Crush of the Week

I may be on holiday and it may be half 6 in the morning but I still have to do my Crush of the Week 🙂

This week it goes to….

                 KEVIN ZEGERS


Another one of our TMI boys here 🙂

So thanks to Google I found out some info on Mr Zegers

He was born on September 19th 1984 and was named Kevin Joseph Zegers

He’s a Canadian actor and model with dark brown hair and blue eyes (a perfect Alec Lightwood!) He’s 5’10”

Movies & TV shows….

Gossip Girl- Damien Daalgard
Jane Austen Book Club- Trey
It’s a Boy Girl Thing- Woody Deane
Dawn of the Dead- Terry
Vampire- Simon

And of course the one we are all so so so so so so so so excited about…..



Don’t you think he makes a perfect Alec?? And I cannot wait to see him in action and to see him and *spoilers* together…. 😛 (TMI fans you know who I mean but for those mundanes who haven’t read it… you’ll have too wait and see!)

Why is he Crush of the Week?

Have you seen him? Why wouldn’t he be? Its those blue eyes that done it for me…. not to mention the fact he’s hot!
I’ve seen some of his stuff but from what I’ve seen he’s a brilliant actor 🙂
People who have met him during the TMI mall tours (that’s only in America :(*sob*) have said he’s so lovely and sweet and brilliant and that him and Jamie are not only great friends in real life but are also the perfect Jace and Alec 😀 which is what we all want.
He looks like Alec Lightwood and the more I see him in the trailers the more I love him!!


But ladies…. Kevin is not single 😦 he’s not long married his longtime girlfriend Jamie Feld (awwwwwwww) but of course we can all dream of being Mrs Kevin Zegers even if it’ll never actually happen 😛



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