To the City of Bones critics and haters…

After reading a very dear friend of mines blog – http://whatanerdgirlsays.com/ about the critics stating the City of Bones movie I became inspired to do my own critics rant and well they are really peeing me off anyway slating City of Bones!


(To cheer me up before the ranting begins!)

So I’ve read a few reviews and then I had to stop because I got angry.

All of the reviews I’ve read so far are critics comparing the movie to Twilight…

Okay one: its nothing like Twilight! At all! Yes there are vampires and werewolves but they are in a different league to those of Twilight! Okay don’t get me wrong… I am a Twilight fan but City of Bones is in a much better league!
They have fighting and shadowhunters and demons and magic and vampires who actually drink human blood! And besides… these vampires are more terrifying than those in Twilight! And the wolves… well they are amazing!

Two: just because the humans are called “Mundanes” do not start comparing it to Harry Potter! I am a huge huge fan of Harry Potter and I would never hear a bad word said against it but just because Mundanes sound similar to Muggles don’t start saying its a Harry Potter rip off… its not… its totally not!

Three: I saw one review that said they couldn’t find anything super about the supernatural film…
My answer to that?
The right scenes were immense and the acting was superb! There were plenty of super things in the movie… clearly you guys were not watching it properly!

And why are most of the reviews written by males? If a movie doesn’t feature a half naked woman, car chases and guns… they don’t want to know (okay not all men are like that…) but if they actually took the time to do their job properly they would’ve seen how brilliant the movie is.

I love YA books and most of the ones that have been turned into movie adaptations I love too. Okay so you do manage to find little differences and things that have been missed out but that doesn’t matter… what matters is whether they’ve caught the beauty and the essence of the book and how the actors are portraying the characters. Harry Potter is a prime example of that… yes they missed bits out but that didn’t matter because they captured all the most important things and we got to see them grow and mature on.screen and become brilliant actors and this is the same for City of Bones. Twilight was slow paced but it captured the book because the book, although wasn’t written in the greatest style, was slow paced too. The same with The Host.
Divergent is another book that I love that’s becoming a movie and already I’ve heard people moaning about it because they’ve changed a few things like Tris and Tobias’ ages and they are also comparing it to The Hunger Games (which is another totally brilliant book to movie)
And what’s the guessing Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters will also be compared to Twilight?! It seems as though I’m slating twilight here but I’m not… I do love Twilight but it just always seems as though every supernatural movie that’s going to come out or has come out is being compared to it… Twilight is over (which I am gutted about but we have the DVD’s to re watch over and over again) and people and critics need to step out of the Twilight spotlight and start seeing the beauty in other movies.

I went to see City of Bones with three of my mundane friends (my mom and two of my besties Anthony and Jay) and they went into the cinema not knowing anything about it and they came out loving it. My mom is even going to borrow my books! But many of the mundanes came out moaning about it.. saying they didn’t get it or nothing was explained or (as I heard someone say!) “It should be a book then I could’ve understood it more!”
If you didn’t understand it then you clearly weren’t listening to it properly and things were explained but they can’t give all of it away because there are more books/movies of the TMI franchise to come! And to that person who said it should be a book… it is… go to a book shop and buy it!!

And stop saying the ending was disgusting! Its not! If you had listened to the movie properly you would have heard the word “pretend” (okay so the book is different to the film ending but who cares! They had to put that in otherwise you guys wouldn’t have continued watching it!) And honestly Cassandra Clare has gone somewhere where no other author has gone before and it bloody works!

And please stop hating on Jamie for not being the best choice for Jace… he is the only Jace I can imagine. He portrays him brilliantly and he has his moods and personality down to a t. He is Jace… he was born to play Jace and the rest of the actors are the perfect choice too. Lily is Clary. Kevin is Alec. Jemima is Isabelle. Robert is Simon. Aidan is Luke. Lena is Jocelyn. Godfrey is Magnus. Jonathan is Valentine and Jared is Hodge! Honestly stop hating on the actors!

And stop saying its cheesy! There is no cheese in it… name one thing in the movie that was cheese!…. see there wasn’t any!

And the chemistry between Lily and Jamie is through the roof! Stop saying its not there!

So please all you critics and haters out there who are slating the film to anyone who will listen… just remember you are in a tiny minority… all of The Mortal Instruments franchise has a huge huge fanbase and we are all united in the brilliance of the movie. Its one of the best book to movie adaptations there has ever been and please please PLEASE stop comparing it to other movies… just enjoy it in its entirety and go into the cinema with an open mind and do not let critics and haters put you off… trust in the TMI fans when we say its FANTASTIC and AMAZING.

I haven’t been a Shadowhunter for long but as long as I still love the books and the movies I will always be a Shadowhunter!

Start trending on twitter: #ShadowhuntersForLife  #ShadowhuntersLoveTheMovie
And finally….




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