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The Fault in our Stars book review


Seeing as I can finally see out of my puffy tear stained eyes its time to give a review of this book


I’ve never read any John Green books before but I have seen them around. After hearing nothing but rave reviews about him and his books (mainly from all my American friends πŸ™‚ who all rock by the way!) I decided to give TFIOS a try.
And omg I could not put it down. It took me two whole days to read and I got sucked into the world of Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters right from the start (oh my god even typing Augustus’ name I’m getting teary!)

Its a beautiful, thought provoking, heart warming and heart breaking book that has you laughing and crying all in one. I laughed through Augustus’ and Grace’s conversations and Augustus in general. They were such lovable and believeable characters that it broke my heart when I read it all. (I’m crying now… I’ve started to cry again)

Hazel has been nothing but terminal. She’s got cancer tumors on her lungs and its only a matter of time before she dies. She walks around with a air tank and canisters up her nose to help her breathe and she takes these tablets called Philanixifor (which is a made up cancer drug) one day at a Cancer support group she meets Augustus Waters and its basically love at first sight. Augustus has bone cancer (he’s been clear for a year) and has a fake leg. He’s handsome and beautiful and so lovable that its really hard not to love him from the first moment you first read about him.
Then there is their friend Issac who has cancer of the eyes. He’s already had one eye removed and then he loses sight in the other. The bits between him and Augustus when he goes blind is just so amazing and beautiful and just shows how strong friendships can be.
Him and Hazel have such a strong love bond (even though they are totally opposite personality wise) but it doesn’t matter because their love trumps that.

The trip to Amsterdam… I couldn’t help but shed happy tears during those chapters. They are so perfect for each other and then comes bad news from Augustus. His cancer has come back.
After that its just cry central. (I’ve gone again)
Towards the end of the book I couldn’t see the pages my tears were coming down that fast but its just such a beautiful book.
It makes you believe in love that comes quick and fast and the lesson I got from the book was to live your life as best as you can because you never know when something will happen. Love and laugh and cry and do stupid things. See the world, read the books you want and be as crazy and as outrageous as you can.because its your life and you only get one chance at it.

I’d like to think that both Hazel and Augustus are Somewhere out their, living their lives from the other side, loving each other for eternity (soppy I know)

I want to thank my American friends for recommending this book and to think John Green for writing it. Its so beautiful and heartbreaking that I’m going to recommend it to anyone who will listen.

I will however be locking this book away in a box until I’m ready to read it again (if I ever will be!)
No I won’t really. Its too beautiful to be put away.

I can’t wait to see the movie and I know it’ll make me cry even more than the book did.

5 out of 5 stars. Even 10 out of 10


Wait for You book review


I decided to read other books by Jennifer L Armentrout and I found her book Wait for You in which she goes under the name of J Lynn. And I was not disappointed.


This book is amazing and I practically devoured it. J Lynn has made an addictive book with even more addictive characters. Avery Morgansten is the new girl at college with a secret. She’s quiet, orderly and likes to always be on time for things. And then she bumps into Cam Hamilton… Literally bumps into him on the way to a class. He’s hot, hot and hot! And of course he’s amazing and sweet and guards Avery with his life. Avery has a secret though which threatens her relationship with Cam.

They start off as friends and when he finds out that she’s never been on a date or kissed anyone well that’s when it all ensues.

After asking her out for several months she finally agrees.

After that comes kissing and touching and more kissing and touching and a falling out then they get back together, more kissing, more touching, an argument, then a confession, then kissing, then touching, a confrontation, more kissing, sex, touching, kissing, sex…. OKAY STOP NOW!!!

So it sounds a little 50 Shades but trust me its not. This book is sweet and loving and there is a message in there too: don’t let the past define you.

J Lynn touches the subject of rape really well and the emotions that people go through and how it changes people.

Avery’s parents are horrible and I understand why she has nothing to do with them.

When Avery reveals everything to Cam there is a strong sense of trust and its so powerful. They love each other so much and their bond is strengthened after that.

I can’t wait to read the next book and see what happens between Avery and Cam

Cam has fast become another one of my many book husbands and Jennifer L Armentrout/J Lynn has fast become one of my favourite authors. She makes characters lovable and you can relate to them in different ways.

I’d recommend this book to anyone whether its your sort of thing or not.

It made me realise that it doesn’t matter what your past is, if you trust someone and love someone enough and feel wholly secure with them then you can get past it. You can become a stronger and better person with the right kind of people/person

I give it 5 out of 5 stars… maybe even 10 out of 10

Crush of the Week!


Its that time again people πŸ™‚

This weeks Crush goes to the beautiful and down right sexy man that is….



I know right? Just look at him!

Here’s a little bit about Aidan πŸ™‚

He was born on June 19th 1983 in Clondalkin, South Dublin, Ireland. He’s 5’11” with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes (I’m dying already!)

He is of course an actor and he started to act in 2007 when he had a guest appearance in The Tudors where he played Bedoli. He’s done two short films: The Sound of People (2007) and Matterhorn (2007) he also played Mal in Alarm in 2008

But that’s not all… oh no!

He’s best known TV and Movie roles are:
*Dante Gabriel Rossetti in Desperate Romantics
*Ruairi McGowen in The Clinic
*John Mitchell in Being Human
*John Schofield in Hattie
*Kili in The Hobbit
*Luke Garroway in City Of Bones

Seriously I can’t breathe right now… look at him!!!!


With him playing a vampire, a dwarf and a shadowhunter turned werewolf I can definitely say that he is so damn sexy in all of those roles! And okay its also enhancing his career in supernatural characters… lets hope he continues!!

Well it will obvs because he has two more Hobbit films to do (Desolation of Smaug and There and Back Again) and of course he’ll be continuing his role as Luke Garroway in the TMI movies πŸ™‚

So why is he Crush of the Week?

Honestly does it really need explaining!? Just… just… look at him


The first time I ever saw Aidan on TV was in Desperate Romantics and that is when I fell in love with him. Seriously. He’s an amazing actor and he can play different emotions so well. He is truly amazing.
And then of course came Being Human… oh my god… I just can’t even… he was so… I’m just dying thinking about it.
At that point in his acting career he became known as My Husband (I know I’m sad and strange and all that but seriously who doesn’t have TV/Movie/Book husbands??)
It actually killed me when he died on Being Human πŸ˜₯


Then came Hattie and The Hobbit and then City of Bones… holy hell its just all too much!

He has perfectly formed lips don’t you think? And his eyes… oh god those eyes… the way he gives you an intense gaze… *shiver*
And of course the Irish accent… I’m a sucker for it… honestly a massive sucker!

But his ultimate hotness aside… he’s genuinely a lovely guy and whenever I’ve seen him in interviews on the TV or when they show premiere’s on TV he is the most down to earth guy ever and he knows how to charm you πŸ™‚ seriously I’m smiling just thinking of him, how bad is that!?

Anyway I’ll let you decide for yourself what you think of Mr Turner πŸ™‚

And if you’re still torn in your decision let me give you two more pictures of him πŸ˜‰




Forever by Maggie Steifvater book review


So I’ve finally finished the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy and when I first started reading it I was dreading the ending….


I’ll describe my dread in a moment but first let me give you the blurb πŸ™‚

Sam has always loved Grace. As a wolf, he watched her from afar. As a boy, he held her in his arms.

Now facing a life without her, Sam will do anything to keep Grace safe. Even if it means risking everything he has.

Anything, as long as their love can survive.

And I really really hoped they got to be together cos I love these two characters.

I was so dreading the ending because I just kept thinking “they won’t be together. Something and is going to happen” my dread did start going into high numbers nearing the end of the book and I practically had a heart attack during one of the scenes. (More on that later!)

When we left the last book Grace was in hospital dying and only Cole could save her… and save her he did… even if it did mean Sam lost Grace for a few months in the winter.

Their separation was heartwrenching to read. Sam and Grace really really love each other and everytime Sam got close to seeing her again she disappeared.

Everyone thinks Sam has killed Grace but anyone who knows him knows that he isn’t capable of that. When we first saw him he was sweet, naive, shy and gentle but throughout the books he’s grown. He’s become more harder, more willing to survive and keep Grace and even though he can still be a little shy (the shower scene!) He overcomes it because he knows that he’s got Grace in his life. And the scene between him and Beck and then what happens to Beck at the end… If Sam was still the same boy as he was at the beginning of the book he wouldn’t have survived it.

Grace has grown too. She’s become more like Sam. Willing to survive. She knows her own mind and doesn’t take any crap and stands up to her parents more which gets a brilliant result from them as they sort of start to accept that Sam is there to stay in Grace’s life. She’s determined to finish school even though shes missed so much during her ‘disappearance’. She’s so level headed and her and Sam work so well as a team. They are perfect for each other.

Isabelle and Cole… there is such a lovely moment between them and even though it left them not together I have hope that somewhere they are together because they are perfect for each other… Maggie should just write a book with them two in it! Cole really shows that he cares in this book and his sacrifice during the wolf scene at the end makes you love him more. Isabelle has become less mean girl and more of a vulnerable girl. She shows that she has a vulnerability side and you warm to her more and she really shows her worth at the end of the book.

So the ending. The wolves of mercy falls were under threat from being shot as people were fed up of them living so close to the town and ‘killing’ residents (although that’s down to just one psychotic wolf). In the scene they are all wolves and they are being shot down one by one. My heart was in my throat thinking that either Sam or Grace was going to be killed (sorry spoiler! Although you’ve probably guessed about Grace by now) and then Cole gets shot and omg you can feel Isabelle’s pain as she’s torn between saving her friends and saving Cole.

When it ends you think all is lost for Isabelle. She’s not herself but the yay moment comes with the phone call…. πŸ™‚

And Sam and Grace…

Well its left on a happy note and its also left on a note where you can imagine their future. Its happy and heartwarming but the readers can still imagine what’s going to happen to them.

I hope she’ll be cured and they stay human and they get married and have an abundance of children and then Isabelle and Cole finally get it together and the same happens for them too! Haha

I like it when books are left like that because its bittersweet with a sense of more to come but you know that for the time being they are happy and safe.

I really enjoyed this book series and I really loved all the characters in it. And the lovey scenes between Grace and Sam are so lovely and sweet that your heart literally expands with their love. I enjoyed the series because they’ve been in love while one was a wolf and one was human and its been going on for 10 years and when they finally meet their love is so overwhelming. Nothing happens too quick, they don’t fall in love too quick, they don’t rush into things too quick… its been going on for so long, even if they were different species during most of it, that you just love the moment when Sam first becomes human and they meet and… yeah its just so lovely haha.

I give Forever 4 out of 5 stars and the whole series 4 out of 5 stars.

Its a definitely a good book to curl up in bed with πŸ™‚

To the City of Bones critics and haters…


After reading a very dear friend of mines blog – about the critics stating the City of Bones movie I became inspired to do my own critics rant and well they are really peeing me off anyway slating City of Bones!


(To cheer me up before the ranting begins!)

So I’ve read a few reviews and then I had to stop because I got angry.

All of the reviews I’ve read so far are critics comparing the movie to Twilight…

Okay one: its nothing like Twilight! At all! Yes there are vampires and werewolves but they are in a different league to those of Twilight! Okay don’t get me wrong… I am a Twilight fan but City of Bones is in a much better league!
They have fighting and shadowhunters and demons and magic and vampires who actually drink human blood! And besides… these vampires are more terrifying than those in Twilight! And the wolves… well they are amazing!

Two: just because the humans are called “Mundanes” do not start comparing it to Harry Potter! I am a huge huge fan of Harry Potter and I would never hear a bad word said against it but just because Mundanes sound similar to Muggles don’t start saying its a Harry Potter rip off… its not… its totally not!

Three: I saw one review that said they couldn’t find anything super about the supernatural film…
My answer to that?
The right scenes were immense and the acting was superb! There were plenty of super things in the movie… clearly you guys were not watching it properly!

And why are most of the reviews written by males? If a movie doesn’t feature a half naked woman, car chases and guns… they don’t want to know (okay not all men are like that…) but if they actually took the time to do their job properly they would’ve seen how brilliant the movie is.

I love YA books and most of the ones that have been turned into movie adaptations I love too. Okay so you do manage to find little differences and things that have been missed out but that doesn’t matter… what matters is whether they’ve caught the beauty and the essence of the book and how the actors are portraying the characters. Harry Potter is a prime example of that… yes they missed bits out but that didn’t matter because they captured all the most important things and we got to see them grow and mature on.screen and become brilliant actors and this is the same for City of Bones. Twilight was slow paced but it captured the book because the book, although wasn’t written in the greatest style, was slow paced too. The same with The Host.
Divergent is another book that I love that’s becoming a movie and already I’ve heard people moaning about it because they’ve changed a few things like Tris and Tobias’ ages and they are also comparing it to The Hunger Games (which is another totally brilliant book to movie)
And what’s the guessing Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters will also be compared to Twilight?! It seems as though I’m slating twilight here but I’m not… I do love Twilight but it just always seems as though every supernatural movie that’s going to come out or has come out is being compared to it… Twilight is over (which I am gutted about but we have the DVD’s to re watch over and over again) and people and critics need to step out of the Twilight spotlight and start seeing the beauty in other movies.

I went to see City of Bones with three of my mundane friends (my mom and two of my besties Anthony and Jay) and they went into the cinema not knowing anything about it and they came out loving it. My mom is even going to borrow my books! But many of the mundanes came out moaning about it.. saying they didn’t get it or nothing was explained or (as I heard someone say!) “It should be a book then I could’ve understood it more!”
If you didn’t understand it then you clearly weren’t listening to it properly and things were explained but they can’t give all of it away because there are more books/movies of the TMI franchise to come! And to that person who said it should be a book… it is… go to a book shop and buy it!!

And stop saying the ending was disgusting! Its not! If you had listened to the movie properly you would have heard the word “pretend” (okay so the book is different to the film ending but who cares! They had to put that in otherwise you guys wouldn’t have continued watching it!) And honestly Cassandra Clare has gone somewhere where no other author has gone before and it bloody works!

And please stop hating on Jamie for not being the best choice for Jace… he is the only Jace I can imagine. He portrays him brilliantly and he has his moods and personality down to a t. He is Jace… he was born to play Jace and the rest of the actors are the perfect choice too. Lily is Clary. Kevin is Alec. Jemima is Isabelle. Robert is Simon. Aidan is Luke. Lena is Jocelyn. Godfrey is Magnus. Jonathan is Valentine and Jared is Hodge! Honestly stop hating on the actors!

And stop saying its cheesy! There is no cheese in it… name one thing in the movie that was cheese!…. see there wasn’t any!

And the chemistry between Lily and Jamie is through the roof! Stop saying its not there!

So please all you critics and haters out there who are slating the film to anyone who will listen… just remember you are in a tiny minority… all of The Mortal Instruments franchise has a huge huge fanbase and we are all united in the brilliance of the movie. Its one of the best book to movie adaptations there has ever been and please please PLEASE stop comparing it to other movies… just enjoy it in its entirety and go into the cinema with an open mind and do not let critics and haters put you off… trust in the TMI fans when we say its FANTASTIC and AMAZING.

I haven’t been a Shadowhunter for long but as long as I still love the books and the movies I will always be a Shadowhunter!

Start trending on twitter: #ShadowhuntersForLifeΒ  #ShadowhuntersLoveTheMovie
And finally….



City of Bones movie review with fan reviews!


So today was finally the day and seeing as I have now officially come down from my happy cloud I can start to review it!!

So today history was made. Literally. The Mortal Instruments City of Bones was released at the cinema! (SCREAMING) And seeing as I’ve become such a massive fan of the books aswell as The Infernal Devices in only a few months I was so so so so so so excited for today!


And I was not disappointed!


The movie was everything I though it would be! The casting was absolutely perfect, there is no doubt in my mind that the stars of the franchise were just made for the roles. Its like the image you’ve had in your head of them when reading the books have come to life.
Jamie is Jace. I have no doubt in my mind and I’m not just saying this but he looks exactly how I pictured Jace when reading it. And my god he’s even hotter than I imagined him.
Lily was the perfect Clary and she is so pretty. Seriously so pretty. She made Clary come to life and I loved how involved she was with the shadowhunters, even though she hadn’t been trained yet.
Kevin and Jemima are brilliant as Alec and Isabelle. They look alike too so you couldn’t mistake them as brother and sister. Kevin’s portrayal with Alec’s indifference towards Clary was exactly the same as it was in the book. He really got it down to a t! As for Isabelle… wow! Jemima knows how to kick butt and she did Isabelle perfectly.
Robert, like Jamie, is Simon. He brought the character to life and in one scene between him and clary… oh my god the feels were just too much.
Lena looked like Lily….seriously they picked a good pairing in them two to play mother and daughter!
Godfrey was just as gorgeous as Magnus is described in the book but he wasn’t in it much!
Jonathan was a brilliant Valentine. Oh my god he can play the bad guy good!
Aidan… anyone who knows me knows that I love Aidan Turner (he is sooooo my next crush of the week!) and he played Luke brilliantly. I’m swooning in hot werewolf images here!
And that leaves Jared as Hodge. He was well picked for Hodge and just like in the book you were drawn into his kindness and then you were left feeling betrayed with the rest of them.











When reading the book I didn’t realise that there was that many
fighting scenes but watching it I realised that there was. And they were done so so so brilliantly. They took your breath away and you winced on some parts in the fight scene near the end of the movie.

Sometimes when your favorite book becomes a movie you get so worried that is not going to go right and they are going to miss important things out or they are going to mess it up but seriously with City of Bones I didn’t have any of those worries. I knew it was going to be a brilliant movie and I was proved right.
Harold Zwart was the perfect choice to direct this movie. The visual side of it was mindblowing and he directed the cast so perfectly that it didn’t even seem like they were acting… they were that good!

Okay so yeah they added a few little things in there that wasn’t in the book but honestly that didn’t bother me. The dialogue was near enough the same as the book and I still found my favourite lines in the movie.

The best scene in the movie, apart from the Clace kiss which I could not stop grinning at, was the scene in Hotel Du Mort…….
Wow. Just wow! The fighting was superb and choreographed so well that you couldn’t take your eyes off the screen!
And the fighting scene with Jace and Valentine at the end was also superb.

When it came to the ending I’m quite glad they put that little bit in when Hodge tells Valentine to pretend…. ( I’m not spoiling it for those who haven’t seen it yet… but those who have know what I’m talking about) because if they hadn’t I don’t know if people would have watched the other movies, especially if they hadn’t read the book.
I was grinning at the end of the movie though…. a proper smug grin because I’d read the books and I knew what was going to happen in the other stories haha

The movie drew you in like the book did and for that I’m so so so glad! I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen and throughout it all I actually felt like I was there in the movie with them. I hope they’ll be a new bunch of shadowhunters joining the fanbase.

I can’t find any criticism with it. To me it was one of the best book to movie adaptations around.

Sara ultimate TMI fan and fellow blogger (link is below) says:

“I have now seen The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones twice now; once at the LA premiere and once in IMAX, and I can say this: this is one of the best book to movie adaptations that I have ever seen. Every actor really captured the essence and personalities of the characters that they are playing. I have never seen actors that I truly believe as a character. Lily is Clary. Jamie is Jace. Kevin is Alec. Jemima is Isabelle. Robbie is Simon. And on and on. I have never felt so satisfied with a movie before. I was in love from the beginning until the end. There are changes of course but I didn’t mind them, because they didn’t deter from the message and the beautiful story that Cassie was trying to tell. I will continue to watch it over and over again, because I was so happy with it. Bring on City of Ashes!”

And to the critics who are slating it… you either need to stop or read the books. Because until you’ve read it you won’t get the beauty and the essence of it.

I have never been more prouder at being a Shadowhunter right now. We have one of the best fanbases around πŸ™‚
Cassandra Clare thank you so much for writing these awesome, amazing and totally addictive books πŸ™‚ you’ve made me want to become a better writer πŸ™‚

I hope City of Ashes gets to premier over here next year and I hope they all stop over in the UK to do signings because I would just love to meet them all πŸ™‚ they could come and do a signing in Droitwich Spa… hint hint!


I’m going to do a full review later with quotes from massive fans and friends of mine πŸ™‚ but until then go check out these pages:

(More to come later!)

Crush of The Week!


Okay so it was totally obvious who Crush of the Week was going to be…. seeing as City of Bones is out on Wednesday (SCREAMING) who better than to have the main man himself…

So this weeks Crush goes to….



Start screaming now girls!!

So here’s some info on him.courtesy of my friend the internet! Haha
So he was born James Metcalfe “Jamie” Campbell Bower on 22nd November 1988.
He’s an actor, model and singer (oh my god what a singing voice!) In 2011 at the National Movie Awards he was nominated in the category: One to watch: Brits Going Global and of course he totally won! Yay!

He dated Bonnie Wright aka Ginny Weasley in HP and recently he’s been dating Lily Collins aka Clary Fray in CoB (although I have heard that they are no longer together… of its true he’s free ladies! And I know which ladies I’m talking about in particular… Eilidh and Ursula!) Haha.

Movies & TV Shows

So what movies has Jamie been in? Well here’s a list πŸ™‚
* Anthony Hope in Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
*Caius in The Twilight Saga
*King Arthur in the Starz tv version of Camelot (phwoar!)
*Gellert Grindelwald in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1


Jamie as King Arthur… πŸ˜€ I seriously LOVE King Arthur so you have no idea how much… I just can’t speak (also Bradley James in Merlin… I just…. DEAD on both accounts)

So to me Jamie is the PERFECT Jace! He was just made for this part and I know many people criticized him as Jace but come on people he’s freaking AWESOME and just totally and utterly PERFECT as Jace.

Why is he Crush of the Week?
You have seen him right? I mean yes he is very good looking but he’s down to earth and hilarious and totally amazing. He has the perfect set of cheekbones and his eyes… mmmm πŸ™‚


But if your still not convinced then here’s something that will…. my fangirl friend Eilidh McLeod met him today and here’s what she has to say about him:

Jamie is an amazingly hilarious and relaxed guy. He’s a totally normal person, and even seeing him for the short time I did I could tell he would be an amazing friend. He’s beautiful on the inside, and on the out. I just love him. Officially

Does that convince you? Cos its totally convinced me more than before!

So all you Shadowhunters out there old and new enjoy the film on Wednesday and for those of you who have already seen it (you know who you are πŸ˜› haha) lucky you! I have to wait til Wednesday like the rest of the mundanes!


And here’s the link of Jamie singing… trust me its just fantastic. He has an amazing voice πŸ™‚