Double Cross by Malorie Blackman book review

This morning I finished the fourth book in the Noughts and Crosses series by Malorie Blackman.


This novel follows Tobey… Callie Rose’s best friend.
At the end of the third book it was left happy and to be honest it would have been a bittersweet type ending to the series. Tobey was briefly touched upon in the third book and I’m glad we got to know him more in this one.

I did enjoy the book but sometimes I think it would have been better as a stand alone book. Callie wasn’t in it much but that’s because something happens to her but I like how Tobey’s character grew and sometimes you can see little bits of Callum and Sephy between them.
Callie loves Tobey and Tobey loves Callie and when she gets shot you see how Tobey learns to grow without her and how his calculates his revenge.
But through it all you know that deep down he’s lonely without Callie. Really lonely.

He seeks revenge in a calculating and manipulating way and people get hurt along the way… or killed. But his reasoning through out all of it is he’s doing it for Callie. He loves her. Even when she does wake up from her coma he pushes her away. Terrified that she’ll hate him for what he’s done.
At the end of the book… well its the ending you hoped for.
The ending I wanted so so so badly for Sephy and Callum… I’m so going to re write that story!
Even though Callie and Tobey love each other it didn’t quite transcribe the way Sephy and Callum’s love did. There’s was epic. This big one true love thing and even though Sephy does get married to Nathan you know that he doesn’t live up to Callum. No one ever will.
Callie and Tobey well they love each other and yes Tobey does some things that he does to get revenge for Callie and what happened to her but because she was in a coma you didn’t get to see how her love transcribed for Tobey.

Beside those little niggling thoughts I did enjoy the book. The world has changed slightly from the one Sephy and Callum lived in which is good to see that they are slowly integrating white’s into society.

And there is a sweet scene between Callie and Tobey… their first time together and you are practically shouting at them to tell each other the truth! That they love each other!

Overall I did enjoy the book but I think I enjoyed the first three better.

4 out of 5 stars


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