Cassandra Clare. Not only is she an amazing writer, she brings people together through social media and interacts with her fans on almost a day to day basis, which makes you feel as if you have a relationship with her. I find that pretty cool 🙂


Sara: J.K. Rowling is my absolute favorite author of all time, and as a reader, you know that is a serious thing. I could go on for pages and pages and pages on why she is but I won’t do that. Simply, she is my favorite author because she has changed me in every single way that a book and an author can change you. She pulled me out of darkness and brought me into light. She was there when nothing else was. She taught me to love, she taught me what friendship was, what bravery and courage and selflessness and love was. She taught me what it meant to have an imagination and what it meant to be a writer. She taught me to never give up, even when you’re at your lowest, because you can rise up. She taught me to believe and she teaches me every day not to be so scared. She such a huge reason for me being me. Without her and those seven little books, I wouldn’t be me. I am in love with so many other authors but they’ll reach the importance that is her, and what she did for me and my life.


Patti: My favorite author is Cassandra Clare, close second Stephine Meyers
Why because I love the shadowhunter world so much. When I read  the TMI books the world around me literally fades away and I become apart of the story. Only a few authors have books that do that for me. Lord of the rings, the hobbit, twilight saga books, and all of Cassie books.


Emma:My Favourite Author by Emma Louise
Before I begin, I’d just like to say thank you to Hayley for asking me to take part in her blog today. She’s a wonderful girl who has been more like a twin to me than an actual friend. Even though we read different genres of books and drool over different men, we’re very good friends.
So, who is my favourite author? Well I don’t have one, I have two.
I’ll begin with the obvious…
J. K Rowling: The month was May, the year was 1997 and I was six years old. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was released onto the shelves in book stores all over Britain. I counted myself to lucky to hold a copy of the book which was rejected by some many publishers. I didn’t realise at the time how much this book series would change my life, but as I grew older and I journeyed into High School, I took Harry with me. He was there with me throughout it all. Like a lot of children/teenagers, they are bullied through their secondary school and I was no expectant. God, I really hated those people! But when I opened a Harry Potter book, the bullies disappeared and I entered the wizarding world, where I was safe because after all, I had Harry to protect me.
            J. K Rowling helped me through the tough times and she did this through words. Words on a piece of page are more powerful than you can ever imagine. Her sentences are simple yet magical, her characters are beautiful and friendly, her fantasy world is used as an escapism and most of all, she allowed us to enter a world which was so precious to her. She could have easily been selfish and kept the wizarding world to herself, but no, she didn’t. She shared Harry, Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore, Hagrid and many more with us. She gave us a place to feel safe.
            I could go on for hours about how much I love and adore J. K Rowling. She doesn’t realise how many lives she has changed. She sold the first book because she needed to pay for her bills; little did she know that she showed the world that they were capable of writing a piece of literature which was beautiful, magical and powerful. 
            If Harry Potter hadn’t have been published, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. We face a lot of obstacles in our lives and somehow, we get round them. Without the safety of Harry, I wouldn’t have been able to get through the bullying at my secondary school. I’m twenty-two years old now, the films and books have stopped coming yet I still ache for more. I know that J.K Rowling will never write another Harry Potter novel yet that doesn’t disappoint me. I’m happy with the seven novels and eight films. I’m proud to be a Potterhead and I’m not afraid to say that even now, Harry makes me feel safe when I read the books and watch the films.
Whether you return by page or screen,
Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.
–          J. K Rowling, July 2011 at the final London Premiere
Nicholas Sparks: A couple of years ago, I stumbled across The Notebook on Amazon (the book, not the film!) and I bought it without reading the blurb or knowing who the author was. I bought it because of the front cover. I’m a visual person you see. If I like the look of something, I have to have it, no matter how dull and boring the inside may be. For those who haven’t read The Notebook, I can confirm that it is neither dull nor boring; in fact, it is a beautiful modern piece of literature. Since being at University, I’ve been taught how to spot a remarkable and unforgettable piece of literature and The Notebook is one of those. However, it is not my favourite of his. My favourite is The Choice and for those who haven’t read it, I strongly recommend you do.
            Nicholas Sparks gave me the push that I really needed. At University, I was the odd one out because the other Creative Writers where into Science Fiction, Fantasy (they hated Harry Potter!) and other genres. I was the only one who believed that romance novels could sell time and time again. If they bored people, why am I currently reading the seventeenth novel by Nicholas Sparks? He gave me the little nudge I needed in order to believe in myself.
            Nicholas Sparks has the ability to take a simple love story and transform it into an unforgettable narrative which readers all around the world adore. His characters are loveable, his words drawn you in to the surroundings and most of all, he hits us with shocks which leave us crying for pages.
            When I read a novel by Nicholas Sparks, I know I won’t be disappointed. If I’m disappointed by an author, I won’t read their work again. I know that with him, I’ll love each and every single page.
Stories are as unique as the people who tell them
and the best stories are those in which the ending is a surprise.
–          Nicholas Sparks, The Choice



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