Crush of the Week!

So this week I didn’t leave Crush of the Week up to you guys… I chose… I had to… I saw the trailer and then a picture of him as Four… and then I saw The Inbetweeners Movie and GOD!! I just had to have him!! (Literally and figuratively! And also imagined in various dreams….)


This weeks Crush is…….

                   THEO JAMES!



Here’s a little about Theo….

His full name is Theodore Peter James Kenneth Taptiklis
He was born on 16th December 1984 in Oxford, England
He has brown eyes and hair and is 6 foot.
He’s an actor and a singer.
His paternal grandfather was Greek and he also has other ancestry roots including New Zealand and Scotland.
He is the youngest of 5 children.

Theo attended Aylesbury Grammar School and went on to earn his under graduate degree in Philosophy from the University of Nottingham.
He also trained at the Old Vic Theatre School



Theo made his TV debut in A Passionate Woman alongside Billie Piper (I watched that… phwoar!)
He played Turkish diplomat Kemal Pamuk in an episode of the first series of Downton Abbey
He starred in Bedlam and a 2012 adaptation of John Braine’s Room at the Top playing Jack Wales.
His most notable role was as the obnoxious night club rep in The Inbetweeners movie
In 2009 he was named Star of Tomorrow by Industry Magazine.
Recently Theo has been cast as Tobias “Four” Eaton in an adaptation of Veronica Roth’s YA novel Divergent (SCREAMING WITH FANGIRL EXCITEMENT!)

Theo was a singer and guitarist of the London based band Shere Kahn. In November 2012 the band announced via their Facebook page that the were no longer actively playing as a band.


                  (Theo as Four)


*A Passionate Woman- Craze
*You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger- Ray
*Downton Abbey- Kemal Pamuk
*Bedlam- Jed Harper
*The Inbetweeners Movie- James
*Underworld:Awakening- David
*Case Sensitive- Aidan Harper
*Room at the Top- Jack Wales
*The Domino Effect- Dinner Party Guest
*Golden Boy- Detective Walter Clark
*DIVERGENT- Tobias “Four” Eaton
*London Fields- Guy Clinch (2014)
*Franny (2014)


So why is he Crush of the Week?

Well I wanted him to be crush anyways but I didn’t know when I was actually going to have him and then he came second in the vote that I left up to you guys and well… Seeing the picture of him as Four it kinda made me decide that now was the time to have him as Crush….
So apart from his gorgeous eyes, he has the most amazingly full kissable lips EVER!
From watching Comicon videos (I will one day go to Comicon… I’m determined to get there!) He seems like such a lovely guy and he gets on so well with his Divergent co stars.
And he can sing! And play the guitar.. just imagine him serenading you on a date or on your anniversary or on your wedding day…. (my mind is running away with me now!)
Back on track Hemming!
I’ve seen some of his acting and from what I’ve seen he’s a good actor. I have no doubt he will make a perfect Four (he looks like how I imagined Four actually)

So a round of applause for this week’s Crush….

Lets see what next week has in store 😉


Here’s a video of him singing:

Here’s the Divergent trailer:


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