City of Bones movie review with fan reviews!

So today was finally the day and seeing as I have now officially come down from my happy cloud I can start to review it!!

So today history was made. Literally. The Mortal Instruments City of Bones was released at the cinema! (SCREAMING) And seeing as I’ve become such a massive fan of the books aswell as The Infernal Devices in only a few months I was so so so so so so excited for today!


And I was not disappointed!


The movie was everything I though it would be! The casting was absolutely perfect, there is no doubt in my mind that the stars of the franchise were just made for the roles. Its like the image you’ve had in your head of them when reading the books have come to life.
Jamie is Jace. I have no doubt in my mind and I’m not just saying this but he looks exactly how I pictured Jace when reading it. And my god he’s even hotter than I imagined him.
Lily was the perfect Clary and she is so pretty. Seriously so pretty. She made Clary come to life and I loved how involved she was with the shadowhunters, even though she hadn’t been trained yet.
Kevin and Jemima are brilliant as Alec and Isabelle. They look alike too so you couldn’t mistake them as brother and sister. Kevin’s portrayal with Alec’s indifference towards Clary was exactly the same as it was in the book. He really got it down to a t! As for Isabelle… wow! Jemima knows how to kick butt and she did Isabelle perfectly.
Robert, like Jamie, is Simon. He brought the character to life and in one scene between him and clary… oh my god the feels were just too much.
Lena looked like Lily….seriously they picked a good pairing in them two to play mother and daughter!
Godfrey was just as gorgeous as Magnus is described in the book but he wasn’t in it much!
Jonathan was a brilliant Valentine. Oh my god he can play the bad guy good!
Aidan… anyone who knows me knows that I love Aidan Turner (he is sooooo my next crush of the week!) and he played Luke brilliantly. I’m swooning in hot werewolf images here!
And that leaves Jared as Hodge. He was well picked for Hodge and just like in the book you were drawn into his kindness and then you were left feeling betrayed with the rest of them.











When reading the book I didn’t realise that there was that many
fighting scenes but watching it I realised that there was. And they were done so so so brilliantly. They took your breath away and you winced on some parts in the fight scene near the end of the movie.

Sometimes when your favorite book becomes a movie you get so worried that is not going to go right and they are going to miss important things out or they are going to mess it up but seriously with City of Bones I didn’t have any of those worries. I knew it was going to be a brilliant movie and I was proved right.
Harold Zwart was the perfect choice to direct this movie. The visual side of it was mindblowing and he directed the cast so perfectly that it didn’t even seem like they were acting… they were that good!

Okay so yeah they added a few little things in there that wasn’t in the book but honestly that didn’t bother me. The dialogue was near enough the same as the book and I still found my favourite lines in the movie.

The best scene in the movie, apart from the Clace kiss which I could not stop grinning at, was the scene in Hotel Du Mort…….
Wow. Just wow! The fighting was superb and choreographed so well that you couldn’t take your eyes off the screen!
And the fighting scene with Jace and Valentine at the end was also superb.

When it came to the ending I’m quite glad they put that little bit in when Hodge tells Valentine to pretend…. ( I’m not spoiling it for those who haven’t seen it yet… but those who have know what I’m talking about) because if they hadn’t I don’t know if people would have watched the other movies, especially if they hadn’t read the book.
I was grinning at the end of the movie though…. a proper smug grin because I’d read the books and I knew what was going to happen in the other stories haha

The movie drew you in like the book did and for that I’m so so so glad! I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen and throughout it all I actually felt like I was there in the movie with them. I hope they’ll be a new bunch of shadowhunters joining the fanbase.

I can’t find any criticism with it. To me it was one of the best book to movie adaptations around.

Sara ultimate TMI fan and fellow blogger (link is below) says:

“I have now seen The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones twice now; once at the LA premiere and once in IMAX, and I can say this: this is one of the best book to movie adaptations that I have ever seen. Every actor really captured the essence and personalities of the characters that they are playing. I have never seen actors that I truly believe as a character. Lily is Clary. Jamie is Jace. Kevin is Alec. Jemima is Isabelle. Robbie is Simon. And on and on. I have never felt so satisfied with a movie before. I was in love from the beginning until the end. There are changes of course but I didn’t mind them, because they didn’t deter from the message and the beautiful story that Cassie was trying to tell. I will continue to watch it over and over again, because I was so happy with it. Bring on City of Ashes!”

And to the critics who are slating it… you either need to stop or read the books. Because until you’ve read it you won’t get the beauty and the essence of it.

I have never been more prouder at being a Shadowhunter right now. We have one of the best fanbases around 🙂
Cassandra Clare thank you so much for writing these awesome, amazing and totally addictive books 🙂 you’ve made me want to become a better writer 🙂

I hope City of Ashes gets to premier over here next year and I hope they all stop over in the UK to do signings because I would just love to meet them all 🙂 they could come and do a signing in Droitwich Spa… hint hint!


I’m going to do a full review later with quotes from massive fans and friends of mine 🙂 but until then go check out these pages:


(More to come later!)


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