Wait for You book review

I decided to read other books by Jennifer L Armentrout and I found her book Wait for You in which she goes under the name of J Lynn. And I was not disappointed.


This book is amazing and I practically devoured it. J Lynn has made an addictive book with even more addictive characters. Avery Morgansten is the new girl at college with a secret. She’s quiet, orderly and likes to always be on time for things. And then she bumps into Cam Hamilton… Literally bumps into him on the way to a class. He’s hot, hot and hot! And of course he’s amazing and sweet and guards Avery with his life. Avery has a secret though which threatens her relationship with Cam.

They start off as friends and when he finds out that she’s never been on a date or kissed anyone well that’s when it all ensues.

After asking her out for several months she finally agrees.

After that comes kissing and touching and more kissing and touching and a falling out then they get back together, more kissing, more touching, an argument, then a confession, then kissing, then touching, a confrontation, more kissing, sex, touching, kissing, sex…. OKAY STOP NOW!!!

So it sounds a little 50 Shades but trust me its not. This book is sweet and loving and there is a message in there too: don’t let the past define you.

J Lynn touches the subject of rape really well and the emotions that people go through and how it changes people.

Avery’s parents are horrible and I understand why she has nothing to do with them.

When Avery reveals everything to Cam there is a strong sense of trust and its so powerful. They love each other so much and their bond is strengthened after that.

I can’t wait to read the next book and see what happens between Avery and Cam

Cam has fast become another one of my many book husbands and Jennifer L Armentrout/J Lynn has fast become one of my favourite authors. She makes characters lovable and you can relate to them in different ways.

I’d recommend this book to anyone whether its your sort of thing or not.

It made me realise that it doesn’t matter what your past is, if you trust someone and love someone enough and feel wholly secure with them then you can get past it. You can become a stronger and better person with the right kind of people/person

I give it 5 out of 5 stars… maybe even 10 out of 10


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