The Lightbearers Book Review

I was tweeted recently and asked by author Nora M Garcia if I would review her book for her. Of course I instantly accepted.

It has taken me a while to read but that wasn’t because I didn’t enjoy it because I did. I was already reading another book when I was asked so I finished that one before starting this one and then I had to cram enough of the book in before work… 

But anyway I finished it and so here is the full review 🙂


When I received the book I didn’t really know what it was about because there was no blurb on the back but that just seemed to make it more appealing to me. I had no knowledge of what the book was about and it excited me.

When I opened the front page I was immediately thinking “What the hell has happened here?!” It sucked you right in. You learn the woman is called Jean and the man is Doctor Natas but that’s all. I was hooked.

Through a series of flashbacks you find out why she’s being kept in this prison with lasers aimed at her body.

I liked the aspect of flashbacks because you get to see what happened through Jean’s eyes.

Jean is deeply and madly in love with her husband George and they are found to have had past lives.

Throughout the book you find out who they first were back in ancient Egypt. Nefertiti & Akhenaten (he was known as Imanohtep before he changed his name) Their love was so deep and strong and Nefertiti found out she had the power of a Lightbearer and so passed on the knowledge to her husband.

They reincarnate everytime their bodies die and they chose exactly where they will meet each other again so they can continue there quest as Lightbearers.

Set in the future this book transpires you into the world of a mad scientist Dr Adam Natas and Jean and George who are trying to stop his evil robots from taking over the world.

Other characters were also introduced. Elaine who was Natas’ secretary was happily married to her husband Sam (despite the fact she had been secretly harboring a love for Adam) and their son Billy who had been enrolled into Adam’s ABC robot school.

Throughout a series of events a tragedy happens to the family and without sounding harsh… Elaine sort of deserves what happens to her.

And her son Billy…. (who later goes by William) I just want to bitchslap him or hit him with a chair! He turns into a vile, mad scientist like Natas. I do not like him… he was sweet when he was a kid!

When Jean and George’s bodies are eradicated they come back as Philip and Cassandra and OMG what happens before they are reunited made my heart stop!

It ended really well, especially as you were left with the possibility of a second book.

Throughout the book the main aspect I liked was the reincarnation…. I love this subject and am currently trying to write it in my own book. And I love how she wrote about their former lives and of this great love they shared. I also liked how she brought in the aspect of meditation and how to astrally project yourself and how they use telekinesis… I love all of these ideas and have such an open mind to them. I do one day believe we can do this… perhaps I could be a Lightbearer myself!

The only criticism I can think of (and I feel really bad when I have to criticise a book) is one part of the book where she focused too much on one of their past lives and not enough on trying to save the world. And the saving part at the end was a little rushed.

Other than that I did thoroughly enjoy the book and would recommend it to anyone who likes the subject of reincarnation, futuristic novels and the mad world of science trying to rule everything.

Nora Garcia is on twitter (@NoraFarr) and you can also get the book on Amazon and also on Kindle.

I give the book 4 out of 5 stars.

Can’t wait for the second because I need to know what happens to Cassandra and Phillip. (Or to correctly call them Queen Nefertiti and King Akhenaten)

🙂 well done on your first book Nora… I hope it becomes a big success for you 🙂


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