Crush of the Week

This weeks Crush of the Week is… *drumroll*



Woop woop!!

So here’s a little about this weeks Crush… (Thanks Google for some of the info!)

He was born on the 7th January 1988 in Portlaoise, Ireland.
His full name is Robert Michael Sheehan. He’s 6ft with dark brown hair and the most AMAZING green eyes ever! And the most SEXIEST Irish accent ever… I mean… I seriously love the Irish accent and his… Oh God!

He’s had 3 IFTA nominations
1 BAFTA nomination
And he shared a BAFTA with his Misfits co-stars


His well known acting credentials

He’s been in a lot of stuff but here’s the one’s that he’s most probably well known for 🙂

*Luke in Cherrybomb alongside Rupert Grint
*Ivan McCormick in Killing Bono
*Spiller in The Borrowers
*Kay Von Wollenbarth in Season of the Witch (its such a good movie and Robert is AMAZING in it)
*Darren in Love/Hate
*Nathan Young in Misfits (OMG i LOVED him in Misfits… that was probably when I fell in love with him as a person and an actor)

And the most notable roll…

He’s playing our Simon Lewis in City of Bones!!! (Let the fangirling commence!)


Simon Lewis is Clary’s geeky best friend in the movie and OMG Robert was just made to play him! Seriously he is the perfect Simon and I cannot wait to see him on the big screen! 😀

So why is he Crush of the Week?

Well I asked two of my friends, who’ve actually met him, what he’s like in real life and after reading their responses… I can soooooooooooooo understand why he’s so damn amazing!

Tatiana on Robert Sheehan

He really engages when he speaks to you. And he is SUPER easy to talk to. He interacts so unbelievably well and is completely inappropriate at the most appropriate times.
I talked with Robbie and by the end of the conversation I just went on for a hug (no need to ask him for one) and he just opened his arms and reciprocated the action. It felt very natural, just as if we were old friends. I just ADORE HIM! He’s a real stand up, down to earth, charming guy.


Megan on Robert Sheehan (its long but its so amazing…. and you fall in love with him even more)

Okay so I met him twice. The first time was in an interview for Page to Premiere and I was the “camera woman”  he was very charismatic, charming and a damn flirt. He kissed my cheeks and pulled me into a huge hug like he knew me for years and he was my best friend! Seriously , a few reasons why I fell in love with him even more: he pays attention to you, he gives you his time and he shows that he genuinely cares. He is a riot, I seriously could talk with him for hours,- he makes you feel that way, like YOU are important. His eyes, oh my God his eyes. He is so expressive, when he talks to you he does not break eye contact, it is SO INTENSE. He is so expressive in his eyes he doesn’t hide any part of him. People say that the eyes are the gateway to the soul, and when your talking with Robbie, I believe it.
He quickly became my favourite actor after watching movies, TV shows and his interviews. When he acts, every role he plays is believable. He puts his entire heart and soul into his craft (acting) and it really shows on screen. You know there are good actors, but there are still some really awkward scenes at times, because its acting, just pretending. I haven’t seen one awkward scene with Robbie. He transforms into his character, he makes his characters feel real. He makes you believe this character he plays is real, he makes you fall for this character and believe that you know him because you know this character. He is very open in interviews, which again makes you feel like you know him. That’s what Robbie does – make you feel like you could be best friends when either you have never met him, or you’ve only met him once.
I was able to tell Robbie why he was my favourite actor the second time I’ve met him, and we had this deep conversation and he actually got teary eyed at what I was saying because I was appreciating him as a person for his craft (at least that’s what I think why) he is so very humble. When Tati, Sylvia and I met him on set, he was almost awestruck at the idea that we were there for him! That he had these 3 American fans who have watched his British TV shows and movies he’s been in. It was great seeing the two sides of Robbie. His joking, really great inappropriate “Nathan Young” personality, and his somber, laid back side.
Basically I love the man and want to be his best friend in real life no joke. Beside, he REMEMBERED me. THAT is so freaking AMAZING. You meet people at school who don’t remember you, but he did. That says a lot about a person

So how much do you love him now??

I’ve never met him but hearing these comments makes me want to. I’ve seen some of his interviews and he just looks like he would be your greatest friend ever.
I don’t know if he does have a girlfriend or not but you can guarantee that they are/will be the most luckiest person in the world to have him.

He’s personality makes him even more attractive and that’s why he’s Crush of the Week 🙂



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