Crush of the Week! (As voted for by you!)

So this week Crush of the Week was down to you! Yes you! (The next one will be too!) There were three choices… Liam Hemsworth, Theo James and Danila Kozlovsky

It was Liam who went first with Theo and Danila tied til the bitter end…  seeing as I left the choice up to you guys I didn’t want to choose so I asked my mom… showing her the pictures of Theo and Danila (she didn’t know who was who… although she did drool at them!) She finally made a decision…

So this weeks Crush is…..



So what is there to know about Danila?

He was born Danila Valerievich Kozlovsky on 3rd May 1985 in Moscow Russia

In Russia he’s a film and theatre actor.

In 1991 he attended first grade public school, which had special courses deducted to the Study of Spanish. Danila was later expelled for bad behaviour and this continued to be a pattern and he ended up changing several schools within 6 years! (Mmm a bad boy!)

When he wasn’t being expelled from school Danila learnt Karate, Piano and Theatre. He also played Football

In 1994 he made his debut.. playing 6th grader Denis in TV series Simple Truths


In 1996 he was accepted into Kronshtadt Naval Military School which he graduated in 2002. He then went on to St Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy.
During his fourth year there he made his stage debut playing Edgar in King Lear. He also won his first theatre award- Expert Council of the “Golden Sofit” (top rated theatre award in St Petersburg) for his role as Edgar.
He won his first movie award in 2006 and won a National Golden Eagle Award for “Dukhless”
In 2013 he was cast as Dimitri Belikov in Vampire Academy Blood Sisters *SCREAMING*

Danila is also on twitter (he goes under KozlovskyD)


His acting credentials (and yes they are all Russian! Sorry!)

*Sissi, l’imperatrice Rebelles
*Garpastum- Nikolai
*Zaveshchanie Lenina (TV show)- Sergey Shalamov, brat Varlama
*My Iz budushchego- Borman
*Veselchaki- Lyusya
*Odinochka- Andrey Gromov
*Moskva, ya lyublyu lebya!
*Mishen- Mitya
*Pyat Nevest- Aleksey Kaverin
*Raspoutine- Grand-duc Dimitriy
*Dukhless- Maks
*Golfstrim pod aysbergern
*Vse nachalos v Kharbine- Boris Eybozhenko
*Legenda no.17- Valeny Harlamov
*Privychka rasstavatsya
*Vampire Academy Blood Sisters- Dimitri Belikov


Why is he Crush of the Week?

Other than the fact he won the vote… Danila is oh so handsome! There is something about Russian men! Haha he’s tall (6″) dark hair and eyes. He has perfect lips and he’s playing Dimitri Belikov!!!
When I first found out he was playing Dimitri that was it… I googled everything! Haha and lets just say… he is going to be the most perfect Dimitri ever!
I haven’t actually seen him act and until the moment he was announced as Dimitri I didn’t know who he was but watching the VA trailer and seeing some of the stuff he’s acted in over in Russia I can see why he’s a big star in Russia. I like to watch foreign films so maybe I should go and do some work on Amazon and see if any of his movies are up on there.

Gotta admit guys..  you picked a brilliant crush this week and I totally enjoyed looking at those Hot hot hot hot pictures of him!


Here is the Vampire Academy Blood Sisters trailer and a trailer of Danila’s movie roles 🙂 enjoy!


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