I want nothing more than to be an author… whether my book is a hugely world wide bestseller or whether I have a small following of fans who enjoy my books… I don’t mind what happens.. aslong as I can see my book on a shelf in a book shop or library or even as an e book I don’t care! I just want to write!
I’m starting a Creative Writing Course next week (24th September) and its got me thinking about book ideas again.
I love to write and I’ve written a few ‘books’ myself but I’m not really confident enough to let people read them (stupid I know!) But to me they are perfect and I think this course will help me see mistakes and silly plot ideas and how things don’t flow together etc etc…

Anyway like I said I’ve been thinking about book ideas and its about time I shared them with you so you can see which one sounds the best…

Now I don’t know what type of books you guys all read but I read a mixture of things… YA is a big part of my reading life (anything from Dystopian like The Hunger Games and Divergent to fantasy YA like Vampire Academy and Hush Hush) and after that comes historical/medieval books (Elizabeth Chadwick, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Bernard Cornwall, Angus Donald etc) and I do hold my hands up to this I have read a few smutty books (50 shades, Crossfire etc) I admit I’ve never tried to write smutty books because to be honest I wouldn’t be any good at it! (Although I have written sex scenes in some of my books but Its nothing like 50 Shades and all that!)

So anyway here are my four book ideas:


I have this idea…

Set in the future humanity is trying to survive. They live in a glass community constantly filled with artificial light. They have to do this to avoid being taken by the Shadows.
The Shadows were once people who never truly died. Instead they faded away into shadows. The people of the community have to constantly live in the light to avoid being taken by The Shadows. They were once apart of society but they turned against them.
Joss is one of the girls living in the community with her friends and family when one day a mysterious boy turns up outside the community and Joss lets him in to avoid being taken by The Shadows.
But the boy, Beau, has a dangerous secret. One that can destroy not only her heart but her community as well…

2. YA

Flora is a girl who, well, she doesn’t have everything but shes happy. She’s a bit geeky and likes all things mystical and has a small group of friends. Then one day at college her world is turned upside down by the arrival of the gorgeous but totally obnoxious, cocky and down right kill worthy Drake.
Drake has been sent on a mission. A mission to keep an eye on the girl who could ultimately threaten his world but when he sees Flora he highly doubts she could even flick someone in the eye let alone destroy a world.
As they get to know each other its clear that sparks are flying between them but Drake has always been told that his kind don’t mix with humans but Flora isn’t all human so that’s fine right? What is Flora? What is Drake? And why are people trying to kill her?


Ruby Lewis wanted a life of love and family. But after being abandoned by her mother when she was only a few months old, she grew up in a small shack with her grandparents. When she was 15 her mother came back into her life and showed her the world… but not the world she wanted. Thrust into the world of female escorts Ruby has never felt more down and useless about her life. After accompanying many Lords and Dukes to various parties someone notices Ruby. Lord Farthings son, Theodore, instantly falls in love with Ruby but she’s afraid to give her heart to someone. Theodore doesn’t care who knows about his love for her but family loyalties are set out to destroy them…. Is Ruby set up for heartbreak? Or will their love prove to be stronger than family loyalties?


Enora was destined for great things. She was going to be a Queen but all of that changed in one little moment. The King declared her family outlaws not long before the wedding and now Enora and her family have to survive in the forests. Enora is used to the life of luxury not living in amongst the trees. Then she meets Bowen an outlaw like her, who despises the Royals and anyone else like them, and he shows her the way to survive…
Her father meanwhile is plotting the Kings downfall.. he shamed the family and he must pay. Her father gets together an army amongst the outlaws and they storm the castle. Bowen is apart of the group and Enora realises that she can’t live without Bowen and so follows him into battle. When Enora gets hurt within the fighting Bowen rushes to her side, terrified that she’s going to die.
But Bowen doesn’t know just how close to royalty she is. Can their love survive? Or will hate get between them? Especially when Bowen reveals just how her brother really died….

So what do you guys think?
Please let me know either way 🙂


2 thoughts on “Writing….”

  1. All 4 sound like well thought out plots. Perhaps start to write each one and see which you end up thinking off/being inspired by the most. The other ideas will always be there for later 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 that means a lot. I always think that the plots aren’t good enough but I think its time I started sharing them so I can get people’s opinions on them. I’m going to start writing one. I just need to figure out which one 🙂

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