Origin Book Review :)

Wow! Wow wow wow wow WOW!!!


Its the fourth book in the Lux series (Obsidian, Onyx, Opal)


and its just as amazing as the first three!!
I first found out about these book series through some American friends of mine and I am so glad I made the decision to read them.
Daemon Black is ADDICTIVE!! At first you want to punch him in the face in the first book but that goes out the window in the first like 20 seconds because the more you want to punch him the more you love him!
And Katy Swartz… well Katy is a role model. Seriously she’s amazing! She blogs, she fights, she answers back to Daemon and doesn’t stand for any of his crap.

The first book is when Katy finds out Daemon’s secret and although they appear to have a hate/hate relationship you can so tell there is something brewing between them! Then there’s some ads kicking scenes and Katy almost dies until Daemon brings her back to life because he can’t live without her.
Then in book two we find out that Daemon mutated Katy by healing her and she is now basically a human alien hybrid.
Daemon tries to woo Katy but t first she puts up a fight and along the way meets Blake who she has a little snogging session with. Daemon and Katy have a massive fight and near the end of the book Katy tells Daemon her true feelings for him and they officially get together. At the end of the book Dawson (Daemon and Dee’s brother) returns
The third book is still full of adventure and action but its also full of lovey dovey moments between Katy and Daemon which to be perfectly honest makes your heart melt. Daemon is perfect and so so so addictive.
They plan to get Dawson’s love, Beth, back from Mount Weather where she’s being held. As a hybrid herself she’s a little unstable and during the recipe mission Katy gets trapped and let behind. Daemon goes bat crap crazy and tells Katy just how much he loves her.

Okay so Origin!
I was hooked! Literally and utterly hooked!
The first three books were all from Katy’s perspective and Origin was not only from hers but from Daemon’s aswell.
Which was amazing!
Getting the two perspectives was brilliant and you could see that Daemon wasn’t just in love with Katy. He was madly, truly, deeply in love so much so that…. well…. you’ll have to read the book and see!
After turning himself in just so he can make sure she’s alive and well Daemon eventually gets Katy out of Mount Weather and they hop foot it out with Archer, an Origin.
You learn what the Origin’s are; a child of a Luxen and Hybrid. Archer has all the powers of of Luxen but he can’t heal people.
When they get out they meet up with the others and go to safe place… or so it seems.
Katy and Daemon get a few sex scenes in this and the one scene…. well lets just say sex with Daemon up a door…. oh yes people you’ve been warned!!!
Daemon tells Katy just how much he loves her. Telling her little things like how he wants to spend every second, minute and hour with her for the rest of their lives. I like it from Daemons POV cos you get to see just what is going on in that head of his and just how much he loves Katy. So much so that he leaves the Luxen colony for her.
They do have a fight on their hands though as ……. hands them in to Daedalus (see how I didn’t say the name… spoliers!)
They all run but they are trapped and the only way out… The Luxen decide to show them selves to the humans…
Que an amazing scene in the book. Seriously it was amazing. You can see everything in your head like you were actually there watching it.
There are deaths however but Daemon and Katy survive.
At the end… well it was left on a right cliffhanger!
I don’t want to spoil it but lets just say… Daemon and Katy are on opposite sides of the war (although Daemon, Dawson and Dee didn’t really have a choice)

I love Jennifer’s writing style because it feels like you are actually Katy. Going through everything with her. Its amazing and I love books like that, that manage to transport you to a different world and place and you can be anyone you want.

I want to get as many books by her as I can because I love her writing and I love her stories.
She is my new book author crush. I can’t get enough of her books.

She’s so talented and I hope that one day I have a writing style like hers.

Origin definitely deserves a 5 out of 5 because I couldn’t find anything in the book that I didn’t like. I can’t criticise it because I found nothing worth to do so.

The whole series is amazing and I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

Okay there is something… Why do I have to wait so long for the Fifth book???? WHY!!!? I NEED TO READ IT NOW!!!

Okay that’s it 🙂


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