Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman book review

This morning I finished this book on the train on my way to work…


Noughts and Crosses came way way before THe Hunger Games and its the first Dystopian novel that was written.

This book really made me stop and think about life. It may be a YA novel but trust me anyone can read this book and they’ll go away wanting to change the world or at least make it a better one to live in.

Here’s the blurb:

Callum is a Nought- an inferior white citizen in a society controlled by the black Crosses.
Sephy is a Cross- and the daughter of one of the most powerful, ruthless men in the country.

In their hostile, violent world, noughts and crosses simply don’t mix. But when Sephy and Callum’s childhood friendship grows into passionate love, they’re determined to find a way to be together.

And then the bomb explodes…..

Sephy and Callum are perfect together. They fight with each other, joke with each other and most importantly they love each other.

Except they can never be together which makes your heart ache for them.

They’ve grown up together, kept their friendships hidden from their families due to a falling out that happened between them. When they first kiss you can’t help but smile and then the bedroom scene when they cuddle and kiss and sleep in each others arms… well your heart melts! Finally thinking that they can be together….

Then the terrorist group the Liberation Militia comes into view and Callum’s family gets sucked into it.

Sephy writes a note to Callum saying they should run away together because she loves him and she wants them to have a life together but the letter arrives too late for Callum and he races to Sephy’s, desperate to see her before she leaves for boarding school but he’s too late.

Being separated for three years changes them. Callum joins the LM and they end up kidnapping Sephy.

At first Callum tries to stop himself from thinking and looking at her but its not good. When they are left alone Callum and Sephy give into their love and sleep together.

Sephy ends up escaping with the help of Callum and then she finds out she’s pregnant….

Callum goes to her family home to see her and they discuss baby names before he’s arrested for the rape of Sephy…

Then comes a heart breaking decision… Callum’s life or their unborn child’s life…

Lets just say you’ll be crying at the end of it. I definitely was. It was heartbreaking…

But I don’t want to spoil it by telling you all what happens.. you’ll have to read it yourself.

I love how Malorie drew from her life experiences while writing this book. She had to deal with racism herself and she tackled the difficult issues so so well in this book and I like how she made the White’s the inferior race and the Black’s the superior race. It made the book having it done that way especially as it was black people who suffered from racism and segregations. It made the book more compelling and more raw and emotional.

It was such an insightful and heart breaking book and it really made me stop and take a good hard look at my own life and the lives of others.

Racism and prejudice is still such big issues now a days and reading this book has made me realise that even more. It needs to be sorted out and people need to start realising that violence and racism gets you know where in life. The LM in the book try to do it by kidnapping and killing and blowing things up whereas the Crosses punish people, killing and hanging people whether they are guilty or not (like Callum’s dad)

I can’t wait to read the rest of the books in the series and I hope that things get better.

Its such a compelling book and I’d give it 5 out of 5 stars

Everything about the book will stay with me for ages and I’ll always be thinking about how I can do little changes to make the world a better place.

Thank you Malorie Blackman for an amazing and thought provoking book in the first series.


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