Knife Edge by Malorie Blackman book review

I’ve just finished the second book in the Noughts and Crosses series and this one was just as amazing as the first.

Carrying on a few weeks after the devastating end of book one it follows Sephy and her new baby daughter Callie Rose, her mother Jasmine, Jude (Callum’s brother) and Meggie (Jude and Callum’s mom)

It deals with loss. The loss of love and how you crawl yourself back up from that. For Sephy she can’t. She loved Callum with her whole heart and soul and his death left a huge hole in her life. Especially as she blames herself for his death. She can’t bond with Callie Rose but at the same time she can’t go without her either. She moves in with Meggie and at first its fraught but slowly they get into a routine. But Sephy gets a note from Callum, written a few moments before he died. Sephy thinks its a love letter but its full of hate. You know and you hope deep deep down that the words he’s written is a lie and while Meggie believes its not true Sephy believes in the note and the gets further and further into herself. Her happy attitude has gone, she doesn’t leave the house, she doesn’t speak….
Then there’s Jude. Out for revenge on Sephy and Callie Rose as he blames them both for his brothers death. He hates her. Really hates her.
He’s had to go on the run as the authorities are after him and he soon gets to know Cara, whose a Cross. Jude despises her but you can see that beyond the hate he loves her. Jude ends up killing her though and gets jailed. He’s all set to be hanged until Sephy gives him an alibi. Bad mistake.
Jude gets out and people hate Sephy. Crosses because she let a murderer who killed one of her own race and by the Noughts because she didn’t come out as Jude’s alibi sooner.
At the end of the book… well Sephy is unwell. Post Natal Depression and general depression rolled into one and what happens at the end… well Malorie you made me cry again.

This book was about loss and how people cope with it in different ways and hopefully its helping people come to terms with it to.
Malorie draws from real experiences and she is fast becoming one of my favourite authors because in one way or another you can relate to something in these books.

I love the raw emotional energy she brings to these books and I can’t wait to start reading Check Mate to see what’s in store for these characters.
I’ve really taken them into my heart and I do hope that Sephy gets the help that she needs and she finally comes to terms with her loss.

Well done Malorie another amazing book!

5 out of 5 stars


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