The 12th Doctor has been revealed….

So he’s been revealed! And the 12th Doctor is…

Peter Capaldi


I was a bit shocked when I saw it was someone older but then again perhaps he can bring some wisdom to the Doctor…

I never watched In The Thick Of It but I heard he was pretty amazing in it and he has already been in both Doctor Who (David Tennants Fires of Pompeii which Karen Gillian was also in) and he’s been in Torchwood (as John Frobisher) so he’s no stranger to the world of Whovian.

Judging by Twitter and Facebook people sound pretty please that they’ve gone older with the Doctor.
I do think he’ll have more authority too.
I won’t be judging him until I see his first opening episode… because lets face it… that’s the moment when you either love them or hate them… (Mind you I haven’t hated a Doctor yet!)

One thing is certain… I am soooooooo going to miss Matt Smith as the Doctor. I didn’t think anyone could replace David Tennant but I was wrong… Matt took the series to a whole new level and so many people love him. His portrayal as the Doctor was like an overactive nerdy teenager but at the same time had so much wisdom…

And Matt is HOT! Like seriously! I want him haha.


So two more episodes of 11 left until we welcome 12!

I’m excited for the 50th and I know that Matt’s last episode is going to make me cry so hard! 😥

So goodbye 11 and hello 12!


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