Linger Book Review


I know I’ve been awol for a while but I was on holiday and other than posting Crush of the Week (it had to be done!) Nothing else has happened blog wise!

Now while on holiday I finished Linger by Maggie Stiefvater….


And let me tell you… it was just as heart wrenching as it suggested!

Here’s the blurb…

Grace and Sam have a love like no other. They have battled the odds to be together, but there fight isn’t over.

Grace must defy her parents and keep dangerous secrets. Sam must learn how to survive.

But just as they find happiness, Grace realizes she’s changing in ways she never expected….

At the end of the last book it was left on a happy note! (Awwww) but like most first books that end on a happy note you just know that in the second book something is going to happen (I’m thinking Hush Hush… it ended on a good note and then Crescendo… it didn’t go so well for Patch and Nora… anyway… I’ll review those books later because I just So yeah… the second book is just like that…. things go wrong… in a bad way!

But first I just want to say I liked how Maggie wrote from four points of views this time, instead of just Grace and Sam this book introduced Isabelle’s POV (one of Graces friends who knows about the secret) and Cole, a new wolf/human who, after you put the arrogance aside he’s pretty hot and although he won’t admit it… he had a soft side. He’s story was intriguing because when he’s introduced your like ‘what the hell!?’ But as his story gets on you realise why he’s like the way he is.

Anyway…. back to Sam and Grace.

So they’ve overcome the ending of the first book and the start of the second starts off well… until Sam is caught in Grace’s bed… que parents going bat crazy and throwing Sam out and basically telling them to stay away from each other. But heres the clincher…. Grace is sick… like really sick… but she won’t tell Sam. She gets terrible nose bleeds, hot and cold shivers and she feels like her body is being ripped apart… (you can all probably guess what’s happening to her… if not then I guess you’ll have to read the books!)

Grace is banned from seeing Sam but that doesn’t stop her. She sneaks out to see him and she ends up running away from home because they really cannot live without each other (awwwwwwww)

I don’t understand her parents though and I totally agree with Grace… they’ve never been around… they go out constantly leaving her to fend for her self and as soon as she finds Sam and chooses to be with him… that’s when they decide to act like parents… seriously… they are annoying!

And Isabelle and Cole… if they are not together by book 3…!!!! The sexual tension between them is just brilliant!

I like how Sam comes across as shy and nerdy and indie like but you see different sides to him and I like how he’s slightly different to the other book boys 🙂

The ending is left on a “woahhhhhhh!” Seriously I actually did that and some of the scenes leading up to that do get you teary eyed (if you don’t get a little teary eyed them you are made of stone! Unless its just me who cries at books! Haha)

I love how these books draw you in and you feel for the characters and you feel what they feel.. its the sign of a good book!

I’ve just started the last book Forever and I really really hope they do get forever… otherwise I will throw they books away (I won’t! Trust me that’s just sacrilegious!!)

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars 🙂


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