Forever by Maggie Steifvater book review

So I’ve finally finished the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy and when I first started reading it I was dreading the ending….


I’ll describe my dread in a moment but first let me give you the blurb 🙂

Sam has always loved Grace. As a wolf, he watched her from afar. As a boy, he held her in his arms.

Now facing a life without her, Sam will do anything to keep Grace safe. Even if it means risking everything he has.

Anything, as long as their love can survive.

And I really really hoped they got to be together cos I love these two characters.

I was so dreading the ending because I just kept thinking “they won’t be together. Something and is going to happen” my dread did start going into high numbers nearing the end of the book and I practically had a heart attack during one of the scenes. (More on that later!)

When we left the last book Grace was in hospital dying and only Cole could save her… and save her he did… even if it did mean Sam lost Grace for a few months in the winter.

Their separation was heartwrenching to read. Sam and Grace really really love each other and everytime Sam got close to seeing her again she disappeared.

Everyone thinks Sam has killed Grace but anyone who knows him knows that he isn’t capable of that. When we first saw him he was sweet, naive, shy and gentle but throughout the books he’s grown. He’s become more harder, more willing to survive and keep Grace and even though he can still be a little shy (the shower scene!) He overcomes it because he knows that he’s got Grace in his life. And the scene between him and Beck and then what happens to Beck at the end… If Sam was still the same boy as he was at the beginning of the book he wouldn’t have survived it.

Grace has grown too. She’s become more like Sam. Willing to survive. She knows her own mind and doesn’t take any crap and stands up to her parents more which gets a brilliant result from them as they sort of start to accept that Sam is there to stay in Grace’s life. She’s determined to finish school even though shes missed so much during her ‘disappearance’. She’s so level headed and her and Sam work so well as a team. They are perfect for each other.

Isabelle and Cole… there is such a lovely moment between them and even though it left them not together I have hope that somewhere they are together because they are perfect for each other… Maggie should just write a book with them two in it! Cole really shows that he cares in this book and his sacrifice during the wolf scene at the end makes you love him more. Isabelle has become less mean girl and more of a vulnerable girl. She shows that she has a vulnerability side and you warm to her more and she really shows her worth at the end of the book.

So the ending. The wolves of mercy falls were under threat from being shot as people were fed up of them living so close to the town and ‘killing’ residents (although that’s down to just one psychotic wolf). In the scene they are all wolves and they are being shot down one by one. My heart was in my throat thinking that either Sam or Grace was going to be killed (sorry spoiler! Although you’ve probably guessed about Grace by now) and then Cole gets shot and omg you can feel Isabelle’s pain as she’s torn between saving her friends and saving Cole.

When it ends you think all is lost for Isabelle. She’s not herself but the yay moment comes with the phone call…. 🙂

And Sam and Grace…

Well its left on a happy note and its also left on a note where you can imagine their future. Its happy and heartwarming but the readers can still imagine what’s going to happen to them.

I hope she’ll be cured and they stay human and they get married and have an abundance of children and then Isabelle and Cole finally get it together and the same happens for them too! Haha

I like it when books are left like that because its bittersweet with a sense of more to come but you know that for the time being they are happy and safe.

I really enjoyed this book series and I really loved all the characters in it. And the lovey scenes between Grace and Sam are so lovely and sweet that your heart literally expands with their love. I enjoyed the series because they’ve been in love while one was a wolf and one was human and its been going on for 10 years and when they finally meet their love is so overwhelming. Nothing happens too quick, they don’t fall in love too quick, they don’t rush into things too quick… its been going on for so long, even if they were different species during most of it, that you just love the moment when Sam first becomes human and they meet and… yeah its just so lovely haha.

I give Forever 4 out of 5 stars and the whole series 4 out of 5 stars.

Its a definitely a good book to curl up in bed with 🙂


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