Crush of the Week

Its that time again! I know I know! I’m late with it today but I had to work you know!?
So anyway after today I’m going to start voting on facebook and twitter for the Crush next week so keep your eyes peeled for the votes!
Anyway I suppose I should introduce this weeks Crush…

Its none other than….



It just had to be done!

Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson was born on 13th May 1986.
He’s an actor, model, musician and producer.
His first major film role was Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
And then of course he was none other than Edward Cullen in the Twilight saga’s (and what a perfect Edward he was!)
In 2010 he was named one of TIME magazines 100 most Influential People in the World and Forbes magazine ranked him one of the most Powerful Celebs in the World.
After Twilight finished in 2012 Robert started doing small independent films.
Robert starting modelling at 12 and said he was quite girlie looking so he stopped (he has totally got rid of the girlie looks now!)


In 2013 he became the face of Dior. (Video below!)
Not only that but Rob plays the guitar and piano and composed his own music (video of him singing below!)
He had two songs on the Twilight soundtrack “Never Think” and “Let Me Sign”

Rob has won 41 awards some of which include: Teen Choice Award for Choice Hottie, Scream Award for Best Fantasy Actor, Radio 1 Teen Awards for Best Actor and Best Voice and Virgin Media Award for Hottest Movie Actor
(You can totally see why!)


List of Rob’s acting credentials:
*Vanity Fair- Older Rawdy Crawley (uncredited)
*Curse of the Ring- Giselher
*Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire- Cedric Diggory
*Haunted Airman- Toby Jugg
*Bad Mothers Handbook- Daniel Gale
*How to Be- Art
*Little Ashes- Salvador Dali
*Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn 1 & 2- Edward Cullen
*Remember Me- Tyler Hawkins
*Water for Elephants- Jacob
*Bel Ami- Georges Duroy
*Cosmopolis- Eric Packer
*The Rover- Reynolds

So why is he Crush of the Week?


So most people know that I’m a twilight fan but that’s not the reason why I’ve chosen him as this weeks Crush.
Rob has proven himself to be a brilliant actor and has had so many good movies after Twilight that there is no doubt to anyone that he was just a ‘one movie actor’
Rob is beautiful and soooo handsome. He has the chiselled classic good looks, perfect lips, amazing bluish grey eyes, golden brown hair and he’s tall! (6’2″)
In interviews he’s shy and quite quiet and awkward which makes him so adorable. He’s passionate and keeps himself to himself, preferring to shy away from the spotlight.
Rob just seems as though he would be the perfect boyfriend and an even perfect friend.


I can’t wait to see what else Rob has in store film wise and what else he’s got to offer as an actor. He’s got alot of potential to be the next Johnny Depp!
And girls he’s single! (Which we all know! He split from KStew after the cheated on him) and apparently he’s not looking for a girlfriend just yet so girls we’ve got plenty of time to get him! 😉


Rob’s Uncensored Dior advert (just get ready to pass out from his sexiness!!)

Rob singing Let Me Sign (get ready to swoon!)


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